Facebook Drama 09-22-17 “Done with Men"

Friday, September 22nd

A woman goes on to social media to tell her friends she is done with men. This featured comic, Jim Norton, playing the role of one of the people on this post!


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And these pajamas writing by her it is distilling companies brown sugar Berman in Vijay was eons is our opportunity to point out wide there's a lot of stupid people on FaceBook. An actual FaceBook post drama unfolds in yep we're gonna act out we changed names protect the innocent and the stupid people. In this around BJ you'll be playing the role of the original poster you will be Amy can't read we'll be penny okay Jim Norton you'll play the role of Howard Smith. I want to game. The typical would you rather be in May not be with howry got the power to fine it's a symbol of the power and I'll be Leonard's. I heard it once again any easier original poster so it's a please take it away. I wouldn't and why they created just period to period. Didn't sweetie don't say bad job prince John Maine where one day column and then happened to me when I least expected that don't show. What are your pardons pretty penny. Us yeah prince charming bing is apparent you have and just there wow I was just your writing to upheld and Hugh winds math. This why are you dealing with men now yeah I thought bad guy you're dating with the man of your dreams. You have bragging about him opening doors for you buying your flowers just because. What happened to him. Why should he say did you know. It's pegged right here I. Didn't know did you know. I. Said no to tell us why you even sharing this on FaceBook. Let this be MP sabre. And Lee. Except I do all yeah I'm wouldn't want to come back came in he. Do than any man wants to get naked with you. Plus that's probably the safest thing you can do it here. I mean how many athletes from the time and then get that hurt I've heard rumors about you hash tag just say and. Yeah. Why don't talk about this on FaceBook. It's Donald continue your coming and that's phenomenal presently when we really stinks. I happen like feet yeah. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW hole.