Facebook Drama 09-28-16 "Free Donuts"

Wednesday, September 28th

A woman makes a big mistake going on social media to complain about the free donuts at her workplace. 

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I mean there once again here's our opportunity to point out the dumb things that are happening on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post. And the drama unfolds as acted out by us and we've changed names to protect the stupid people there's a fuel woman this one. And the innocent as well and big thanks to Kevin who emailed us this FaceBook drama. So this time around I'll be playing hero Tammy the original poster regularly Davis we BJ your Sam. I and Vicki you will be T what are so Tammy is the original poster so I will take it away. I feel so overweight. My new job keeps bringing in freed John Knox. It's not right that they do that's my job needs to be more responsible about what they did to their employees. Yeah all I can notice you're getting laid the annual blood thoughts area but that's just more cushioned by the bush and MRI fed does. I am shaky from your comment how dare you. It's actually gamers like you that are causing weight issues in America I'll cry and so reverend Tammy. You can't take responsibility for yourself quit your bits gin and pull it down but don't mess hash tag war. I am report continued in Santa FaceBook are content and you'll support it speech. I actually go to vaccines someone. I see no offense no fat is sticking together in this one. Yeah all you over sensitive and overweight cry babies need to be reported FaceBook for a word shaming. David I have rights. Just like you fed east. Who's been ripped alerted. You guys should be hearing from FaceBook at any moment instead take that has said. Plus sized pride I'd bills say is that all of the doughnut eating has made Tommy's jugs small visible wow oh let me guess. I've offended you again the cool cat. As I stagger. Too bad so sad. Says she right now pets that. Eight David Sam. Instead no we don't want price tag again pass tag I Nikki and. I was in the constitution that you couldn't fashion diva about my tennis and sign that it's I have well he nobody was doing they were really ahead of their time those guys knew what life would be like a couple of years in the future they knew. Oh man oh man wow him we. We are such a thin skinned society we really are we so thin skinned. But also I don't know if I'd really gag keeping them is don't let your jugs of dead. Well listen that is respectful we don't let those is a thing man. Have always been out there they'll always gonna be out there people we're gonna tell you shut up are always gonna be out there at some point you gotta you gotta rob will be a big person and take responsibility for your own life I mean you Greg you're right those guys are jerks Tribune and a level they were on. The church should be around everywhere you never gonna stop jerks from being in humanity not. I don't and I don't understand why she thought it would be a good idea and thought he spoke to you know roundabout way and not me and I should not and the not so round about way in a direct wasted at the hard work is that fault for providing doughnuts at the workplace plus she's obviously feeling about a matters tells us she's hoping guy as. Well you look good or girls only Jewish exceed she's visually visually Ky does she look good more cushion for the pushes and guys like you know determined guy over an area it's like Canada and Germany daylight over that does what the body bottomed girls like I saw him. And bigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI guess tell you.