Facebook Drama 10-04-17 “Cookie Bear”

Wednesday, October 4th

Facebook Drama. “Cookie Bear”. A woman gets upset on social media because she misses her dead dog.


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Laura the. And FaceBook drama and ride the in my Ares distilling companies brown sugar Burr ridge and Vijay once again this is our chance to point out. The insanity that is happening on FaceBook the stupid people that are there. The actual FaceBook post in the drama unfolds in yep Morgan acted out this time around going to roll the original poster will be Vicky yeah oh gee that's right. Brad you will be Angela sweet. I'll play the role of Tony hi Tony I'm BJ you'll play the role of Mona and of course our act. A home to please Israel has to everybody hears boos that. The boss that's right let Israelis and tons of all time who are also truly event that's hysterical all right so once again Samantha is the original posters of DD. Please take it away. Host picture of god. Gave their right now. Now all his son judge yeah. Did your dog died like three years ago. Are lining main. And add him though EG it. Yeah and he. Seems a gimmick I am weak your post about how you miss you little demand we do and it she's fit yeah instead. Now build a bridge and get yeah. And instead you know are out. Oh that's insensitive much she's going through a monster right now have a little more compassion and. Yeah I don't understand it died yesterday or a week ago but. Three years. Oh really neat I don't Mondale eye and suited to match. Damn sorry to hear back Jamal OMG don't be sorry if only because I'm sure it. Sorry for cement ever been emotionally unstable and not overheard Darlene dad passed him H. Tim. Is that all you have to say Tony he's dining room why me I still can't believe you created a hash tag for her dead dog instead. Could you bear no more that's I I did you us. And that's and I. And I'm. Sony's men and many words yes. Stay on a. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all.