Facebook Drama 10-30-17 “Mad at Graham”

Monday, October 30th

Facebook Drama. “Mad at Graham”. A man gets mad on social media when Jimmy Graham of The Hawks isn’t playing well.


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Think Madonna tried to buy inherited distilling companies brown sugar Bergen can beat you once again this is our chance when a dumb people that are on FaceBook and there's a whole lot of them especially after a Seahawks game Harrison win or lose. Costs an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because of it and yeah Morgan acted out so this time around I'll play the role the original poster his name is Brett. Think he'll be stand. BJ he'll be Candace of course I went and read you'll be captains week so once again Brett is an original poster so I'll start things off. Both luck he dropped another ball trade up. I know what you dream dream huge trade your regret Arab Denny down all right nevermind what attached go hawks. You just happened to stop what us. Thing about this yeah. But it didn't get my age they are sorry I didn't take into account in your age don't ask yourself let's say don't. Or something if you wanted to post this book is. Sar. I guess saying get the memo thanks let me know what FaceBook is for and in realized they'd look at the place where you can only stare ugly pictures of your ugly kid like you do. And business. Yeah he definitely pick up the worst trades a viewing your stupid baby daddy. And that's it baby daddy sure yes yes I know almost in my Stanley no we stupid you really don't ask that sex with them. Well my jobs are do you agree I hate when people post nonstop score updates on phase of and I also agree the tar baby is ugly and allow. Well and as we have a as Steve says is the VA every time these are real FaceBook posts that we are reading these with this is unbelievable and people are doing this on FaceBook. An extra mornings on the rock I mean nine point nine KI guess doubles here.