Facebook Drama 11-01-17 “Calling In Sick”

Wednesday, November 1st

Facebook Drama. “Calling In Sick” – A woman gets mad at her coworker after he calls in sick when really he’s not sick.


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Laura the. And they've moved some attractive I Harry's distilling companies brown should ever read the Vijay here we are again. Re creating an actual FaceBook posts in the drum unfolds because of it this time around. You'll be the original poster BJ you'll be Kasey Joyce I'll play the role Linda. And grabbing you'll be carrying sweet price once again this is the special fees proposed in the drama unfolds the original posters Casey and BJ you'll take it away. And still had a word to flag and you want you do. Yes please I'm starving and I know food at my house. I think Nazi or war do you do now. I'd I'm not feeling good psychology. So you don't feel good enough to work I just feel good enough to go out dude Dana hash tag cool off. Yeah not doing good is really hash tag cool. What do held you can share anyways I care because I just got called into work BR ask god why why did not only day off well that's not my problem you do sit no doubt Casey I'm not a huge or a liar. Hi my T play out who. So why you go out and had a great time I'll be doing your shaft I'll play reenacting river carried I don't even know you do you're pissing me off. I'm I'm great that you're slowing down the process of being getting food in my ballet. This hunger is eternity adapt anger real fast which is hash tag not cool half. Hello non cash stay cool compete your team and have fun lured. Caron hash tag. But key I'm gonna show this entire time but to our mosque so have I'm getting fired hash tag Soo bad idea. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.