Facebook Drama 11-06-17 “Where’s My Money”

Monday, November 6th

Facebook Drama. “Where’s My Money”. A man gets angry when his friend goes to a Seahawks game instead of paying him back.


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And FaceBook drama is pride to you by deacons plumbing heating and mechanical. And once again this is our opportunity what I some of the dumb people that are on FaceBook. The national FaceBook posts and the drama unfolds because Mitt NI yet this one is the Seahawks theme to it. I love gone on FaceBook after CR window or a loss because it seems like the sky's falling regardless out all right so this around the original posters name is Trevor and I'll Trevor. Read he'll be Mac suite and BJ he'll play the role of wing Sweden are renewed. And Trevor is the original poster so articulate. Man I can't believe I wasted all that money on this ad seeing hawks game. Pass tag thanks Blair Walsh I hear you man what did all that sets you back. Men with the techs aren't keen food and drinks. Around three engine fifty bucks. Coach Blair Walsh even use some of that money no joke man and he owes me. Kinda like you owe me you still only 500 bucks in my garage door. Why now I told you I'd pay you back command jail I'm low on cash flow on cash. Shoot low on cash you just hit admitted to drop would put us on stage that's different man different different. RL low payroll room. What is so funny about this it doesn't matter what Trevor posts in always goes back to you only knew money. He posts Dixon Jimenez gives you or I would where's my money. He posed to pick up this dinner and you reply with what is a mob money. He shares until Italy do you reply with where's Bob mooing well no I seed broke my garage any Hosni color affairs and how do it again. The job mass got drunk controlled my riding lawnmower. Yeah. I'm sure ever you idiot you pay a Mac or is this Blair Walsh is called still. Ask men hash tag blame Blair Walsh. Hash tag Arab you don't carry and. And made some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI DSW.