Facebook Drama 11-08-17 “Looking for Attention”.

Wednesday, November 8th

Facebook Drama. “Looking for Attention”. A woman gets angry at people on social media for hating the photos she posts.

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And FaceBook drama is brought to you by beating heating plumbing and mechanical and BJ years I say if yes stop freaking. Come peak. Pretty much just are. Stop. There break. Probably that's threat this friend Marshall I thank you BJ no problem tonight is our chance to put a dumb people on FaceBook and on national Don stake today is the perfect day. To those treehouse too we people can be on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfolds because me and BJ he'll be playing the role the original poster you'll be Aric comedy goods they he'll play the role of Jessica who. Brad he'll be Aaron street. Sorry you'll be drawn up Hank and I'll play the role of Jason so once again the original poster is Erica so DJ please. Take it away. These stayed yeah it is yeah yeah ball. Here's. Did you rub do you do. And Carroll and since it can exhale. Live maybe if you would step posting pages in Europe at things different outfits. It begging for attention do you use wouldn't miss the GUI. Agent. Most whatever thinner. That is the beauty of being yeah. Age I am and so while she. Snagged big. Leads are now. My new wells spent haircut moon. Moon. And what editor I am just saying that if you continued to pose to your attention seeking posts you will continue to give both good and bad attention. Is now twister are clouds just like to look. Our love. Jessica she has her job titled denser at deja view and she is these two ripped her. Now hunch is I think right now not a and we wanted to work closely worked at home to see you know you aren't like any. Hi I'm just dance for anyone. I mean it inbox you just sent me you are Soo cool were you mile. Maggie. Points he's proved recreated and abroad hope dimmed our youth it's physically she works at your age. D.s job do. Harris take ads and each hole I think don't you wearing appears more than one seasonal flu it could be days not move by those so books. Although one by save fuel. Four days of move folks. Series of little door lose. To resolve who really. So who might bed too I did he knew deep history of zoo zoo. I guess I agree with you Erica escape from rod is true reedy. Hello well anyone else think that they show box would have been a great name for a strip club. Yeah. Bloom. In the exact morning. Rock and 99.9. KI DSW.