Facebook Drama 11-10-17 “Strong Man, Weak Moments”.

Friday, November 10th

Facebook Drama. “Strong Man, Weak Moments”. A man goes on social media to complain about the fake people in his life.

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And did but Thomas Monty by begin plumbing heating and mechanical and DJ once again this is our opportunity appoint a dumb people are on FaceBook yeah. And yeah as anyone who has his full page knows there's a lot of those so this summer I'm BJ you'll be playing the role of the original poster you'll be rotten day I have failure and date made that. Obviously he'll be Josef I'm. Well I'll be James who. And the scenario be Janet I pay. Her parents. So once again the original posters Randy so we did police. Taken away. I've passed the point in my life for an tired of the games. The drama and the so called I love you and care for you blow less. This sounds good to go if you love me and care for me and mean eight. Please stay in my life but if you don't please JV at times. Grow. What's up you write this crap probably once a month. Why the drama pay if she can't help me in my worst then she doesn't deserve me at my best. Trust us right why the drama decide if you're happy or not this monthly relationship posting is like Geron a man period I have. Hats no Janet you read that you know what I meet now. Maybe I just need to learn to love myself first I love myself at least three nights a week hash tag gig deejay Eddie. Bro win did you get all Dr. Phil. It's positive he takes a strong mansion as weak moments. And won't realize you're only communicating and FaceBook cliches right. Hey I have one do you stirs the pot pets lick the spoon from now. So. Never heard dad saying no that's a different thing right there you've been drinking today yeah wow are you prostitute oh yeah. And they eggs mornings. On the rock I mean I'm 49 KI DS don't you.