Facebook Drama 2-16-18 Pumpkin Problems

Friday, February 16th

What happens when a guy posts on Facebook, braging aout going to se The Smashing Pumpkins with his new lady?  The Ex gets crazy!


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This is our data point out stupidity it's happening on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook post and the drama unfold because it and yes we are going to operate. I'll call it that's nice thanks so much on that was a little you know you're right outlook late march on. We're gonna act out the stupidity that is happening on FaceBook. BJ you play the role the original poster and that is not Sean yeah I read you will be the coal so really I'll play the role of Mary. And Vicki you will be jell OK so once again the original posters Sean so BJ please take it away. I can't wait to buys bad bone to pick their act. Plus the original lineup. Ed it's going to be so much. Diana kept. Wait I can't believe you're selling sensitive. Oh wait what why am I it's sensitive the fact that you would post about going to see our band with some different girl. This is jest well heart rate gang. Mary we broke up over fifteen years ago. We saw Republicans about 25 years ago. Nicole and I hate have been married brick tin ears the up. Trying to explain this do you you need to get over it. Rent a hash tag crazy Mary is added again. Has sent crazy man that says sag and ultimately may still be Kia. Get over Zoller adding that there I'm not himself by acts it's not my fault he took me to all the concerts and everything. And then when he came time instead of proposing he was seeing what every parent on the world including you Nicole. To go see your stupid dance and sing our songs with someone else alone you cheated on has to act crazy Mary Nichols on. He never told me that needs to me. Can we stop listening to hash tag crazy Mary please the fact. But I don't aim should tell you how to booties shot up. I can't all of you young. Old. Hello well despite a ball buries raids she still bat as crazy in okay. And why are we even had the fire. I think Jo and Joseph gets the credit quote of the entire face with myself off of there is great. Asked if she simple just bad it's that he's an eighth of I.