Facebook Drama 4-16-18 8am

Monday, April 16th

What happens when a woman oes on Facebook to complain about her boyfriend's mother?


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Laura. And Vijay once again is that opportunity when not that stupid people that are on FaceBook. This is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because of it and of course we are going to acted out. With our true acting muscles all right. I think this time around playing the role the original poster will be the red you will be Kelsey street. BJ he'll play the role Jessica. So are you will be more than Hank because you'll be Harriet Harry. And I'll be Josh aren't high as a journalist who jog he didn't believe jaws did you learn. So playing the role again of the result groceries. Grabs so Kelsey are. Plain old Kelsey the original poster is the rev so please take it away. I've dubbed my my friend went all my heart but it can't stand it either she's always been our business and 90% of the time I just want Internet based at the el op. This problem at other events. It's something. Instead AM oh it's weird spent. You need to have little respect for the women gave birth to your boyfriend's. RE SPE CT. You know what the F Kelsey you FICO was gonna see this when mom is the most amazing female my life and I'll always be my number one. Either get used to get the F out of my life that not think. Email your mind I'm sorry but they see it still lick you and how bill and our guys and while. At least she series how battered not. Are. He'd rather it is. There. You guys are ridiculous. Beat haven't we have a good relationship with our Mamas and stop being so jealous. Plus Harry's mom took that as boots would be over her house all the time to Bob good. Past baggage way hotter seat by 800 Josh did you just hash tag that. I did you would actually read the hash tag. Pakistan awkward. Hash tag but it's true Paris today Harry's mom was way hotter than you Pakistan sorry sorry. I was down it got asked tags diets. Harry's mom is gone particularly well. And do our acts.