Facebook Drama "6 Baby Mama's" 06-18-18

Monday, June 18th

Facebook Drama - A man gets a Fathers Day shout out from one of his 6 baby mamas. 

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And if we don't write tonight you can plumbing heating and mechanical and beat you once again is our opportunity to point out the immediate son's face and I asked and casualties were posted drama unfolds because of it. And this time around be JOB plane rolled your resume posted you'll be great for the red you'll be Renee street and I'll play the role of rock. So once again Greg is the original poster so Vijay please. You know now. Another Father's Day passes. Great take yesterday was happy Father's Day times seven and is how many kids you have now I say thank you very much. Juice. Eight kids you've ridden dizzy since high school seriously. And your wife is exempt having that many kids. Jam right yet eight kids from age kids from six different data in my eyes I'm one of them don't congratulate him hope. That's why. Did you wish them happy Father's Day to it was more like day act happy Father's Day give me my child support you well do you jackass type a post. You couldn't get it soon it's got out Chris asked I guess. I was so happy father's say no thanks. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9. KI DSW.