Facebook Drama 9-25-17 8am Baby Daddy Dilemma

Monday, September 25th

A woman doesn't want the father of her child to be present at the birth, her "friends" proceed to put her in her place


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I let let's finish up on that on the lighter side yet but I hear your trick shot of the week with what you got for us we've got to speed play man Charlie know we love people who like to play fast but this is taken it to another level Darren Clarke trick shot artist and look at this Charlie now. There is one problem no. I think we got a deduct the shop going Charlie for that that's sock consent soccer slides. Domination you can't play golf now I can now oh you definitely can't play golf like that that I do appreciate like you. The fast play in appreciate your time this morning Depp as always we appreciate your take all right thanks Charlie.