Facebook Drama All in the Family” 07-18-18

Wednesday, July 18th

Facebook Drama. “All in the Family” – A woman goes on social media to tell people she was getting married to her daughters ex.

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Laura. And it's Madonna antibody can plumbing heating and mechanical Vijay once again this is our opportunity to point out the media center on FaceBook keeps. Casualties proposed to drama unfolds because me and yet we're acting and out. This time around playing the role the original poster which is Dana Redd you'll be Dana street Biggio play the role of Joanna polarized between Europe and G pat nice. And why and because unlike any means and well Vicki your plan to roll in nice in my breath. I can see how. And Al we did. Our son does Davis also holidays you can name all right so once again Jane any easier reasonable posters so grand please take it away. No I think but I've messed up mind game he's not believe the father of my four daughters now he's going to be my new step dad great choice mom. Yet. Yeah I'm not. One day yeah. Yeah Julianna had should I do explain each things happening mom if Ichiro may he shares. How good she unyielding and I gotta tell for a little girls and their daddy's going to be living grandma's house this is so messed it. Just another reason it. And batteries in ten days Nadal Meyer. I'm. Back once. Yearly brother big part of the real prodigy. I just don't. All you standings Joanna Stephen Stanley business. And it's clearly family business as you are currently scurrying every wider gap. Wait that's right these days and you only served he's and I need a drink after reading this I. You own. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW.