Facebook Drama. “Baby Time” 07-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th

Facebook Drama. “Baby Time” – A woman goes on social media to announce to all friends that she is trying to have a baby.

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And didn't arm is our opportunity to win the tedious and error on FaceBook design actual FaceBook post John sold because of it and of course we're going to acted out. This around BJ he'll play the role the original poster you will be and a whole night's V he'll be Britney and all I'll read it you will be playing the role of frank street all of the road George. And Daniel he'll play the role of Gina. Hey can you go down I'll do anything at all yes as acting name on Daniel yeah seriously sacks it's. All right. So once again and is the original posters of Regis please take it away. It's. Each others agreed it would just didn't just. I don't I don't yeah so it. She I am. Excited for you guys you would make Terry big hairy and makes it sure I doggy style with you facing north on time. Yeah I needed just seconds with and that they do. And. Deeds you really just announced that you're going to start writing to have a baby and another juror. Actually dragged into yet why in the world would you. Today is what Al Franken. Is. So my irons. I expected to have kids since I was 22 but he didn't so. In this so low it's. A bad light does. Did you sometimes. Just. Tommy and I'm following you on the journey for you guys gonna say smooth glide to conception process. Cash tax free amateur porn. Blues. Storage. I'm following. So you now say you are going to start having sex and I did you want. We'll bring you went crazy when I'm baffled by this post is well. Now we'll have to see then I'll only do insecure pregnancy spears she posts about how they are trying in so over the Internet. Are you are such. I don't. Off. It was just. It's her you inspire your ego stop being so self important. And senility and make sure you get on top of each time did you wanna Merrill. But Reggie need did you not see that this supposed to good sir. He knows how it's. Grizzlies are focused yeah he knows all the jets doing media type tested positive pregnancy heart you know there is not known. And they X mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW.