Facebook Drama “Bad Birthday” 04-25-18

Wednesday, April 25th

Facebook Drama. “Bad Birthday”. A woman goes on social media to complain about not getting any gifts on her birthday.


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And Vijay please don't try to revive peace can plumbing heating and mechanical. And once again is our opportunity to point out that idiot senator on FaceBook status actual FaceBook posts. The drama unfolding consummate and yes we are going to acted out so this time around playing the roles of the original poster. BJ you'll be Lily okay than regular old Jessica streak Jerry you are Tommy and Hank I'm. Mickey you'll be lazy. I'll be Adam. And Danny you'll play the role of Olivea gray all right so once again Lilly easier original poster so Vijay please take it away. Yesterday it was my birthday and I might just got nothing. No guess Nelson is an act. Or who is who. Police is maybe you should look at mission reflect on yourself and ask what is probably if you hash tag look at America it. Suzanne. I own this Jessica chick just god do you find you know I asked. And hash tag truth bomb dropped. About. Just. It's their birthday because I. At this stage it oh but many people don't like you and that's why you don't dig gifts is one I'm saying. How hot who can now and that is house tensions bomb being dropped as much bombed. Be the truth and not. True so it's just an act now. Lilly it's trail big arena needing get Jack asks for your birthday your kind of the terrible person and no one really likes geo news. Just because I had to throw some would you. Lord and doesn't make me a terrible. La Z and I'll get out her at all hey. Wow that's him and Alessio hello well allow it. You're a threesome with her webcast boyfriend and read your book won't sexist media. Maybe you are terrible person. It didn't tell me and I yeah similar yeah see I have my life yeah. He's just sort through dodging that bullet tank built to choose bomb. Eight no I'm Tommy sucks bad. Pass jaguars and land living his life. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW.