Facebook Drama. “Bad Piercing” 03-14-18

Wednesday, March 14th

Facebook Drama. “Bad Piercing” – A woman goes on social media to ask if anyone wants to join her while she gets her boobs pierced.

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And these pajamas Rajiv I begin plumbing heating and mechanical. And once again BJ's is our opportunity to put a dumb people that are on FaceBook. This special FaceBook posted John unfold because it yes we are acting now in this time playing the role of the original poster will be BJP. You'll be Kathleen oh nice red he'll be lazy sweet Mickey will be Tyler okay I'll play the role of Harry and Sarah. And for fuel for the role of daisy exclude. Parexel plenty in the original poster is Kathleen so Vijay please. Take away. Anyway I come let me get my boots appears unlikely they're working but I do wanna go alone. Start getting them perished. To ruin your beautiful Kobe's not aware that. Come with you to get them appears to thank you just see the finished product. I've never seen peers duties in person has sag held. Global. Contact great honestly yeah. We Kathleen isn't pretty sad ones as it is so maybe I'll make them better takes. Now okay yeah. My girls had Kool Aid on their own thank you very much he's gonna spice things up a little bit. You out there are great as it is no need to spice and think about all needed just to do this. Almost even before and after seeing which is nice to. I'll Tyler it's obvious that to create canny somebody tell me which way is better and it's not my girlfriends can make you. I heard you have to do how well it. So picking up and now OK I bring a blindfold Tyler hot hot hot hot hot shot yeah. You're just jealous you don't get to see my tough task test a two thirds say sorry not soiree. Women reading. We turn your mother since Dennis why even talking about the some unit. Sorry dad hello.