Facebook Drama “Benedict Sherman” 03-12-18

Monday, March 12th

Facebook Drama “Benedict Sherman” – A man calls in sick to work after being devastated by Richard Sherman leaving the Seahawks.


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And based pajama Friday by begin plumbing heating and mechanical and beat you once again here's our opportunity to point at the idiots and are on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfold because a rich and yet we're gonna acted out of this time around I'll be playing the role the original poster who's David. Poppy you'll be Henry so reluctant and read you'll play the role of John sweet back. This is obviously. Jason Johnson your dear to many seahawk fans are still didn't catch. David series of posters so I will take it away. You seriously feels like a death in the family. I just can't. Calling six work. Holy ask me and you never call in sick what would happen and you need. Yeah. I need for Richard Sherman to one sign with the forty whiners. So tasty devastated. What an acting trader. Hash tag Benedict Sherman. Okay. You don't get it. You aren't a real sand. I guess I'm not your son mature enough to know the football as a business back to you and ask Richard surveyed. Hello how your column in six for this. I'm pissed he's a forty niner two draw what is the team's fault for not keeping them I don't play him one bit hash tag gives that money. After all I've done for him after all that was twelve of Don Graham. And this is what he does. I'm afraid to even ask what you did for a total hell I am IC AJ hall there. I went to his charity softball games I bought shirts on his web site. I own both a hole and no way Jersey. And she are totally height he isn't total a hole she digital clock for lunch he should hurt Al nearly forty million dollars. From another team brawl. Correction I own these jerseys. David and post a picture of him burning jerseys in the battle. Call my dad you really are exclusive to go to work today. The past and sickening and has a box. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW I I.