Facebook Drama "Dancing Dirty" 02-26-18

Monday, February 26th

Facebook Drama. Dancing Dirty – A woman goes on social media to complain about her friend who gets to slutty when she’s drunk.

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Laura. And face pajamas ready by beacon plumbing heating and mechanical BJ once again. Is our opportunity went out the dumb people that are on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook posts and boy oh boy it's a good one. And yet we're gonna acted out this time around rads you'll be playing the role the original post you'll be body sweet I'll play the role peaked. And BJ you'll play the role of Carrie we'll hush hush because you know of voices to care and did he will be frank. Hey did you let's be frank yeah UB frank and I are so once again on easier original poster so red please take it away. I need something. Facebook's Arab peace you all might just print and I don't want a little while on the weekends she's the master mind unmarried friends the problem is that the 200 she gives us what he or she gets. Quincy drinks too much she dances dirty air and become the slot what's true. Oh wow I can help do you let me know when you guys are gone out Pakistan and DDB DD yeah. Had he can you stop being so Aristide when he tried talking to her. And should not for you and she isn't how would you know chair he you don't think you know it's not. Sure the east right now I shorter your home is. Trying to act like it's not about race G. Single friend hey we TO. Show. A flurry. And there's no because I'm so sick of you this. Yeah you did and did. Scary. I would learn. So you didn't know Jane you repeatedly exit husband wanted to you. Know that you don't. Man oh man oh man oh man you beaches are Cray Cray X rays led to groupie I hate the term great gains. These girls are definitely not. Yeah. It's instead you know worst. Ever. Seriously though let me know when you Grayson going now would love to grab drinks. Cash I'd exact earth. Okay. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW.