Facebook Drama “Friendzoned” 03-02-18

Friday, March 2nd

Facebook Drama “Friendzoned”- A woman goes on social media to complain about being unable to find a nice guy.


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And they would summon right did I beat him plumbing heating and mechanical and Vijay once again here's our chance to put out the morons that are on FaceBook there are these people have your friends. We are refresh your girlfriend or girlfriend or friend that might be one of those people there. So this summer around playing your rent the pull the play the role the original poster will be UPD a you'll be Teresa's love it I read you'll be camps agree I'll be Lou. And Vicki you'll play the role of Kendall eighth so once again decreases the original poster so Vijay please. Taken away. I. Many from real man who knows how that you really has rule. It's her reach baby doubt her reach I am right there with you where are now good men. Because home brewed there. You guys never give you the times days. And you're just not my type mood I'll have a high standards and you don't read them jury. Here saying you want a nice catch and when an actual case comes along you don't give them a chance at he may not be drying guzzling not know he's a good hard. Okay yes we won our guy to have a good hard but we wanted to be hot as apt to. Nobody wants to get down and dirty with just a good heart you gotta have that sexy bod too. Yeah yeah yeah. Eight years they. Move. Want to risk their friendship or relationship. Windy worth it because I value our French so much something real. I can just using your great French president excused Matt didn't date him to do would you be willing to risk your attention to date Kendall oh yeah I'd love to go wanted to do which you can move. Old school of our friendship will just make this closer we deeply smooch. The moon. And learn is don't mind. Who she yeah. I believe this is what we Kolb getting our own people. Which. Will. Hash tag single forever. Hash tag those guys really do finish last. Fear you have become master thespian yeah that was your best performance and give. And made some mornings on the rock N 99.9. KI DSW.