Facebook Drama. “Good Looking Dad” 03-19-18

Monday, March 19th

Facebook Drama. “Good Looking Dad”. Friends mistake the passing of someone’s father as a new relationship.


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Laura. Then Vijay once again this thereof continue to put on the idiots that are on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook posts a short but sweet one. And yes of course we're gonna act out the drama that unfolds because of so this around read you'll be playing the role of god the original poster and your name is Randy. Vicki you'll be playing the role of drew. BJ you'll read I am OK and I will be Linda. And actually hear the poster is on diameter is a pictured as posted an immediate comments on so Diane posted a picture of current demand. And then Randy takes away some rest police taken away hey guy had great and so have we threes you. Well and Jean guy and he's a lucky man. And he is I'd had. And he still this week ended. Tell Angie. I am so so sorry I daddy was your man are you look so happy in this picture yeah. Just. I'll stop now are all well and pass tag logging off now. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.