Facebook Drama on Live Day 11-16-17

Friday, November 17th

It's a special edition of Facebook Drama during Live Day with plenty of special guests! 


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The we'll FaceBook. Runs you buy there it is distilling companies eat this. Brown sugar. Say thank you sixty mounds. And he's it was our opportunity to put up the stupid people that are on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook most. The drumming on faulty confident this time around with the employees of our favorite celebrities. To help LaSalle would FaceBook drama. So this time around playing the role the original poster will be Tracy Morgan. Jason's. Organize more user. Played a role Malcolm movie Malcolm are voiced guy movie. Minor old computer will be your current and what's Jeffrey everybody. And I know on the output genome will be Al Pacino. That's not who were here and it's nice movement its well. I so want to get the original post certain age Tracy Morgan to Tracy please take it away. The box of salt box know there aren't sure what ever it's the right speed don't. And Noel mills on top. Where our. That's if he is chairman and I've ever seen on FaceBook. Message I'm. Did celebrities rather he is speaking out and I am in Addis Jack. Reed DR prevalent grasses. Our youth and yet another yeah. Okay that's kind of funny guys today. Okay. You know you know what joining courage and Malcolm. You shouldn't make jokes about women's anatomy like Dan thank you for bringing him Facebook store apple corps you don't report me didn't you win you'll dress. It's just keep coming and racking my dream trended need to learn what our what our. Now you to Malcolm. You brought in each. Earmark candidate I could be an idiot sometimes I'm really cool of an album I mean sure he can heal wounds. Because musical do come man. Today he's the best day ever on FaceBook he's not trying to be all he's he just felt like come on knock off L well. Next in here. You know we're. What were. All its movie jokes we'll kind of like being reasonable. Who knew full well. FaceBook drama. Night.