Facebook Drama “Once a Cheater” 06-20-18

Wednesday, June 20th

Facebook Drama “Once a Cheater” – A woman outs her friend on social media for cheating on a bunch of people.

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Floor there. And Jason Jones ready by beating plumbing heating and mechanical and once again here's our opportunity to play up the morons are on FaceBook. This is a national FaceBook post the drama unfolds because then there's a lot of drama. And yes we're gonna acted out of this around playing the role the original poster which is Laura it's because you'll be playing all right all payroll Bambi. Read you'll be Carlos we DJ you're Jim Wright and Joseph you play the role of grants this all right. So once again the original poster is Laura so they keep please take it away. If you wanted to have relations with skylab things you shouldn't tell Andy the free released behind your back. I'm Carla who never relations David Nellie got came in and you are trying to work things out there I sad because someone is Stanley had. He and Laura. Carly told me go kill myself so I'm calling the police and RID eighteen sacks demand please app I didn't see a nobody has been and I didn't Italian Italian south. Aaron I know as that and be as mentally series. I don't be turning this way I'm just trying to. Jeep and peace yeah I don't want to posted how I was doing the nasty when David the party was Donald his wife and guy antiques. Ladies and not somebody and that path however this is really sturdy and hard to follow and then I do have a lot of time invested in East Coast. So I am a few questions sustained fighting dad it's my nice slow trust me. This is funny. Sad but funny luck I did break now marriage it was broke out ready he sounds to me I stuff for a back. Simple as that you are a whole are bandied. If you remember you were living with a guy when you met Jason and David was with someone else to. Seems to me that a relationship which starts with two people cheating just might end that way as well. I guess you're right. But the rest you all take pleasure and other people's suffering you all can choke like Joseph yeah geez thanks daddy. Short kitten just look at South Korea and other years TS. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.