Facebook Drama - “Pregnant Problems” 02-23-18

Friday, February 23rd

Facebook Drama - “Pregnant Problems”. A woman goes on Facebook to complain about people who keep telling her she looks pregnant.

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This is our opportunity to point out the stupid people that are on FaceBook in as we go through this is through drama you realize there's at least one student person on FaceBook takes an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds be consummated and yup we're gonna acted out. This time around I'll be playing the role of the original poster I will be Mandy board nice BJ you'll play the role stand fast and read you'll be Vick took sweet all right so once again meant easy original poster so I will take it away okay. I am on outs I'll lose it if one more and ask for ask how far along I am I got our staff. Did anyone teach you not to ask a woman is Derek fragments. But aren't you pregnant. Yes I'm having twins and so I says and look I know about the popped a battered doc I'm only eight months pregnant. I don't look ready to give birth skew everyone who thinks I do. You keep re reading your posts hopefully they'll make some sense but I have no every idea what you're saying why do you think back. How does this not make sense. But you are eight months pregnant and all my diet and no I've never been pregnant but eight pregnant means you are 18 for having your twins so yes you are about to pocket step and no I ask for your opinion and this is my business not yours I actually huge did ask me why I thought what I thought and do you posted this on Facebook's so yeah. She did this business is a quick look. Yes I have to agree with stats you posted on FaceBook thereby making it everyone's finish finish our loved every line. Very terrible Larry knows the rules for FaceBook. Hash tag socket is this supposed to be happy tribunal human life. The wonder of childbirth the fulfillment of biological destiny except for a few that is subject to our primary kick you in the face. Throw in another FaceBook rule. When a conversation gets this stupid and it's time to leave hash tag later. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 K I guess W all the.