Facebook Drama. “Stupid Videos” 03-05-18

Monday, March 5th

Facebook Drama. “Stupid Videos”. A woman goes on social media to complain about stupid food videos.

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Andy this is our juniper that the media center on FaceBook this is an actual fees for postage on unfolds because of it and yes we are acting it out. This time around playing the role of the original poster which is and a will be the reverend en Fuego street BJ he'll play the role Amanda. I'm right then he'll be job brand beat yeah eight and I'll play the role Bryant so once again and that is the result posts are so red please take it away. And I don't. Argue it is. They're usually is all borrowed car the wheel on a diet Austrian real problem is an English. Food. Now if we can agree to stop posting pictures to prove maybe you can stop posting pictures via stupid work gas. We Janet speak out of the gym and you Wear study close had to tag had heart. I am great man and this and did your own agenda did all ready to roll them. What do you that is broad picture of the crock pot meals you all very. Odd problem. Town at all and motivated. Really think posting pictures of yourself in tight leggings and a rise in multiple different yoga positions. And motivated. Now oh you know just why shell out your body you pay and a to read these girls get you down keep doing you impose more excerpts. Do you Brian do so cool gifts. Yeah he only gets it because he's a creep who lights on here motivational. Picks but spoiler alert. It's just because he wants to bang you. The pictures. It. Won't or probably motivated Ahmad Jews and are all just jealous they're blue. Oh yeah Amanda he's motivated motivated induce to do himself because of your pictures those pictures are lit keep doing you. Yes and I I'm Bryan key and you and you because I wanted to do techtag paraphrase. Are just like the pictures she looks super hot no. Let me know you can easily take those pics for you land and we deeply Simone Jeep tours. You just threw my clients. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.