Facebook Drama. “Terrible Friends” 03-07-18

Wednesday, March 7th

Facebook Drama. “Terrible Friends”. A woman goes on social media to complain about her terrible friends who never have her back.


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And cable drama. It's time for our it's our opportunity to point out the stupidity. That is happening on FaceBook and Vijay once again we're gonna reenact the stupidity it's an actual FaceBook post a drama unfolds because of it and yes we are deep experience. This time around Vijay you'll play the role of Natalee the original poster do you. I'll play the role Mike. And read you'll be Stacy street all right so once again Natalie is the original poster so BJ please. Take it away. I'm so shaken my friends they always get me out here we go again. What does that mean you do this every month you complain about how your friends are never fair for you. Let's put it happened to do I could have predicted this of course Stacy signs end to kiss your ass why would just say that. That's not pleased my friend has checked assistance fund ever. Stacy. Q I the only person that has responded tonight at this aren't you don't stress time even if it's just you and I it every time. Don't you Janet Stacy and it's not really a party it's just you just can't make money by scamming her friends. I got the invite once again you're trying to take advantage of your friends were one of those pyramid schemes. Leads there and I tried to help my friends did this pits. The last time it was that's Tim green last year was those vitamins let's not forget about that special battery juice Daniels there's always something with you. Get a real job and stop trying to take advantage of your friends at this pyramid scheme I already told you it's not a pyramid scheme you. Well I'll my bad you're an entrepreneur or doubted and it's multi level marketing costs German scheme cost. You learn so much I hurt school are you assume he would that prepaid lawyers that you tried to do me a couple years ago. Stop using your friends Natalie. And what time should be there for the party signing. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the.