Facebook Drama “Throwback Wednesday” 03-21-18

Wednesday, March 21st

Facebook Drama. “Throwback Wednesday” – We replay our Facebook Drama with Luke Wilson.


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Laura. Every day in his arms shipment at the stupidity that is happening on FaceBook and of course is a lot of idiots and stays on top we signed the drama today MIT media actually acted out. You know what else we got going on besides me okay how would you know we just learned that Luke Wilson just posted on social media is not come back with the CIC signed with the Detroit fly. 2.5 million dollar deal friends and he's and so desolate solution and as you talked about earlier. Nothing but great to our show always had a great time with him so I figured instead of us doing you've faced and Tom will go back down memory lane. To a time when Luke Wilson during this in studio agencies look Trammell which yeah. So so I stress at this time for today's faced a drama. It's a throwback to. Wednesday the way back Wednesday. That's okay back quite dictates that we flew Coulson had so I'm gonna play the role of the original poster his name is James BJ you'll be had there. And Luke Wilson will be Renee so once again James you're result poster so I we'll take it away. I could care less if you wanna dress like us thanks for Halloween just don't come crime back to me when everyone treats you like us to hang tags I'm actually happy words rarely. Yeah are not nice either day he had just like X I got my granny had just really a because you know every guy is gonna wanna cynical mind. And as cheese is Catalina. He really didn't days and. It's our summer yeah blood brother treat you like the queen had there you'll deserve to have the hallway. You don't deserve rather growing user misery he put the trick in trick or treat this day. Justin hammer you'll love the dress like I'm promiscuous holder. And you know we're not gonna grow committed relationship. He loves legal guys that are named Doug. We're at Home Depot cash and choose. Don't even waste your breath smell wanna be stripped for James he should go work at Home Depot continued after Colin hoe Depot's. Hello well past day or. Today yeah. Ask jelly because yes that's ASEAN wrapped a sexy chat constant. I'm glad vacuum. It's Susan looks like you already eaten your Halloween Cheney saying something like this kid's anger. Yeah Oaxaca Oaxaca. Oh dear twelve packs to add drew back slide. Rumors who. Yes we will mission Luke Wilson. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW.