Facebook Drama “Trust Fund” 05-25-18

Friday, May 25th

Facebook Drama. “Trust Fund” – A woman goes on social media to complain about working 5 days a week.

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And Jamie Dimon granted by the U plumbing heating and mechanical beat you once again this is our opportunity to point out the idiots. That are on FaceBook is is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfolds because of it and Vijay you'll be playing the role of the original poster you'll be Lacey no ice. He'll play the role Sarah nice Danny you will play the role of Wendy. Read you'll be Julian street Joseph you'll be rocking out as John no rent. And I'll play the role of markets. Good thing your anymore voices were running and members of the show no one else is off today. Kayak so thanks again Lacey is the original poster so Vijay were your sick voice please take it away. Okay. I need a quad whiskey neat yeah. Sap. Girl I feel you on this what's gone on the real world. They went back to working five days a week and it's so it looks so we're we're seeing now working as much as a normal person does. Let me pies and gives you around and applies yak congratulations on getting your lazy ass off the couch five days a week. Did you trust money run out or something. Yes it it makes me a break used his full time working job thing. And the stock you're pitching this is the real world chin up shut up and get you weren't done period. And set a better job and suck it up lacy and put on your big girl pennies no more money just being thrown axial you got to work for everything why now just like the rest. Amounts. Jason hey I don't wanna I didn't quote we need is. I'll go drinking with youth how to get your mind hostile working long. Hard. Hours. Hello my guest Robert Lacey you are stupid. Hash tag you're missing out on big markets. Mike is I'm friends with few X there's a lesson Korea goes share everything we each other. As tag there's nothing and dig about Marcus how ya know well that shut. Pastel and little marking this up. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW.