Facebook Drama10-02-17 “Seahawks Rage”.

Monday, October 2nd

Facebook Drama. “Seahawks Rage”. A man cuts up his jersey when the Seahawks start losing to the Colts.


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Laura. And these pajamas writing about Harry's design companies brown sugar Birmingham Vijay once again here's our opportunity to point out stupid people letter on FaceBook yeah. This is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds and yup or actually an out and yet this and has everything to do with yesterday's Seahawks gave. So this time around playing the role of Darrell will be BJ. The original poster remains the brother Daryl know just one Darrell podcast I'll play the role break. I read he'll be Carl. All I did you play the role of Maggie. You come home this you know this show. I don't but I just I didn't cast of why I doubt nice job yeah actually came it was a good names I. I think they lose first names that popped up global investigated who should play Karl other than the man who as a cat named Carlin that's the reverend inflate company off after this Karl there are quick Karl. All right so once again Darrell is the original posters have Vijay please take it away. And yeah you are and cigar bar and did Susan what are your heroes you know post the video of me coming up marred rocks and dirt street dude. It's halftime relapse. And yes. Yeah. And owns. All they should do is gearing and the game isn't even over yet my loved reduced AME aren't. I'm not losing is still believe what you got my Jersey. This is what I think that you must all yeah yeah yeah. Ha ha ha. Palo do you need some tape for that Jersey. You still gonna blow it city it's now 188 city. Hello Al McKenzie just blew by the colts defense. Go hawks house of selling today you can borrow hash tag dumb ass so recovery he wags could you want to eighteen. Luke 3918. Hi. Everyone is updating his car on the closed Wilson stomach chizik 46 to eighteen I can see I'm watching that game. You guys you Leno on already. Chaos continue odd couple Wilson Jersey during every game has saying good luck charm pop. And I might have overreacted. And Ohio how much did you spend a matte Jersey. 150 talks my wife got it from me for my birthday. She's going to be pissed at me don't. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW.