Monday, September 17th


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Laura good. Well Vijay this is our opportunity to point out the stupidity that is happening on FaceBook invoice in that every dated more more stupid stuff going on. This is an actual FaceBook post in the drama that unfolded because of it as acted out by asks. But changed names detective stupid and innocent people and thank you rich for emailing distaste for drama to us so this time around I'll play the role of Bob. BJ you'll be Adam. Read you'll be Trevor we welcome back top of UB Dave. And Sarah you will be Jessica Chang. These are the original poster is Bob all start things I've bought a direct hi Bob. Fremont troll I just don't get anyone who waste their time driving Fremont to see it. And MRI. Dude patrol is also dang you must be Amare. I'm Al all else. Yeah what's your deal Perot I've never met somebody who doesn't think the rule is cool looks like we have another MRI FaceBook page. RO TFL and hey I know. Home and morons type RO TFL and maybe OS. And eggs now just responding in letters with what does that even mean at that acts. And being shake my hand and now look at this F I FS me four apps sync. This is I'd who's not first sketch. You right dude I am a moron of the more of a reading is stupid thread you when you're random letter responses may be dumber by the second. Delhi to act. Know what the F bad things but you just can't stand as acute stage and I. Act and Al I'm done I'm done I didn't drink. Not the it truly don't. They have. Well if you want and like any act means Alan K. I. Wow. And mixed morning.