FacebookDrama01-11-17 "The Frank’er"

Wednesday, January 11th

A woman gets pissed off after her new year starts off crappy.


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Laura. I Vijay once again here's our chance I'll play not dumb people that are on FaceBook envoy to avoid these days there's a lot of stupid people on FaceBook. And this is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds as acted out by us. BJ's name protect innocent and the stupid this time around BJ you're gonna be original poster you're playing the role of lacy our practices and seem very happy with 2017 so far. Brad you'll be Carla sweet I'll play the role Teresa. And Vicki you'll be frank AKA the frank her I love it. That's frank chair so once again the original poster is lazy so Vijay please take it away. And yeah yeah it's this. Big problems. I. That thing. Where she girl what's brawl and argue okay I'm calling you want your thought that you're not varying. I to know what it's. Like to be broken. Jesus. You have post always reek of desperation. Why you sent ten narcissistic to rock playing. In Carlisle. Calm the F down quit feeding into her attempt at seeking attention. Hash tag. Attention horse. Every team capture grease up. What did we duty your crappy ass instead of worrying about what we say why don't you go watch your snot nosed albeit a kid. I am waiting to give you a piece of my mind for awhile now Carla. You wanna start talking about kids at least my daughter isn't a web cams straight to our. Sandy as she's probably the breadwinner in your family hash tag make it rain. Yeah. I'm. You know the spring drills a breakout type what is girl drummer entertained me in Jeremy on the same time this is better than you born. And hence. You have. What it's like the BC game ever what does that do yeah. And do you know race. I can't girls try it on not expecting to linger is now back to your born. PS did you really say get thirty what Ariel five years old LL LLY never. I should've never said anything you bitches are due south from I venom. Notice how I set Paramount and may Lacey cried that's what we call a social media might drop. It says I. And we're FaceBook drama just as good as it ever was was in a very long thread though because in the beginning francs on Yahoo!. And horny and in my Viennese and old and dirty yeah. What happened just. You can come and like a weird creepy guy to an old man girl drama just ages mean man not a that Tibetans. Bigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KIS tells you.