Monday, September 17th


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And not be good John Andretti by G to flight drone virtual sports get info IGE two dot lives BJ here's our opportunity to play out dumb things that people do on FaceBook and of course people are doing a lot of dumb things. This is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because of it. And of course we are gonna flex our thespian muscles and acted out. We have teams and is protect the innocent and the stupid. And this time around I'll play the role of the original poster and that is Charles all right read you'll be Kelly suite BJ he'll play the role Brad sounds good and big he'll be Larry Larry. Are acts of Charles once again is your original poster he's not happy. In clearly he's drunk. I'll take it away. Say ungrateful people that came over for dinner. And then left all men and the hospitality. Keeps my ass. You've tasted in my lasagna and the last time Charles. Didn't need to get off of today's vote a total bad guys sleep it off. He was snow hammered tonight. Don't make this about us and don't be surprised if you wake up with zero friends tomorrow. We will therefore you'll lasagna. Die young Italian sausage. From home that tell you why did you we console war I him. Oh I forgot. We all got old and decided I have kids. What happened in my friends' rent a sense of humor. Hash tag your kids ruin view Charles. FaceBook game drunk looks bad on you Gloria bank. Plus you're Italian food sucked. You lasagna tasty delight tax food Childs you won't remember what happened tonight. We was such an obnoxious jacked. You try to do is Brett duke at the table and he made is also a pillow zeal little Fred. Not cool by the way you're dead mothers weeping what you did little thought to read the damn. It will only corrupt. I don't know any of you but I'm still happy I found this thread keep the comments come and I'm gotten some popcorn right now. I don't know what you guys but I am done with Charles I'd think given his humor is funny. And that story about taking and summit table at a restaurant wasn't a big funny you're forty dude I don't walk. This is the best threat and her shadow and missed that story about what you did to the table very interest to go through it. I just got through good times. Started off act all of active mode few holes. Drones yeah. To read the notes to our inside the vines and you find friends who don't think a story about there don't and really drop that puck. You don't think a story about how their kids said Todd Todd turner Graham are hysterical. Hash tag check he needs some new friends hash tag table dumps are funny. I I don't think I've ever. See that hash tag table dumps are funny and hours trending. Has anybody ever witnessed anyone taken a dump on the table like that at a restaurant. No ice I've witnessed my friend Indian policies he took a number two outside of a movie theater in public are that I mean you know in this era mushrooms at the time and that makes sense. But I mean restaurant it's a place the eats and this is specific place to go do other things in restaurants called rest room yet I just don't think anybody would. Find that enjoyable unless you're also damn trashed that it doesn't matter I think Turkey doesn't care. I think the heat is there's really wants a and bigs mornings. On the next point nine K I guess helps you.