Gary Owen 01-19-18

Friday, January 19th

Gary Owen joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at The Parlor Live.


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Am so excited to have our next guest I'm not governments who hasn't shown any Brothers insists. How else. I'll enjoy this hour lets us know I get out there. When John siren and you know is standing when he noticed a difference there who can't toward today you always hear about as my don't garbage cans and blow horns on the my birthday okay it was great. Two bedroom trailer in resident assistant my first not a whole damn well the first lesson on myself and my ten years. Trying to. Brian. Palmer sent out this is major job. How much runoff. They look at this Gary Allen you're welcome you're welcome you're welcome. May well NB did you don't sound nothing like that off there. A brilliant man oh yeah I do they may I say much do you you're a guy that's how you talk to girls in the and that is hurt your heart is I actually don't die I never talk to girls much already I never did out I was I was a shy guy bus a radio voice on them I don't divided jury -- our yeah I allies and say yeah you know I he did you dynamite and you just the eyes lady that he thinks this is my guy friends speak from that diaphragm now all I should talk to girls or women had a really very high voice and you're right that didn't do me well is is like radio old when you guys give them always curious that do you guys yet on Q school weren't going to be I actually did you like I broadcast only eight -- broadcasting's hey how is on that yeah now yeah than I do look what happened Sunday mass communications yeah I dug. No I was in New York you are yeah upstate New York in my room. Kerry got some but I'll tell you in Boston has where it's warm front they got fancy schools that don't pay a lot of money for years harbored. Well that's a fancy school what is the school call Emerson and it's all about broadcasting. Them and you got to go to that school to do this at all yeah you really don't yeah I mean now it's like stand up comedy I mean I you've got to go to school for that did just listen when Thomas and we're tomorrow radio off okay all right how. I'm just aren't the only area command are like cheers and a part alive tonight and tomorrow I will tell you president quite loud and I big guests and they talk about themselves old Tom only do you get so this is this is what you're about I like this you're a parent unless I change my mind I don't care about you guys that stuck Rummy right you're welcome. I know hi this is going nowhere with your embassy and university had eight class degree I. Africa I. Good to me in the morning man yeah I assure the listeners are experience and Rudy governments and a lot of people here in Seattle go to Portland and not eight and an ad that's the place to go it's a no no match yeah BAA up. Well you know I eat like anybody go to Portland in the tourist things or duke blue donuts in the last close air I got line O line was so long. Ask these two girls listen to modify a cement a kind of by your doughnuts I said a real discreetly in his I think that it'll it'll get its act like you know me. So I got mine and the lady behind them heard meat and went off Lowe was like there's a long line if there might failure until we never get our dough nuts. And I was like man I know them and were kidding I know them. Anyways sign of Catan got a line ended two girls were flight attendants they were they were to risk baseball one doughnut so much Jose and Dallas city. Well look like regular glazed the weather might method fancy and uneasily try it that's a great way to cut that was cheap dude. To seeing you want a dozen what is it twelve dollars and yeah and that's and that's that's worth Catan just cut does that brutal that that line gets insane some time and it's too late annual I would be menopausal silicone goes by you don't assume because I like with the do cut. You know I mean I imagine you ask me about limb coat. To go by Donald united different IMAP. You be mad I was when we were just in a long line in and Vegas and some woman walk right through we're all way to get on the monorail losses smile crossed my mind that's different though but it's a mother do this and I'll buy your stuff. He don't know if she took me whether you I'd be happier it's almost like almost like okay. I had a couple comics and we were now plan a few years ago who had to a nightclub after the show. And that big Mac that was like slacks and then she had to be dressed up. And I am I'd Wear slacks and I thought NN and then one guy wore jeans and the guy would not let him in that the door. He's like we leave. Just in concert tonight we can't get ten because they do dress code but he was my eye opener no one knew who that's how timing doesn't go off what makes you Jaycee walked you wouldn't you will not tell him is just go to guy goes you ain't Jay-Z. I. Really I thought I don't know some slack but I'm going to have many elected me I don't believe ago bumble then yeah I'll bring back man yeah it's a source lacks the that is so true about life from you gotta learn mag quake it's like you're viewing Jay-Z you've got to Wear the slacks and I went. You UAE's eat. You went to a desk rapper yeah once you start low heck could still camera app and then work your way or timely you've Milli Vanilli walk didn't. The economy. We got to go wide variety or the one one Billy familiar gone that Millie feared a military man. Yeah I mean that's awesome 'cause we Aniston is well medical more. And on a regular citizen Ryan Lewis never Brian Lewis what did you meta man. Great run recently you know beat. Slip. Up. Now make sure you check out Gary tonight tomorrow at the par all live 73010 o'clock shows parlor lives dot com. Help you and you also each week Gary add Gary owned comedy. I Gary met it's funny because we you know what you still have this air of military about you because I have my brother and father both were in the military so. When you came and you realize it and I would like a nice guy you know why this guy's got that out of the confidence thing I don't know what it is do you still feel like you've got data Oreo because how many military don't seem to mix with the in my brain. And all but you know what there's a long history of comedians that were in the military sim man. Was in the military know he was in the Myanmar. I think he yup yup earthquake media earthquake was in the military okay they're world were out there but I you know it in blood you might think I'm Liam but. Always a joint military. Was I drove it trailer park and I want to get out and you can get me out and in my mind I didn't he can do stand up anywhere. I think you have to start in LA or New York. So I said if I can get to California that give you close LA and now get down on costs are doing stand up. And so my first year 2000 DCI is an honor guard. So who's doing how do trades of funerals of the White House and in Arlington national cemetery that's going to look gimmicks and everybody over 62 with a 34 inch waist come down here. And he can't a police record and a police record so. I got I got on and then I got a TSE station C Diego massive legacy may let's close to LA. And so my first day in San Diego. I got the phone book and I'll look at comedy clubs. That's college placed on the comic castle. And I think he does open Mike he's in the chick who insect can become regular can't find it assuming can't find it in the college bookstore. I'm. Hello hi how you look at numbers for the miracle open Mike. I thought I see in the Paula does is win but then I. I started to do is the end of in San Diego and and I would drive to LA late forties a week and started telling you found flag and I was forced a terribly drive. Yeah I get up before it's thirty and I might have like at champions by the come stores side do I get off I drove to LA get there about seven. And just didn't runner on the barely senator Reza neat. Go from ten and the like channel five and then drive back and the like horrified times we might we're and that's that's got that's got like two hour drive right down to two and a half whereas dedication right there there was the resolve a Wal-Mart in Dana Point, California and I would if I got to try to always pull over. Good because data points I got a tourist town there's no time. And I I had the club. And then I had the thing in my advisor can add as Tim pick up and obviously you see meg just a little bit and I take a nap and then finish drives and Iraq knows I know Dana Point you're right that if you got to pull over that's the play a IA out via the other that was I need to accommodate users to disarm broke into the car trying to steal would you. Yeah I didn't have nice cars. I that's fantastic. What do you know that that that's a hell of a story end like you said that you thought you had do bush AM I mean you could open Mike anywhere. Yeah but I doubt it was like paying my dues to those animals I couldn't travel and open up and do the road gigs because I had to be in I'd be a work every day. 'cause like as almost like this is my right passes obviously had to myself yeah yesterday in my name out there and I gay guys the wry wit me and I'd lie. I guess John Kerry last night pretty serious yanks will be there tonight so I would write Whitney how this might odd bill Carrey. Yes little brother sorry how the door guy. Two are guided item I think Jim I now know bill they'll go military here I'm here on. We believe it was funny because I I I want buddy would come up a onetime pod dice clay was. Went up and he freaked out so he was he would ride with me whenever I wanna because he thought he's gonna see dice again the I can pitcher with Tom DeLay made easier. You know I mean they know what time was one I gotta yeah I was up on stage one night when I was doing the drives Richard Pryor is an audience this is that 9798. That he was sick but he was still coherent. And after my set. By. That it is assistant are some micro sim mr. probably like to talk do you get a pitch with you I think you out as a tribute to him because Jeff. So I get a pitcher Richard this funny story so UP we get a pitcher and he whispers in my year he's gonna change. Don't have much to my right arm did I just been blessed with. I'm I'm him but how big guy right yes I got my Oprah story of every on the Oprah I dumbest story how when did you know you had a Little Richard prior to the donor chains. Fast forward seven years later a much Oprah this is like 2005 and on six Monique some Oprah. Oprah asked the same question in my mind. That she's gonna ask me on Oprah when did you know you had it been a more boldly goes. Hope proved our little stage Richard prior to an emotional I never show he whispered in my ear hagel. Even Richard sick days. He was almost every comic you my grandma I'll go and how did bang not Big Brother telling terrible comics do it's it's tough tough tough. So there I don't say I'm content looks like Joseph and I told him not Idaho Tennessee I was so let alone need I don't think this home. I must answer store early. Ari are you got to the end and I eagle what do you do ya. Now tell me that's sort. I tell you gotta here's a story that I think is great because you bring up Richard Pryor and Richard Pryor men you know when he broke through comedy you know what being a black student America anyway it wasn't easy to try to entertain white people you know Richard Pryor is one of the first guys are really good could got that done him Bill Cosby. And now it's the reverse with you because I mean man you are you are such a hit in the African American community a lot of people scratch their head because. They look at direct and they go. He is just a regular white guy I doubt it's not like you're trying to deal like hey I'm just like gear Aaron just a regular white dude and posted on how the hell is Gary Owens so popular. And do you have a clue as to why I think you're funny anyway but it's funny to think that the African American PD BET they have all embraced job. Yeah a lot of say in the community you don't choose your audience they choose you. AM when I started doing stand up. I can only get on stage an acquittal equal Macy rooms maybe once a week if I was lucky twice. Where. I give you the urban rooms and get up every night you know it is a different rooms and I would make up. I when I first started in San Diego I would even you come to close there was a karaoke night on Wednesday it was like a black karaoke night. So senate doing karaoke and sign up I'd love tell jokes. Are there is the first and nightclubs record has got to play NN first remove is like what's he do in an NF dressed are doing and every week as every Wednesday night just as compelled 30 San Diego on after awhile you know like. They got when they always guy's gonna come the night he's gonna tell jokes so I started bill like. Not a huge fan base where there was a group like 1520 people that always came out so it starts yeah and then how would you like. They hit upon nightclubs on the weekends like Fridays and Saturdays they would let me literally grabbed the Mike from the DJ. And get on dance when tell jokes now green is sometimes there might be paid attention. But I would just cut my chops ma'am and then my first couple times on TV was on BT's that was my break. So we just you know how we say I would have played immodest I don't pander to home so he got a room full black people I'm not gonna talk about Garth Brooks who Tim McGraw. Whereas. If I'm doing no west Virginia state fair I'm not gonna talk about Lil Wayne. Thought I played him audience but I don't pander to a mom still me onstage yet that's that's that's actually great philosophy dare I love that because CIA you write that and I think that's what separates somebody from being you know good and not so good is like he was what you just said. Can you gotta cleared just like when I come to Seattle are Bellevue. High I hear the outcry. I did I get to know the city and in the first government I talk about that city and our format and its immediate always builds a rope for the audience like Paulie doesn't know us. Are those who were about what's your impression of Bellevue so far. I'd I found out it's funny though could buy it when I don't get associates of him come to Seattle they're quick to that daddy Seattle. Decibel you would they blew would you blood satellite Buddha to consolidate may help you feel guilty for making a. Yeah how did you go deep we're doing well in life. That I Seattle popular I don't hold it we'll bill you have funnily this time like this and yeah. That. Find out where we know what did you hang you know successful people is funny because I don't think how to build anything why I'm here. I -- How excited I get an opportunity I write and I know somebody tell us the only 40000 square feet common to see their commitment for a hit it through this is interesting because yeah I mean you know he's comedy he's just feel like comedy should take place in the not so great part of town and you know people go America's economy is who has won the last it's funny to be going to swell view is we call it yeah I'll be aware where you are it's everything's nice shot I knew at that I don't -- to this morning yeah I found out they do what they don't have any homeless people I don't know how all. MLB oh yeah I don't know how they keep the monitor I'm because they're poor and homeless people anywhere in the W well Portland got its fair share scissors and a self yeah. Many consider if you Garcia out of Bruno and it's important did you check out the crop bless which is there find stakes are you are you don't know and all right next to it as close to Vietnam do that. It actually has a great stay palace where women get make it the out there's a lot of it is illogical and good food. A lot. It's no I don't I don't get to know that anymore yeah I'm an American oil down an aisle you're gonna grow well who juggle and lunch yeah. It's alive when the going gets to sharpen. Columbia for a half hour and they're my business some rest of my face and I. I'm not participate I see a senior US producer and I've seen your new wife on TV and I it just doesn't like she's the kind normal content that got his she's kind of on him and I don't want the guy wanna get mad that I sit it out only because she scares me yes. This she's in my Oakland. So sees us get down Marshawn Lynch via. Not only as she's proud of you go goodies about quick man three small fast death I got a great Marshawn Lynch story. Yeah I love which you had the right after this a salary of a bad memory because there aren't set up. Like right if you guys also patriots so happy that I'm that there was a column Wednesday amid LA Marchand comes in my shelves right. So right before I hit the stage Jason Bay Marchand mark lynch is here in Los NIC AS I look to them. And he was IE yeah funny dude he's decent couple curse for the can't say right. Cited the reports on all the moms my wife's from Oakland he has offer real. Which that a high school I was like sky line is always ticks Ghana was our rival is who I would have played full wilder ran her ass over to the outside. How well she didn't solve. So I literally had to call my wife and teller if he gets out them Marchand said he would every run you over I got I didn't defend you I just took dead L I think that I can do. And that was funny cell. We're we're continuing the conversation might do with some mag reports we're laughed then and now I'm. And then it these two do skimming completely interrupt our conversation and I can tell by other Marchand. Because we were just you always cool synagogue and I showcase itself and now so we can get particularly at pitcher Andy downing gave has real high eight. So did you try to get to sell 3M. And then the guy hunt gave his phone was buoyed that a boy is Boyd's I think you pitcher and it did try to put his arm rom Marge shot and he smacked his hand like hold his arm off of it that's like it was palatable to the armor like this active though. I am committed to get to tonight for his arms crossed. Pound man at that point you wanna take your pick to a guy it's obviously not want to do JA down that data and now they you know there isn't really as I hang -- Marchand and LA yeah I don't marsh on Breyer all right yeah that I hit it obviously self who would do cnet's I had that academy were I was talking to a cool dude that was a celebrity in and somebody came into the same thing you had a when you know we learned of the moment and you're like damn well just some regular guy moment AM I wasn't sand blowing with a guy was just what with the odd man that sucks that's like when I'm when I'm out in a layer anywhere. And you know this hey you know let's say I'm the same bread hitter Matt Damon's in the room. As somebody he won every graduate mentally no no adult. They don't want to go to Mike hey this is the comic we go from there yeah some I I just want to either know my work media after show floor. I work with a one day but I don't ever want to meet people they now think they know who I am yet how tough when you're right it's worse because what do you say. That would have us was he doing now if they want to meet you I guess that's cool different it's funny like I've been and I've been an auditions and I've been in the lobby. And I'll see somebody like David Arquette. Who's going for the same part a couple of years ago for some and I sat down next film Annie is that armor like a comedy it's an analogy like diligence dream for. Can't tell you know I did I then Danny knew well off. Then I was good but I would never just cycle of hate debt. You only Brad Pitt. I do but now like this yeah. You know yeah I can appreciate have you ever had the Jerry Seinfeld moment concede the Lady Gaga I wanted to get a hug and love them he had no idea who she was have you had them or somebody was digging you and you didn't know who they were but they actually were pretty famously did you just you know what they're doing. No I didn't I never television and horny at today's 72 stories one when I first got to LA. When The Backstreet Boys is at the show and nobody in The Backstreet Boys were back them right this is ripe for they popped right. They was how we use when it didn't this leasing any other songs basically. Yeah Brian Lewis. Regardless us I marked. And skated this isn't he like quote unquote bad guys are good of the crews out now that's genetic the other guy that's yes I really really I congress is not help but I'd really like Augusta as I did some other things AJ thank Ed a Dick. But how it comes and I. Doubt. So how it comes up with a man George's show in LA thank -- will open Mike night he has been in my growing gets and he -- quick to wanna go with us on our side madam over Jerry's deli. And so at least tell me about this bay and The Backstreet Boys that no way sort of by the way at this was may think as you would just got were shooed offers video. He goes after New Kids On The Block there's lot of backlash from boy BM so no none of Libyans can like do anything for about 56 years. He us we were in Europe. He is and we got pretty big in Europe but now we're trying to cross over the states we'll see how it goes wow I was crazy and out of likely season numbers and just before cellphones literary on on pieces of paper. And and Irina no like five years later in Vegas I go so bad. And it does all the world like hyping each other out because I don't think you few times and then he would obviously backed terrorist took off. Hey we just funny because he's just telling the whole story how they were she their first video. That we can LA and he just came out to us that a comical one night. And that was that you know and add say a funny story on the up obviously in the that. With think like a man came out and meet ever you knew was on the same flight. Flight to Atlanta and you press. For the movie so we get to Atlanta. And this guy comes up and wants to get a picture in a multi when that's your bridges were both of us right and baggage claim. And so this guy a leader issue may have his picture if they did you all know I just want to which we did have sorry ma'am are and what's crazy is that guy is he's a preacher and he's on TV a lot. Now right. Name's John Gray. Hand he reached out to be like ovarian last month there was like you don't these tickets do you shell Houston another oh yeah okay. Hey man I really appreciate that but I really reserved tickets for my fans that pay. Alcohol and my fastball. It's your minutes are free taken by here later. I know every I don't know if you remember that he. There he pushed me out I know I'm hand touched my chest like sorry. He's a Smart kid pitcher damn big fan of hers was like. You could crowd out other guys yeah he should now be you know you crop out there was like in it was it was at moma where like litter we had just taken like six pictures and road together being get reality and then this guy can't argue they got a mixer. But I guess slowly and you know why first of all your preacher second of all you got a good memory yet you can't pull that out when you're that dude yeah Danny and since you were from the same hometown oh okay now us. Paula that's not good right now that is totally not good as what it is. Gareth Edwards is being handed your camera and say hey call my doctor for I actually enjoy that I should have done it and you don't sell feet above some people look Pena followed by the way no probably getting texts and tweets about a guy it was actually cash and Lady Gaga on it had then also I felt moment but death Gary always performing your part alive showtime. Tonight tomorrow 7:30 and 10 o'clock both those shows man. Add and let me tell you we know ourselves a great podcasts get some so yeah Pollyanna I guess yeah new exit just got released yesterday. I love the surgery should do when you ran into one about an old bully. All IEA out it was just great I had I had a high school bully. I found among FaceBook. And he's really fad now in his lice that in his kids are fat and they now they have like the broke down carnage driveway. And the grass is cut and I'm like I felt so good man had when I saw that and you know because of the way up like a missile happier if I am so happy that mound do all over your loser ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And I guess I just sold to real bags of mound and he didn't smile and any pitcher you're so unhappy with your life. I felt so good but I mile gluten free when I saw this page. I can't sit oh well I got to stay healthy for this dude. Auto and his wife was disgusting. I had. Ass stuff Ali many kicking off his thumb pick up truck one day I'll do now that we had this thing called the Butler county fair. AM there was a guy there with a high school with his name is Joseph Campbell and he got the demolition derby was like 1617 years old we used so deep that Jun oh. Was in the demolition derby with adults. It's still a lot of us was on the back this guy's pick up watching from the infield the demolition derby. And I had our khaki shorts in a DST shirt and flip flops on and never get it and Immelt had wranglers of boots but I go along with everybody. So he kicked off his truck he is I mean it's much truck. Give off much throw up a home and I'll bite huh okay and that is I don't know much shook again. So Gaza struck in just left right and and then my whole junior high school every time you saw me he just call me names and try to start stuff I just ignored them the whole time because in my mind no they among Macon life. I go and you're going to be fat. By how fast and physical and fast. And we're gonna bring that. Three new ice cap and I'm so glad he had the name of the life I really am I you guys know you're not supposed to take it away with everything he deserves we also sweeping terrorist cells when he's not smiling and none of this pitchers. On he came here this radio station. Wonder why does he doesn't travel a I don't know why aren't hometown the whole time wrath of opera at all I have fun Trailer Park Boys enjoy that show it's great until Washington and Netflix. I don't want is for you Brian help plug in income tax check back. Yeah. So it's so cruel with saws are so good yet oh so you're vendor really rebels god. Woman and you gotta check out there you know us we don't have comics on every week so when we have somebody from studio we do because we we we we know that this is going to be good show if you check out tonight tomorrow to show 7310 o'clock. Parlor live dot com you can also tweet Gary add Gary on comedy. Gary men it's it's it's it's been a pleasure silently for me to me show I don't plan this summer right now that's all everybody here shut up yeah. Let's sit through tear blast rock station in place Richard Marx once and why half. Act act captain and ask Chris Mullin music. Come on man yeah you real player now. We're able. Yeah what's the next song whole. Day. Ram jam yeah yeah have fun with that I can start to travel to that answer it's it's it's Allison Debbie Gibson. All of Demi give students we want we lot there's a radio station called the calls it cold stuff you don't let me you like because we all got those songs or myself in the car and you don't turn off nobody asks. He ought to mean Obama got Tiffany I think we're alone now via shut out to see my things I'm reliving. Now released a last night as god that's him it's got a little rebellions newer item whatever makes. Oh my god channel yeah. Call my gathered the slump then drew Motown act I am alive ma'am when it comes on a bomb us some idea of gar field because Lou won't know. Like this offense. Content filter values freedom are right now we rise to rise by Paula Abdul. Shut them down my face. If you're going to talk to me right now attracted McLaren on this track has probably gone. Jesus Jones all right here right now riding your job Mike Judge shut up. And AMP media hotel unbelievable. ABC dvd OK you know me I just gave me on the playground he goes we on the stationary now it is not enjoy it I'm telling you what he really wants to listen to that's right here there's those sorry what are we for how log for the stuff I liken this is onside. Have a radio call in -- email and say do you ever ruins and now one song they used to buy yourself that nobody knows you might not be amazed at the responses you get yeah it was a Texas so he's doing your job at this point -- -- guy and I think Larry we really do when hang around Steve Zahn now. No I don't like this in more tax cut a path I don't rock and roll it's just rock yeah. So lazy or the role man right save on the letters but not Bellevue Vegas had annexed it LC and affording rights. Yeah annexed the old you shot beat the thought I don't mean all states after we shot DL do you that we too much money just put the old shocks. I really got to fish market. Our didn't you know. Who don't have that they'll view don't have the Israelis don't you as a fresh salmon that's it you guys will Gary check him out shutout going. Shut up to Fleischer Miller a parlor library I don't time that they don't know by now you're listeners are stupid. It's all right I'm a par alive tonight tomorrow but do we dare not shut up. And your juniors come and he's not I'm. And Brian Lewis there Ryan Lewis of the list this just simple budgetary brother Matt Moore. Brian Lewis Russell Wilson's common Carol's going to be at all yeah television David Craig's common OK drawn back yes. I'm Shaun Alexander is gonna be there are areas and for old Bill Gates they'll get Ahmed. Why so I don't know you guys do this weekend a pleasure they're all coming upon allowed all right. That's did it. And don't carry bill carries coming they'll carry you out and watch this is royalty right there. Matt Hasselbeck is coming guys thought Matt Hasselbeck Manhasset based going to be there plus you get Trent Dilfer Ayman Trent Dilfer Peter Warrick yeah. Every X Seahawks come this weekend guys that everywhere you go and -- going to be there and high schools in some cases and Doug Baldwin's comment while Richard Sherman Richard Earl Thomas -- chancellor yet I got only your team you know you might know you seem better than your team right I am maelstrom yeah I got a nice to get to see that's the thing you gotta come see because we have a nice Cincinnati Seattle connection via K Griffey you're welcome Seattle -- do you like Safeco who do you like kid who gets who built it. Can you did you hear him what are I had that stay without paying your treat him brother and Chris thank you KL Ken Griffey senior retired he got both solemn and mom sort of Chris press going to be there Chris threats common to them. Yeah I doubt. He's just come into enemies NF Harrison promised an American she's not Cummins is not going to be have to isolate yourself Chris threats come on now big drinks if Chris is that the early show women and guys don't meet I don't meet. I don't meet Chris Bradley knows me. To liken the New York because fret no holds a one mile work with them or he knows my standup guys I don't wanna meet him and I come and how some seldom. Don't you go you gotta be going to everybody's going part of life dot com Gary or Gary thanks man choir rats going to be there to show saddle our rights come and even dead Kevin instead Kevin's going to be their high spirit. Of rats going to be there with two keys to the fits him WY connection TO your name to get too much money. A Cinderella Cinderella come with. Rollins Dell's going to be there I tango what do you. Why don't tango is going to be there I didn't feel stomach and I just feel all right not go over and that's a shot right if I could see that show you up mentally crazy this weekend stereo and Carlos coming. Denzel Washington comes distances just and it's commits show instead he's a sellout plug ins a Washington from the same with all these people is a community remark for us. Now remain degree room up there actually while tell a joke yes come on my god yeah that's it's going to be crazy as a front row every white Seattle SuperSonics Cummins and Delis tripped. It's time. I want I. I Delhi should still be there. Shawn Kemp's gonna be there. And his kids and that leaves out everybody loves it as are sold out yes a sold out Shawn Kemp's kids are common so the first shows although its predecessor Africa I thought I think that's what's so. Gary you know UCL sports I can hear pay less government yeah Gary thing you you know your films on his way there that's it. Mean you get the outside like you know you Seattle's four I do credit Jackson must come and that's facts John Henderson is on his way. Love this man crush you but he's got a push morality man I know credit man out or -- guess is coming. I'll get up Ichiro Suzuki's coming dealing in a one I'm talking men and speaking to us he just knows I'm funny. Skippy parent buys come this weekend part of alive. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess helps you.