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Thursday, November 2nd


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Hey rockaholics it starent daily and on super pumped up to be talking to the legendary. Jeff tell aids and he's pretty nice area next Saturday Jeff how worried do today. I'm doing great and are you know despite the weather I would say I've got ten out of ten today. Yeah it was so nice for so long and now. And I just also on the side. It is an especially not forget Halloween behind as it just kind of feels a little bit more lake you know spooky time. It doesn't doesn't the taser darts. Well I really cited as one idea really cool days coming up would be next Saturday November 11. You're gonna be playing a really special. Events. In Everett and actually not far from where I used to live I live on 24 in the grand for a number of years. And it sounds like you're going to be at Matty hall at immaculate conception Catholic Church. Yet warm. It's up for a wonderful show to benefit show. For my favorite charity which is so called mercy watched won't say. Wonderful group group doctors and health care professionals who are donate their time their energies to. Hoping. Treat people who are on the street people who have drug addiction and people that are homeless. And all the proceeds from the the the show a lot of extra burst you watch mostly to anchor the supplies medical supplies and it takes to and treat people in need. That's fantastic and so excited that you hear about this in your being that I have lived in ever myself and also just in snohomish county for the bulk of my life. The whole us this. It has become quite an issue in that area and I think what you're doing his. You know it couldn't be at a better time very critical time and I think what you're doing is fantastic and letting people know about mercy watched. This is out there this is just a great time to be involved. You are you know I think it's I hate to use the word epidemic but it surely seems like it now there's so many people. What are struggling with her. The look almost motion and addiction as well then it it it seems like. It's around us everywhere we look in the and I think bringing more. You eat it on the subject is important to us time and you know. I really encourage people to come out to the show and and that gets to this particular charity because it's it's working and it's helping people. I have to ask how did you find out about mercy watch in the first place who. To do who turned you on to this organization. Well a wonderful man by the name and Dennis Kelly. This is huge organization and I netcam. Through one of my shows and we started talking in such a personable young and so. Tom dedicated to helping other people. I found myself becoming. Nolan right into his orbit really and this is. This was his idea with some like this together and so and I'm just very happy to be part of that Kim and think it's a wonderful. Include people choose Cheshire on the holidays to focus on other people you know outside of themselves and mr. happen department. Absolutely you know for me and in just a quick little side bar and in the middle of a re model and ran up area so we just moved into a tiny trailer. On our property and I was kind of plane now whoa is me card and living in a trailer it's cold out. But then when I'm driving through different parts of Seattle Kevin Everett. Even more highly than stand led there are there are homeless people everywhere and it really puts into perspective that is sixteen foot trailers actually. Pretty awesome this time of year and if people are very. Our our very cold and in Hungary on the streets this time of year end. They just need our help so the fact that mercy watches there. And you know hot at that tertiary level helping people out. I'm really excited that you're involved in this organization and you're gonna bring some some good today to the homeless population in our area. Also an inch. Sort of like a bandage on the move it's it's actually. Real special people. Trying to counseling help people too and actually retrain people to get them off the street and into. Jobs and and into a lifestyle that so more productive and more help recruit them. Absolutely so any game your your show is happening next Saturday November 11 that Mattie hall in Everett where immaculate conception Catholic Church is located. A 100% of the proceeds are going to mercy watched and this show is very very different from the your last show in the area I think you're with operation mind crime and Italy India a few months ago why is this shows so different. Little Dutch and I hope it's that different. It's. It. It's a different group of people playing with Spain it's people that are musician transit Margaret have donated their. Energies to. Again putting together the show in this particular benefit. I'm Scott MacArthur who who loan term panel box for years. And so joining me is probably the most famous person. When the most it is incredible keyboard player from South America from litigation now joining me on keyboards and guitar. And Karen mills on the sort of a local musician. Ought to pop scene playing around town center and engaged in this problem optimize. My sole project yeah. Joining me guitar too. That's amazing and and how how many different types of music do you think you're going to be pennant tapping into in this 1 evening. Oh everything had hit at it and Erica play all kinds of different things. From my. Of course my my catalog of songs. Which is getting quite extensive but not just ready to release in December a new album will be my eighteenth album complete it like crazy I know crazy you know. Well congratulations first of all that's monstrous. Yeah they get pretty monster. Totally while I can't wait did did he alluded to see and hear urges all the unique sounds you're gonna be bring into the table. Next Saturday if people want to get tickets I think it's your brown paper tickets you guys and had some. Going on and can they go to Jeff T dot com for more information to them. Yet they can go at all do it different kept it. Dot com and FaceBook pages to find out more about it but the tickets are actually took optical back again. That's right an eighth inning as a like you know it's a thirty dollar ticket in a 100% of the proceeds are going back to an incredible cause so. And a few we're gonna spend money and go to a show anyway you might as well make it count and stretch that dollar and do some really you know good work for mercy watch. Excellent idea. I I'm all about it well this is really great I am so appreciative that you're able you know Charlie for a few minutes and and spread the good lord of mercy watch I hope you raise a ton of money next Saturday Jeff. And anything else that you want and how this about the shell. Well Karen thank you so much spurred the interview I think we. It code everything in I really appreciate didn't again incurred people not to show and and helped. Absolutely well we always gone rockaholics helping rockaholics and were pretty damn good attic so looking forward to seeing a lot of rockaholics next Saturday at. Patty holiday. All right thanks again Daryn. They did about a great us here today.