Germain Ifedi of your Seattle Seahawks joins us live in studio! 07-28-17

Friday, July 28th

Germain Ifedi of your Seattle Seahawks joins us live in studio!


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He then Sosa got my next SEC I was training camp is just around the corner. So what better way for a player to get motivated tend to be in a room and a bunch about it save radio people now please welcome to yourself from your Seattle Seahawks remain a steady. To read and saw various years germ and year to now you know like you got the new guy. And you feel good about yourself if you look at it has gone OK I did OK in the offseason you Qaeda Qaeda if I didn't do too badly put these guys. And knows there's good news and I agree second year round. He's got red in town yesterday and and a lot of guys give me today and I don't know. There's a lot of buzz around his training camp guys govern Tolkien. As you just it is vicious. Who's the first guy that you reach out to when you get back to tell my Hoosier guy like okay we're boys are back in town this class this is an assassin what's going on those Sawyer are very. You are pretty closely. The rookie John McCain who is so. Once I landed. Six I actually faced around and how's life. You have back to attack this but I Roger's going to be the crazy and ghostly blue. Hey guys how back under god I'm there you tell you oh yeah face Tommy from the pillow and if you do try to bring the party from Houston and everybody. I lose wells who they view it based on an hour later learned. Would you be doing now there are meeting they're very are you about Lucy were originally meant your commode and were. You know the only you know it's definitely obviously it's a really accredited. Oh man. Low. Tiger tomatoes ready Emerson receipts for your Seattle Seahawks. And it's a rich man you got dad's voice man you got that voice I think a lot of oil might we say OK you let you know I'm trying to put on an album I just talked to me. Yeah I think I like his arm are good it makes it. Hey there must have talked to lose that's. Yeah it's it's a kind of voices might put some day I mean dancing Barry White put in the mood kind of voice. Damn I was ahead a voice like that some of my good it's. How can I I think a lot of people going to you know I'd like to have low then everything go right to say did you see what you may might you sing to me is I go off on the La La land thoughts are things through their through those who do. I do I like but it's not that way yeah more than me all my lap. Yeah because you were rookie last year and you always hear these stories of like the crazy dinners at the other guys making guys do out. Given me memories of being a rookie in the end and some increased danger to do because tour rookie like how much did you spend on a dinner throw the other guys or whatever it may be you did a great thing about. Maher is here. His we had three other rookies at the same position as young authors who are really on off his line so. Everything that they're do you know what is is beyond me the most lights are key personality. It kind just minutes before you guys a little while so I never and there are guys I amerigas statutes he's you do a good bit. The dinner was a little bit must move many in the tournament four times more than it was so who's the big cedar bar of the group there are trying to like you know. No Jack up the price of food via the most meals I don't know I mean I think. There I don't know I knew I was being you know she's too bad about it the Dow pretty. Governor nice guys. Still you know bugs 1213 big guys leading. He had a nice steak house Dan knows doggie bag is still Obama brings to the doctor tomorrow. Oh yards out it's every alas this case. I'm down I'm I don't care reform that is in this Osama and to do so exerts ago yeah it's sits so low we agreed I charity auction like to have one somebody bid. For instance to go on that I would love to go you would be offensive line I would not I would feel bad about even my crazy and I've viewed the awesome dude you'd be awesome. Myanmar I would feel so bad though because I realize what these guys get to eat like disk as they actually are physical. And I resolve sag on makes a big put this away and still look good I've played I've put Betty I don't know I think I. If it's two ways movies do you like your semi massive guilt. Laid off and has an area like all but that yeah that meal would be one of the greatest mills in my life I die I die after it acknowledged that a lot of data that does not never go to. Dana would be people who play car that could you lose who all enabled cards do you credit curry left for you guys do I we have this debate I believe that the last card in Manhattan is the loser for some people believe the first tactic does the loser. I think the suspense is and having all the other cards picked. We'll the first goes on loaded it lose the first carpet tunes on my card. In this mixed sometimes they do it does Alaska figured it was my cards. It's. Auto including the bury news say you know that what Kuwait Airways is to got a cars. CS ruin the odds do you see guys like you gotta play the same way every time I did just the rules every time man you're messing with the odds you can get your car picked all the time yet and if it is roughly in the you know if you legalize. You had a great at the back of my my my buddies that supporters as we get an end in Portland we did. The credit card roulette for one of our our meals and around drinks it wasn't a ton of money was a couple hundred bucks and I lost and I was like crap your fears are about to give the card and then lady goes. Although the guy and the other table from our bachelor party crew keep paid for everything yeah it was being a good guy for that one time I just when they all look to me so pistol might. Hey man fifth ethic I have more senseless act how I know that yeah I was also demanded Zach Thomas all of a sudden somebody pays you when you your card they feel like don't you pay next time. The one of the rules for this the did you see you review on Lou there it is pretty willing to let me pay yeah it's clear that I don't plan. We always were. How did you Mae or Freddie of your Seattle Seahawks by the way I mention of course remains got a great voice and you'd like to hear that voice or maybe another Seahawks do. You want for a corporate speaking engagement morale event or just a blue Friday afternoon kickoff. Well you didn't tell us majority she's awesome from 206 sports group and maybe you might be able to get germanic oh there are just you know just some Dawson Telesis sweet daughter duo that's dozens you do and give him a voice and all the info is too old six sports group dot com that's 206 sports group dot com. Guns blasting him as a kind of I mean obviously you're in Seattle you can definitely did you realize rather quickly as a football crazy town and we all love our Seahawks. What have been some of your fear Blake is there a certain memory or certain thing in the first year. When you're like wow this is this is a pretty cool place to be like can it get any funny encounters with fans or going to an office for you talked to some people like what's been a favorite memory so far since becoming a seahawk outside of playing on the field and oh that's this office. How to loosen our fans interacts. The fans here are so the the Dubai on this so life. Into us did Internet billionaire real life angry about pleasing her fans hate it hate did seized. Good here here fans that they just they love you review go ahead. If you don't quite know you are I had an idea who you are like in my to reroute drivers like. What do you do well here we have sushi yes yes. Hey yeah. I haven't yeah you know I don't know my gallery it is my seven nutcracker. Sports jocks get a reality is yeah we'll Lindsay yeah Seattle mayor how are you familiar. And one on ones like corporate general Bruno Garcia those hustlers. Did you might see me and that's that Charlie and childless I mean definitely Opel lupus might go from there yeah. Ky LA galaxy I think it's a great question UST because your from Houston and you know it and it's a little tough out there for Houston sports teams. And I know at least for your tweets your big baseball fan and finally I mean the Astros have not been anything for so long but I haven't seen you tweet because the Astros are pretty much the best in baseball. Right now yeah. So our mom taught you about that associates. Now live to see no matter legacy. Following. You know I love demand visited there is great there were two new book. You know I say I've been national citizens. Final four. And I watched him go to it's horrible spite three straight loss seasons yeah we have about them on June 20 losses in three years we were ten and on the team. The rebuilding. So amazed are aware of 800 year commitment. Yeah I think he's throwing you out I don't know I don't know. How I would advise me are you guys are hard okay examination into the AL west are on lake including myself like sweet. Now the Mariners are not the worst is here to visit and then all of a sudden here they are. Isn't so great. Now you have written about you know to only came daily nozzle in this room and I hit it I just finished. Often it's stuff 'cause his Houston he uses a big cities still doesn't get the recognition. Tel 20 they do is probably one of the best hitters to come along in the sport maybe I mean arguably you know maybe the rods and try Peru or or even terribly mean this guy is amazing that nobody knows about him except maybe you really. Yeah now he's and he hasn't him got the Massimo. And casualties and he should and he and he tapes these overrated he's an underrated Houston. He's got overshadowed by Correia on springer kind of big personalities. But some little dude so yes no no don't do so good some days removed due and you know I mean you won MVP this year who knew PG AO price to be under the hood you know his. The cash and. Have you had have you had a chance with you know the fact that your an NFL guy now have you had a chance to meet any of these people that you fall like like I know you're it's York. Or Yemen able to cash in and that's celebrity yet because I would be in the locker room like you know. I do like getting better when Chicago won the World Series I'd be all little boy he's got to talk to you here and now plumber you. The most this is my last. Q he sees through my first extended time thesis is on ingested so. I've got an unmet. Korea calls for our -- start in college actually all of us summoned because before game. But as a pro I America I'm not a guy now to a game well I've had time that this. Season goes down the way you a lot of people think it goes down and you know you guys go deep in the class all of a sudden maybe they might want to reach out to you every kind of cool that some Aussie gonna going to endorsers. I don't and so coast yeah crisis management is always right. It's something that's Darren out now I really kind of free from that it's it's it's gearan up and how how much of a grind is that I mean it will be a lot of guys say they leave any sport because it's not because a plane again but it's just a preparation. I mean is. Is that something you were you pretty much knew about or ZNFL a next level up on what you gotta do to get ready and be ready in order to be good in this league. You are gonna are kind of expect to work who what does come with it you know our. I would say it was time mobs are seasoned. I mean big changes in our last game so I was rehabbing. For the time owed it took office and in ads are working out and hand you know you have the could be you have to flute. Literally months and months of like for preparation prepay your body to take that 1620. Game told anybody because. You know it's it's it's a roughly around for nearly so. Tomlin was she when she get into it you have to really work to staying because it would chew over no speech right out. Tells you Ramos morning areas especially as an offensive lineman that's as they can make what a thankless position in the sense that things are going bad ever wants to blame you guys if things are going good everyone saying the running backs off the quarterbacks Brady and they obviously since that did the super sports there's will be like almost because is an incredible offensive line that's making its fourth. But does that frustrate you got to be obviously last season was a tough one there's a lot of people giving you guys are timers a young group diamond over the course of the season you could see some. Awesome progress tonight I can't wait to see what happens this season but did the negativity of the how some people view do you guys is that and bring you guys closer does that. Put a chip on your shoulder where you're like okay we got some been approved by what's your mindset when it comes to the thankless job that is being offensive lineman. And I you know oh we you know we we don't do this to the noise somewhere close knit group and we Connor. We play for each other most of the time all the time so. Lou we're we're clicking in we're we're clicking and we're rooted. We're right there we tune are clicking we're fitter now are clicking you know these are men outside noise journal of who's saying what do guys and do you know terrorism matter to view way yet to go play game down the you know you did you Hornish Otis you wanna feed them you wanna. He wanted to give pay you gonna make pro bully on the ones who brought I think unless I've seen on us that comes with new games host. Doesn't finish in Russia notify him that I think our group we. Squeezed by every so lonely so do gray wanna see turley great things in line aussies have to be successful. We're talking to me confetti at number 76 from your Seattle Seahawks you bring up its interest seemed to me because. Hey do you get a interviewed to see if you're that kind of guy because at that attitude that you just said it's everywhere on the team. And you and I I just can't think everybody who plays in the NFL. Is positive and otherwise Richie true mile Bob the people who he volleys maybe there are people that let negativity affect them to do so. Do you like in in the in the process at all if anybody was of value you before you get drafted by us I mean did they have a clue that is the kind of guy you are does that get out there because they seem to find guys like you to go I'm not gonna dissolve flies buzzing around bottoming out is gonna you know we're Brothers we're gonna make this happen. Is there a way they know that about you before they drafted deal. Yeah I can you know we we do to going to loan to a new school president this is CRA IR let's go the some that it might be some them yeah yeah and I he's wonderful and I. You know and you know they talk about who dare not a done media there and an envoy in the same way you know it was. You got to buy a joyous people aside things to say no surprise to John Ruth suits against Cleveland's is whatever. But it. You know he will you can kind of put that in. Bad Goran never led it into your thinking space than. That's the best we can music social unrest when you know you have any doubts you know the only doubt is located are prepared Muqtada. But I do another press disaster you know that's only thing not. Not not what somebody send customized pinion you know possessed was bested Dustin Ian Wright doesn't say doesn't doesn't really. Come into effect and you are. Aren't I will almost see here citadel and there are guys that I've seen throughout college and my Malo football career that kind of don't look at their stimulus though it's you know the closest person I'm unknown is not right ya ya ya gotta tell you. To block it out or don't overlook or don't don't seek it out whatever the case is and if you do see so would be the way of the do your job or hope hope you hope he's on the other side of the ball yeah yeah days days. You know if they say great things about you still got to go to work into it he's if they say bad things are you still got to go to work into it so. A once imprisoned front page text is an and that's the home of Earl Thomas baby and when you first came to team did you look out for like guys that are like alarms from year old college and at does that bring you guys together. Or more girls and girls alone would him. I'll and a person however there Ali Zardari you don't wanna bring that I'm not Dan taxer and what are the symptoms are there are there drag units to mountaineer and downloads ogle you know doesn't matter who hasn't always try to do the what does that say they're Thomas give you any grief red because of that when you came on the girls as soon again in the most clients who irons so he's either do you see his ping pong table with his face on it. Not losing all we don't he has a ping pong table and based on the news and fear and the maximum yeah it doesn't. Cincinnati that I cities throughout he's in the right now he's a draw Senator Obama Luke Wilson nine nose between conflict may be getting in with that and you maybe somehow some way he loves us yeah I love is yet he's he's gonna crazy that he did what Tyson did want to know what do you think about the controversy that millions seems like it's been squashed but the Seahawks in the twelfth man from NM. Oh yeah you're okay your listeners vote and all access. Anywhere you anti Seahawks refer the case like hey don't talk man oh loss to Carolina team. Are you in Newton they gave kind of take him and it's also reminded you why you want you go to. To take what you've done in and wanted to be a part of what they're doing so it's well slow now whatever it sorrow for that is cool you can basically get to have the twelfth man there are no cause to Carl and they're both great great fan base and you kind of see assimilated into our. And I know they're both great fan base and undersea widely. I read bad answer your Nathanson it's a little other than a but I see why me. They wanted to use it causes it it's applicable here just like it is done it's it's in them. Yamana. Again if you if you would love to have you mainstay becomes BTU and let you listen that I voice she wanted to your office this guy has done. Right now especially if you have an officeholder and it's half past few out there and say I don't like is embalming and how does say -- single women and a lot of people go we need someone who really liven up the opposite ends always good guy that the guy in my Jameer Brit and box spring and if you want hammer another hot for Korver speaking gays and morale event or blue Friday afternoon kickoff player dues get in touch Jordy she will make it happen. She's from the two OC sports group 206 portrait dot com us we have the inferno until I talk remember Tim that you work with and he mentioned you tend to -- you rather outspoken and some churches and some which I think is really really cool harmless or what's. What's what's the reaction like when you first Washington's I go to church where it it's like everybody's see Austin especially during playoff time we editors on Saturday and it's been does a game and once got their jerseys on and that has to be such a trip for is someone that's at church and all of a sudden. A member of the Seahawks remain steady and watch talk in front of everybody. Yeah who does this some under our united Arab Arab. I'm numb arm looked in the started doing it down his Seattle and I dated. Back in high school. As a college speaking of detergent you will be all right who's being cute houses. Houses. Oh so you're just doing it before like you really had in RI ES I'm out on the field throws terse yeah houses are that's just staying I was go around the globe and do reading scarf. In the first few times as legitimate do you like he says he's not doing great. So I'll also Amman you know he's a new billion Marley it's OK I know she say hey you knew you their rice could not pass our tires and we apparent reference. How tough drags his pads practice since I was like OK you know these. I'm just talking this talking. 2000. Pretty much a teenager or older teenagers and you know now without hope that I don't have the same problems that. In those those really cool really cool thing go through as a young person because he kind of keep their fear young young like earlier in your life that's and one of biggest fears of so many people public speaking and related as such are fine thing to a lot of people. Yeah and immune. They did they express does is not something that Combs and actually a lot of people are being cute and really takes. Some time was she gated in which you can he's had an audience and not had an audience of 69 iron. 2900. I remaining ties with an anti. And I just becomes like nothing comes out and read and screening process what's more nerve racking speak in front of like a hundred you wanted short term walking out of town on our fans here gone crazy he had no doubt have very good. To be loved you know you are they do. Speaking in front of few hundred churches harder just because. When you hear it in your own need to do is kind of go into generals pace and do what you gotta do you know after the Ford logo and everybody decisions on New Year's you have committed by the decision herself. As a different animals yeah. Yeah well outside during his great it's great listen do you talk and it sounds like man that you had a good family grownups that really. Put a good head on your shoulders because it guys your age. Getting to be the league like this I know they have lots of classes and meetings for you guys you frisk him in the league so as he did not get into bad trouble also have three dollars left him in the years here at the NL. I want to dollars and years and I'm Erica yeah I don't last night it's. Club probably already off to a good start yeah what a great show as socially it is always this concern as amended and I. That's absolutely. Is it is great debt you can watch that show and not be that show yes it's a dozen. And it's great having on the team of course everyone's looking forward to any. And you know I see is there's a lot we learn from you guys just by the way you treat each other by the attitude you have when you do squad do would you do. So it's I don't know all the reports say the teams falling apart. Yeah I heard Harold fighting wage and you're throwing desks until I pass on. Is well. It's Laden's distorted I mean I could I could believe what the media says or I could believe despite talking to a guy he seems like everything's okay with them maybe I'll go with that guy you like any good dusk it was it's. I offices in similar items I was doing this. So really the Scottish just problems with the Austin continues okay toll in Iraq with us he had a sixty. The masons is so amazing. They should get members early thanks also for Brian it's a lot of fun on Sundays and I'm I am looking forward to seeing. How you guys do this year because I DST is right I mean you know it was toss you 'cause Roy already has my first year in the NFL and hopefully we you know we can get this done a measured yeah and so it's nice to you know why he got a whole year under your belt and you're in your healthy recovered and that's that's good businessman thanks for coming in sort of Pigram. Bigs mornings. And now nine point nine KI DS tells you.