Heather Reasby - ECCC 02-26-18

Thursday, March 1st

Rev talks with Heather Reasby about her panel at ECCC.


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Which meets today is how other reason be who we have had on a couple times on the podcast are you know another. I don't worry and there are doing really really well and this week is going to be emerald city comma conch and I know that I. Are any yeah all right Ed you have. I know you've attended just as a con go lower before but now you're going to be a panel a straight and you ball. That's got to be super excited tells a little bit about what the panel all the dead title of the panel and what it's about. Nicole Wallace is held to broad trend leading superheroes. Import published able to literary trail. So really man you know its weekly exploring whether. The explosion of the bureau of under the intrigue and all that friendly and you books and novels and all kind of other unkind. And I you know obviously I think that could be good and it's. And end this is kind of interesting because we've seen them go from DD comic books to the big screen like you said glad a lot of the times IE and people are I guess I. Horribly and it is how can actually time than local and thanks. Yeah I think I usually do any good there is good. The market sort actually there is no one forest. Because you crow you can tell a story very differently. Than in comics or on the big screen and. Absolutely and if you look at something along the lines of a comic book you have multiple people working on it where you would have dvd. Writer and then you have the artist and you really have to hope that the artist can convey easy easy easy visuals that the rhetoric why it's. And when it comes to pros and it comes to the literary work the Ryder most of the time you know with the help of their editors as it is you would they have to fulfill that demand Sheehan and yield give out the the the beauty of the world and also what they're trying to express through those words and sometimes with superhero stuff the things are so grandiose that. It might be kind of hard for people to be able to do that and so wins this panel you're gonna help people do back her act. Hello I'm Rebecca and I think. Immediately at that I've read a couple of novel or come out and lakers. Stubborn woman Lily and I join the one that you did about what would buy it I really they're pitched this year they're homage untapped market bear. There are people. Obviously people love to read because you were read. Maybe not that big of a jumping point Ellington but so I actually there he want or it maybe get they're not real life do want at the moment but I think it there. And it's interesting to think of it that way too because I mean there's funny of of novelists out there that are creating their own heroes. But yeah the big companies could see some sort of benefit. Four have being not graphic novels not comic books but the actual books of their heroes out there I mean you can get more detailed in a you know 1020300. Page novel then you could with a comic book with a series that are in that is running and so forth sit and I think that a lot of geeks out there would really appreciate. Having a full sized book out there detailing a whole long thing as opposed to either waiting for a trade or buying each comic monthly. Actually and the Permian played pro wanting kind of got very very well they explore can export the can turn all our feelings and emotions of. Word of a character I think better than not uncommon though Canon camera actually get a double B you get narration but. Being a normal but she yourself actually wish in not cure. Handling deal with their feeling and she would Christine and and cabinet from that perspective it's a distance luggage inhabit that person. Yeah exactly does that put you right into their first person perspective in this is going to be panel the pros translating superheroes from four color stapled a literary stroke is going to be happening this weekend at emerald city comic con. You do have a bunch of speakers what is your speaker lineup look like. Still. We actually has three amazing lady are going to be on the panel let me ice. Gal all women should completely try to locate the where the most media that they should they yelled superior their voice and. And now we love our your hand at the film. But you really don't have decided to join me up we have an alum Al gander who is an award winning author. She has she actually had the. A few. A bigger obeyed romance novel she's written don't stay in general and then we have Alan. He is being a game designer and she instruction at the did dependent student technology. And you've also science fiction and panic the alt search consultant and television work she's demonstrators showed like Beauty and the Beast. Back in the day when I hear you enter an island I'm. Right I mean she's really fantastic and we have a little bit and she doesn't Alice Lynn. The sheriff dot com heroes than how we can bring them to the page. And that's I mean it's a lot of fun because hey this is something beyond what a lot of I mean we and I was younger. I don't wanna see that I necessarily. Was a part of the you know fantastic OK I was I would write you know those sort of things like. You want to see your heroes in situations that you work you wanted to see in a lot of times well I know personally I didn't have the artistic ability but I wanted to write something out there that would have this and this is this is much more then just sort of thing and fake because you're putting yourself out there as an author. And using the possibility of properties that people beloved on the you do as well. Oh yeah I. I I knew I would kill for the chance to grade a marvel not all who hurt you know I Wonder Woman novel how amazing would GAAP eat eggs or these are good morning good out. I know and it's fun to see that sort of look on those things because you don't. You can you can eight express yourself through them and like you said with that first person perspective taking a long way you attack and you can have a lot of fun with that also while retaining it. These these steel and what these characters about because putting that much work into it in writing but you have to put in the resurgent you have to know. The Carriker and even you know I as are our authors and writers and end all you know artists and everything when they're doing that on that on the comic book pages. That's definitely something we need but authors have to do the exact same thing. Oh absolutely you can tell when when somebody hasn't and Omar and it prepared me it did take new lay any interest to read a story. So we I mean they go about saying that if you are if you. Believe Hague L. Well known properties bedecked intellectual property he got to know how get done your homework. And even tell even here and creating a new character you have to get home because if you they have never been in the military. And your rating from me to have a military background for very different mind Jack and that the very specific. I'm not consciously calm down those people. Know if you haven't got a math home. Mark you're gonna completely turn off your audience and I know like sudden about the audio. Yeah absolutely do you have to be technically correct with that and another thing is I just thought about this is while you can you talked about using you know captain marvel or or even Wonder Woman -- you can kind of delve deeper in GD more diverse characters. Maybe the easy I don't wanna call them second string but you know the less notable characters that are out there that maybe have been overlooked that maybe haven't had their own their own books or anything along those lines and you can help bring them to the forefront. Absolutely give them why that is that is I'll I mean it's scary and there is it do would. The world is literally sir. Now as just another they had to be well written as he while added it has to be you know they had don't look good he had just like anything else but finished it talent is there and you really couldn't work IE I used things that they can do blow up you'd like in the heat. How. Absolutely and I mean media all sorts of mediate you're geek out and it's a character that she loved people are gonna consuming people are gonna love it now this is a really good steppingstone for people who maybe interest in this in that be able to talk with some of the some of the premier writers. In our area Heather again I love is so much again V panel is called paneled pros translating superheroes. From four color stapled a literary trophy you can find this on the emerald city comic con page and what days are going to be tests. Commanders in the first. Until 130 to achieve thirty. Extended to be on the sixth floor build the convention center and really success streak. Nice nice yet there's a lot of panels have been up on that very top floor there Lockwood. What is that going on a good place to give your geek god listened to some panels lots of people talking and hopefully a bill to see you there editor. I'd want to gang have a great day stay here till.