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Friday, June 16th

Ryan Castle with Janie Hendrix

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So Jamie first of all welcome back it's great to see you again and I hope now in the park things are gonna wrap up the stranger. You know you can still combined C a fiery lines as those. Here. This has been along time coming to me tomorrow is since tomorrow's the big day right. Smiles big day. There have erected the shelters. Which is beautiful it kind of looks like a winged creature and it also has a water file when it rains. So says a lot waterfall. Our hello. Time whenever I guess. Pathologist coming in in the trees are still yanks when they start. Skating amateur down that really Kabul there on so blooming purple leaves it's very. Awesome I think the park is really evolving to something great and tomorrow's day grand opening this really the grand opening phase one because. Sony. Has given this'll last piece of many for the second wave law. So that the architects restraint work on getting that problem then with have occasionally not so something to look forward to it. Take this back. How many years was I mean when when did this women who did this concept of doing apart from around. What what year was that was 2000 C yeah well I'm five. It was ten years ago. We I was acts ask to be on the boards like Harvard Dayton. North West African American Museum. And there is this piece of land that was this designated for park that wasn't really as kind of like a peep catch park. And so congress and hey. When he called them Hendrix are can. In the game cam and I am in contact far. Over a hundred years. His mother my grandmother where are very different in Vancouver. So we approached him and require and she says a great idea. Says he designated fund it if it. I think there's an answer to kind of good defending on hold for fears because I was on the board of the north and South America museum in the agreement was to raise money for the museum and we that a landing in a few years and and then. Then and excited. To be race for the park and those long journey. A lot to learn it. A lot to learn about it and the city in parts of our man going to a lot of meetings and tell parks and Rocca television. Him now I don't know if that. As a lottery that day but it was totally worth it because this beautiful park and is now designs. And Jimmy's honor and memory. I think that he'd be very Pratt and now my dad would probably shed a few cared for seeing it and I think that's kind of a bittersweet part that there to see an ancient looking down here but something. Some of the some of the challenges you guys ran into. Putting the parts together over the years the recession hit while you guys. Were and then in the planning in the building phase of the park early on if there was some snags along the way I want to. Yeah and a recession hit which is kind of get in bad in some ways because. He raising money and and so some things where did kind of globe but then when as we're raising the money then there's the Atlantic. That's where the different projects started to go that and it felt like they cared just kept moving all of sudden the construction business in Seattle got very busy that. Yes it did. But I think that you know coming together wind. Defense it to may hinge part and the parks department and the department neighbor has center architects grassy. I think that they all did come together and you know people like Keith case studies and the hard rock cafe. And gosh we have. Larry Doss says and various people around the city really came together and domain and we had a lot of people that wanted to donate whatever they kit which I think. Together and you'll see the results. Tony if you know office copier head. The percentage of donations that came from from individuals who just wanted to give. Twice about fifty about a hundred bucks. Well that probably he had that I mean probably roughly that. They came to about maybe 1015. Grand for people or giving uniter house knowledge here 3000. Maybe a little bit mark. We're very fortunate. To have a great team and so a lot of people think outside the box and the hard back cafe is doing these T shirts and they were whining to give to a nonprofit. And so unfortunately they couldn't give the whole percentage should apart because otherwise it would have been an outline Tonga. So they gave half of it to the park and half of it to defender music foundation which I'm lost on that port. And so that was from sales of T shirts which raised. For us raised about 650000. Dollar as significant amount which is a significant amount money. And of course the same for fender and so I think that. You know people really sound and vision and as a community globally. Because they think that really this is a destination place for people account from all over the world they pol wanna. Go see the memorial at the cemetery and they wanna see this statue on Broadway. And this'll be something else that will bring people into the city and recognized Chileans the last socio validity conference here. Is this is this the end of the road for you as far as the parkas contenders there is there more to come well and and is it sort of if it is is it sort of bittersweet you gonna miss the stuff. Well I can't have another year. Hopefully not quite a year but we are we had like I said we've got funding for the wave while that was 101000 that we receive from Sony. And that (%expletive) shadow wave law is the center of it is Jimmy's face and then. Says sides of the wave law. Can absolutely silhouettes of Jimmy in medal. And so there architects have Marty designed it that it's really lagging indicators and giving them ten gated and a year ago. We are talking about the shelter so I was astounding that it it's gonna take years so not quite Dan. That and then also the B programs that people can come to the park and underneath the shelter Willet is. A stage for people can perform like amphitheater. And so let it be nice in the ambulance programs and I'm still involved with the museum and so will be doing things collaborating with. With them as far as like displaying Cheney's art work and some of his clothing minds from. Who's gonna who's gonna manage. You know talent come into the park any fences. Parks thing is that the is that the museum. And this year your seventh job on under your car she hit it. Gosh I hope that now. That's really parks department. Pretty much there you know scheduling and then I'm sure that the museum all want to do some events there as well because is an extension of the Siemens their front yard. Defense tomorrow starts at noon. Give a ton of of talent coming on you wanna talk about I know Iran is a friend of the radio station he's an amazingly talented guy. I'm being just got quite a lot of school of rockets coming out. And playing sorry let's talk a little bit about some of the people are going to be there. Well. Yeah I know that a rounds coming and I'm excited to hear hand. He's performed before for us I think that's great. Some of the other artists say don't I don't know very well then I'm I think that it's great to have local talent. There and as far as school of rock when we were doing our two or archery concert to and we did come to Seattle we're at the Paramount the school of rock was. Kind of one of our recipients of guitars we can't get fender guitars to them throughout the country some really excited that they and it because they think that's a school in Iraq. Being that. As a former teacher. It's really sad that arts and music have been taken out of schools because. That is so important for people often. In especially kids for them tad can feel that check out instrument take retirement dosage and. And inspired from I love. They were big fans of my instrument choice limits. It didn't jagged even at that plastic case I was about you know four foot nothing and 82 pounds during that thing down the street fresher. Yes so. I love the fact that the school Iraq exits and it really gives children a chance to use experiment camera and instruments on it but we'll. I think that we see we've seen studies over the years that. Kids that participate in music in schools have better grades you know higher self esteem and all of these things that. Unfortunately the people who count the the money don't prioritize that that way you know. It's unfortunate. I'm you mentioned the experience Hendrix tree gets its act wild this year and Jonny Lang Kenny when Sheppard telesystems. A guitar bonanza how was the tour this year when he gets go like two months. That terrorists fantastic missiles along is to remember Dan it was six weeks. Lou we started. Actually in power again and ended. And Louis Minneapolis but technically Christmas and the Chicago but. Yet it is it was great it's fun being on the bus for those guys you never know what's gonna China's acts now he's. I like it hit hit it is quite awhile at a and intended. Can UH efforts alleys and the Iran into weasels app that means and really great group of guys and gals that are on the two and everyone let's Cheney's music and I'm definitely. The nucleus and it's now. Their own very respectful of his music and it's not a competition. They dislike of paying homage to to me means. Is their is there anyone who hasn't on the tour area that you think god I wish I could get. You know fill in the blank to come do via the experience. I have a list keep him off they had at. In China get Jeff that the enchanting and meek has come out excellence and we just happen to be in. That they aryan and he was there as well off he preformed. But yeah I would I would let ticket. You know some other people you guys and it does every artist play every day or do you kind of they can choose to move people around depending on availability. Well. The people that are on the tour for. For the whole tour. I liked you know Kenny Wayne shepherd and Jonny Lang and and Louise was there most the time believe and Eric Johnson came on for like we commitment and commitment. So like is stayed their for a week they're there every day. Best part he she was new at this so she kind of had in her contract that she be two days on Monday off for her voice. And then she's having so much fun she is said skip management client right there. As much as hard as it. You know once you get into it has to sell on the bus slaughter of whales with having fun playing right. Yeah and Eddie guy and cars he was on every night. News. Kind of sad fan because you know a lot of his friends have gone and we lost a lot of blues guys problem this year and so I think for hand. It meant to even more active be able to play and and be there. And he is like the roots of the fruits and Jimmy's in the front row watching. But he learned a lot from them and they were friends. He listed in crisply Cox is still around and a cousin south the last to see standing and he listed for farm and he isn't. No antenna was interesting we had. The slide vendors on the show now. And so one of the cords from when the guys was across the stage and billion now when he tripped over it and hid his face on one of the camps and he was bleeding and we're like oh my gosh you know. He you don't have to do it the show and he said. I've instead that shot dead. I'm sick and that it. Now I'm gonna go on and play it shouldn't have to expect that I could roll at at you play with a bloody face rice. He did theaters desist cannon a minor ash tray that he was fine and he injured himself. What else is what else coming down the pipe for you guys and they've always got like some. Magic things stuck away and a vault somewhere that you guys like to break out from time to time is there something you can share with us this coming down. Let his coat again shares couple things I catch him but of course you know we're celebrating. In the fiftieth year Mira and so where. That's the new additions to that. Jimmy did two recordings with Stephen Stills. So we're gonna come out of the studio album went Jimmie and Steven which is really different and cool that's. And then of course you know that crazy concert. That happened in Hawaii. Rainbow ridge and where we're can document sharing common now coming out later on picture. That we went to Hawaii and take Philly and you know let's so where the performance was and this the girl's school that you know they are trying to. Convinced that this is a good ideas for a shot at at Atlanta starter renders us. Yes hippies and tags and I'm kind of crazy things that so a lot of people that are in Hawaiian days. Still remembered it and saying words there and they were part of well putting it together so. It's it's like Atlanta popular and the locals are talking about. Their experience. And the average and the film footage as pristine managed to clean that and then managed to. Pulled the vocal sound because technology finally come up with Jimmy if you remember the micros wrapped twins. And team players have phone habits and Bruce fry could picked up. And it's not the land back in it's it's going to be. Mr. and as technology advances is there more and more stuff that you find it like maybe. Maybe was unusable before you go back and you know maybe we can use that now maybe we can claim this office as time goes on. Absolutely I'm in on any camera still around these are engine and he's a master at that duties. In fact he as a assignment is building a stadium trying to so he's been kind of busy that but he always makes time. For prime Moscow. But tomorrow is the big day opening argument the grand opening. A Jimi Hendrix park starts at noon goes until 5 PM it's it's going 400 south Massachusetts. Here in the central district in Seattle Cheney will be there. Iran is playing there's a bunch of Norris playing as a matter of facts the page that you're on right now. Has all of that listed just below so check it out sees marching it's always a pleasure and things to appease stranger. You know we have in my neighborhood and now we currently in other another charity project to work on them on and do it Obama would both orally is there any other. Charity involvement that. You guys here are working with right now elected to blogger. Well I am. On the board of not just African American museums and people have not come out to see the museum it's an amazing spot. We're still of course where we work with mild pop formally AMP rice and we. Have created a war. Kind of given our blessing to Randi Chavis who did this beautiful. Print of Jimmy it's on meant on their selling it in my pockets. It's magnificent. And then offender foundation are where it's you know we give. A lot of instruments to kids and groups and schools and school of rock and it's a great way for. People's Daily get instruments where they went and you know. Austin case it was good to see you tomorrow at noon o'clock at the Jimi Hendrix park it's happening. It is. And.