Jabroni Journal : Episode 25 - Powerbomb 2019 Through A Table

Monday, December 30th

Kevin Diers is joined by Jeremey Tate aka @JaimsVanDerBeek on TwittA to discuss a variety of rasslin topics for the final Jabroni Journal of 2019 

They talk about...

- What the hell is going on with Lana, Rusev, Lashley and Liv? 

- Arn Anderson to team up with Cody?

- Rhea Rhipley wins big 

- WrestleKingdom 14 predictions

- Year End awards

- A wrestling present gift exchange

- The "Steelies"

- Cody Von Whistler joins the WAC team!

- DEFY returns to Washington Hall 

+ more