Jabroni Journal : Episode 3 - The Power Of Weird

Wednesday, November 7th

Kevin Diers and Cody Von Whistler made it back to the studio to go over a whole lot of topics this time

Including but not limited to.....

- The Elite leaving Bullet Club 
- Fallout from WWE Crown Jewel 
- The awesomeness of Becky Lynch 
- Survivor Series Predictions
- AJ Styles Celebrates 1 Full Year As Champ
- Happy Birthday Okada
- NXT Wrestlers In Evolve
- Shane Strickland's Future?
- Elias As a Good Guy
- Triple H Injury 
- Hulkster vs. Rusev?
- 3-2-1 Battle! News and Notes
- DEFY news and Notes and Belt Talk
- WAC (Without A Cause) and DOA mini previews