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Tuesday, June 26th


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All right well witnessed today we have. Britain we have we have a frog in my throat. Leave quietly like everything you're doing that early mornings I have no idea what. Our with a telephone right now we have hunter Jackson co-founder of guar he played techno destruct O also apparently a very avid gamer and Endy Chavez from the band hearted garage and with the wrestling promotion. Freak show wrestling guys how're you this morning. I thought. Show on line I can say where's tiger at a picnic at the children are you doing. I think. So. We get in touch with which you fellows so we dead as Shawn had been at a convention and today and it was paying him was mentioning that these guys were. Dame players and they the kind of thing where. That's exactly what we talk about and we were really interest because it's interesting to see that. So many people from so many different sort of areas. If you will so many different. Walks of life for lack of a better word are totally into gaming and it is the big big piece of the huge gaming Renaissance that's happening right now and we were hoping you guys with little I'm talking to us about that today. Yeah course always got a game or assuage. Africa at Sean that so actually on the window. Both the use Andy and then hunter what really got you into gaming. Hunter wrote the first well unlike almost sixty years old slowed. I alike. We're Laura well actually Lord of the Rings and he came. You start deceit late villagers. For sale in stores and it was a game put up bust ejected they say god did much if there was a game call they lay. And it was just as simple six sided dice game in any these pictures that you. He would use the rules likes or does goose. Q does that. So you look at figures it is chain mail former Indian reference to managers in pain and Cilic. And friends do that that's laden and it. Does. Started to seek out likes each other and rules or some sort. And games workshops are all. And when I was two and water. Regional powers of global. All the pictures and stuff. And all. Of that act out. Army in May that may get a couple games so please go to. No way WiMax the hard things. Sounds amazing. It was. That. A little quiet now for a hotter back a blank EE. Talk develop guar manager name. Actually helped a little bit Edmonton and everything. The big sequel book in I don't little. Slow globally there are. It was basically war fighting amongst themselves and each or Syria play a couple or characters. Balances ladies. Like. As we were derailed. I don't dress up as techno structure. Much like this it will chasing lower who's played B networker. Beat K we go to game geeks hours. And promote the game and actually play each other. And holes wars saga. And corruptly technicians. And us. Opens and also be case. And we are working with them on the rule book so all or characters or. Acted as it powers. And abilities like it. Street. That's awesome and we need to we'd had him doing designer jeans store and that bidders BK got to tell you play in reiterate what did you like the absolutely. Well I'm the miniatures more America trash can Yang and I'm looking at dimensions right now on or and he can. I want them a couple of excel and other. Well I know that I'm not that I don't think that. And it was fun to work order obstructed fact that it. That company that made that. Was the first of after I split from war. A wound a work they did McCain call shot force which sort of games workshop we're all so that's huge yeah in her. But it was pretty fun and I mean. I got you local law were soaked them. They didn't go like they're mostly. The managers want. When magic's first came out all the quarterly net to be home. All the words of that because all it takes is the object callers. That doubles were the actors. To play it. If so now out Al I have in my head as you guys in our tour bus or backstage or something went from the show and sitting there. Cast this spells and each other and is looking at the magic acts and playing it as fantastic an ism that is in me a room like that I'll. What you anyway what's your what's your background at the games had to get into at all. I'm a child ladies I was born in 79 and I would. Raise joked when mr. in this economic panic. Manner and they talked about being India a lot yeah how evil. And media he's being very very curious about. You know what they warn against so I went out and search for it. And aspirin might add I think that the players such an additional by the players and and a home wants course manual and the demands are so he's getting on the modules and then we we played it and now that analysts disagree. You won't missiles and I don't let alone back and future as a nation. I've bought the book. My friend and my parents John and burned it and they claim daylight. When he spoke at a bigger flashes the higher they like anything else they'd ever been. He doesn't look a bit kerosene for earth. It is what are they doubt the wood kerosene verse. Butch ignored and yeah maybe yeah or it just all. As you can. And then like route linking. Re finish I remember what you call bookstore and they had. I jackets and magic bullet what is hardly grow well or. Acknowledges new game they assure me they'll today it was like ten bucks were starter back and I want rare aren't there and they told me that the boosters. One where are all by four boosters equal when deck and I quote better deal but. I remember they were so on hard it didn't go to court or they have. A black Lotus I've offered dirty arched yeah yeah. Well for dirty shuffle but hell. National so we'll throw it yeah bill met this. Yeah it was that. But it kind of like mood LA county got a gaming I was you know. Yet happened but I got back in the game around 2000. Lungs. And then. Where it's. Lose bombed I think. I zombies with the eight exclamation point derivatives. I love that. Add at best one I've shown that with one. You know micro wash our police are out Christmas. And other so well and so they're not there I've got like caught an honor that retreat of that and Josh. Ole Ole and now we water. Yeah. Yeah we'll it's cool yeah like it got and that's awesome guy and and I. That's at CE as with the guys do that's the part of the noon exactly right well and that's and that's fantastic. But just got my clothes I was posting. Our eight year quest gain. And like intelligent all. Oh to. Act ready to prevent her. You just made an excellent. I played out and today I'm going to a expired term where at least eight. Now I'm jealous but right now includes Dallas. The I agree game by the way actually expire low. Income lonely little. It has been huge and I haven't played yet myself you ever gets an opinion. I haven't actually better quality big into a little better got it and. Like escape or oh yeah walker man who. Like serious or sort of natural evolution of those two. It as soon replace your escape totally. Wish to keep your skates. Art. There. Instant. And it planes walker came and comedy heroes gay marriage which would suit. And it's great stars it's. Gas. Well. In January it's a new dimensions around each other. I think that the fact that I'll take an exact their. Both these guys that I hit on something that I think it's been sort of it was it was a real turning point in the game industry need both that he got into magic early early adopters as part of that magic the gathering I think is one of the games. That we can all point hat and say that's where things turned around. Gamers. Aimed at all much yeah yeah. We knew we had always been sort of relegated to hang out in her mom's basement and drinking Mountain Dew and eating onions bird forever and then and suddenly hears this game and it was super accessible to anybody. And now we have what we have today which is as you say hundreds of new games happening all the time and the its are in the mainstream every convention has gaming pounding like that so. How are you guys I mean you've been around for that whole evolution so I mean how do you sort of coming into that N day and is there do you seek out those sorts of dimensions now where you can just go and play games. Outlook in this argument but I doubt about that goes well. It is interesting seek at least because I sort of you know and stay at that sort of when we did record. I always order to a cool game. Sick about all of it you know like. It comes with a piece of terrain. Vehicles that it looked pretty cute you know of it you know rules to play. Right all the bad. Is. You're escape was really cool like the actors jewel of the lord yeah. That you guys and some element historical. Indicative of this store Coca fighting against NC. Good about it and I'll. Like Beckham diversity movement. Where what all questioning and. I'm not. None of it and now those perfect is exactly the kind of thing that where I was I was just wondering then. Andy if you. If you then nowadays since is so much more accessible and so much more out in the mainstream being gamer. Do you. Find it easy to go in fines like a convention or something to go to or at all union and we seek out that kind of activities much. Honestly I. Don't go to games sorcery off and there's so I can't drink beer or smoke pot there weren't a good point. Like that. People my place lord and play games but down. Tension thing happened they have a culture call electric and here yeah. And our remaining goal for ten years and this year and mail's gonna go and nobody wanna go in the united article alone though. Built battleground. The home you're gonna that you're not alone because we have guys. There's. Oh right now. The issues he is a little. Bit. You should have told me yesterday. Yeah it or hate it that. Lou if you ask Obama family. I'm reading kids so it's it's really hard and does. And that's donate like like happens exactly right well. I if you can ever again appeared as you know we we have games stores are bars. And certain homes or legal in Washington also true. You continue to enjoy our liberal are liberal line entertainment's. Laws if you will yeah exactly we have a couple players. Albeit enter into any the election you know at least we're out you know Leo you. You have in store but one that upper we're all you know there's no kids here in the I don't I don't so we have it in the smell in source. Thought the article there. Well we'll we'll a couple of very very nice ones and they will serve you beer and and food and things like that and and markets state that are that are legal and they're very clean and helpful that we we eat we got you you've come up to Seattle leveled you can turn on to exactly what you need do you. Well guys that's actually just about all the time we have for today I wanna let they key guys again for talking with us. And each and hunter Jackson and do you have anything you want to plug real quick. Yeah a lot of good wrestling a lot as the character ticket to go to war all year thanks. I mean is there a real stuff in fact I'm recovering from injury like. A couple Obama. And you can check that out sin bodies that freak show wrestling. Yeah ability is also wrestling is schools because. It's like. Reformers owns it and wrestling where you there it is where things like two Asians two minutes. Well and they think. I'm weird characters that are in this stalker and Adolph Hitler. That the rays in his case. At. Let's you and I I'm special effects make artist lab work yet team be right now I generally. Talk about too much or come by. It's a secret yeah I all right hard. We don't run out walk and act talk about that were you Walking Dead so I watched the show yeah. Yet there on the Columbia. And also I'm in you can't. Once shock of a shock rock band actually once called on it Roger and it's more or being dog Mika then. You know or age. Bitter apple won almost on another wreck the golf industry melons. Also shock rock but more darker sort of launched. Change in mystery surrounding. Or metal edged so yeah that's those bands which are out on trees look like the agents. Very cool thanks so much for talking to steer us. Absolutely thank you so much. Calculator. Take care of my.