Jim Breuer 07-11-17

Tuesday, July 11th

- Jim Breuer calls in to promote is stand up at The Parlor Live.


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Yeah I always love having our next guest on me once again continues to live their heavy metal dream as he recently got the same sum Judas Priest. We've rob how offered. Plus the the showed Jim brewer. Yeah. And all our own and that we're doing well Jim so less than a I mean how is this for you because you are such an eighty's metal fan and you love it is a kid that's all you did and not your performing with these guys. How is for you. Well I don't know it's exciting or add and I. Have always you know way. That's why grow that that all our whole freedom like. I did that make sense and then. You know out to be able to go into some people look at you know. Wait so that was better than like work it out all went into era oh yeah. Like oh yeah. It was out oh my god you got an adult or I would the scene and command it chaps. Was I say he would become that all year. You know long I'm easy wears that big long ridiculous cope which it pulled one out of. Tennis coach and a what I love about that and I put up on my blog the whole clip of you did the back story behind the song your love for every adult and then yeah and that feeling of being on Steve's been rob how offered to out of concern real. Billy is very good news. Not now and they had describe it you know they like them all player and they. They hit the game winning home run they go and that Larry and is it to you have to speak at it this way. You know I'm jaded I've interviewed him a bunch I. Media I am radio show and he came on one time. And we lord Indian lake cute and it clubhouse. And these guys are not in the arena and sang in a while that might be and could together and we did that gamble's child produce Greenberg Benji and it. If I wrote him off he just he couldn't believe. The best song we take in any change sanguine that. You do ballot you like that and then I don't alone and then jaded but it didn't really hit me. Until. He came out a sword here that I have cars that did as a teenager. Everything that our. Well all I in the music and my attitude an energy add. To go after. They end up acting and all that. That would be my life song so when he came out looking like that. That act as the first time I get giddy and a lot of items ought. I could responses here you talk I have nobody did the year how important that song isn't that bad that moment. The thing everything just came full circle you up on stage for the Comedy Central show. Yes and no disrespect to anyone out. A lot of land in how we usually goes down is. You pickets are you seeking good added or you wanna Wear it yet this. I'd say I'm not doing this unless they get rob out immediately got nothing come true then it's meaning that it is such a meaningful thing. Are my whole career in light and it was it was. Strict and not a part of me man army worried part of me Warrick is an hour ago okay. And like the forest Gump the better case this network. And when I started I says I'm gonna hang out all Iraq start there were quick. You nearly nick didn't Pesci all the great actors and I have become friends with the Mac. Well. It called the art. In all yeah I usually go down play them like. And so you don't have a bucket list is what you're saying junior you be checked them all out. Yes and partly don't try to open man obituaries. Here and accused the Archos doubt yes. So that the plot to a movie Amanda and encompasses everything off his bucket list now has the word win and he's going to be dead. We guess yeah I know my now my next my next book lists stolen out. I am wanna get myself. You know dig deeper and digging deeper would this stand up I wanna be able to sell up hockey Arenas all that's that's a huge thing. To big. The dual track eerie image or an all night. Well listen the good does so then the par eleven Bellevue has one day for them to pretty much of a couple days to get arena and there have peoples are playing hockey venue could say hey can I. And that's where I could just gonna be alive in Bellevue. Friday July 28 Saturday July 29 I shows or 73010 o'clock roller shows go to parlor alive dot com you if you haven't seen number or alive it is such a damn treat because. I don't even think gee I cannot if you know where you can be going half the time junior show. No I don't and that that is I think that part of ultimate problem because I get people currently coming back because it back. A start recording all my shows. Jets so I can start read if we can I do want to show. And murder. In it in such a direction I didn't expect to go. And then the next and I don't know what. And I waited until last night and I can't remember. And it. I just start recording every shows you have a whole new mission and that everywhere and murder that that place. And that I know it and wait it there. And every time you come I make it a point you gotta love the fact that my wife is not a big standup comedy gamble when it comes to you like she's the one who agents come and tell did you sees coming to town in my. On this is so awesome my dad that there'd we have this comic that we have a common love for and do every time we go we have such a great time I can't wait to see you out when when you guys at the. Maybe you're on a make sure there LL make streak come back LO. Which you wife and am all of that jet when he did the note who wanna make sure I'm still in court to question. So genteel world that you did describe yourself as the Forrest Gump you know of celebrities and entertainment it is true because. I know there's a train video and I mean I like Trainor good pin and I watched the video and there you are into the damn trigger here. That would put Marshawn Lynch the act. You know. I hate word is performing at. In Napa Valley at a music festival. And train went there and maybe it is so we came out that hey we you'll. You few I cats who pat Monahan train. Sure he's huge fan at sharks they came over did that week later. I got an offer to play they do the trick a cruise. Every. You every February and they ask me perform on the cruise and I absolutely. Mutilated. Food and tell I hit a film that event and then. Many ethnic back last year each emergency we we do this music video but yeah a similar. And I had no clue of that heavy hitters don't get beat areas so. That's that went down and I got to be honest all that is from Howard Stern that. He said he thought he lives in me all the time and Howard Stern and that I don't love it. That's awesome as eight it's so nice when you got people they like did you when you don't even know that their their their liking or even heard you that's that's pretty awesome. It's very do and I charity event with. Kevin Bacon and hit that he's. I don't want a safe and all this he's buried. And it's very and humidity is he always looks like he's had no way to keep calm out. Payload on. We'll do it sounds like his character and I love Dick which I do love that sort of series he's in right now which is not things on Netflix. But it's it's very high check it out. Oh yeah it here and see if he you're describing the character he plays in that she also is there which has never been any character I've seen them play so that's it just in you're saying that. So so you with bacon and you do on the show them. Ed and he finally turned out he just started earlier train and he in week at the end of the night and you really get like five hours to Whitney and the night that. And and I I would really like listen you thought stern yet today the storage data really. Riveting and inspire in just to degrade and they are and that they went out. Seated you never know just and they you know we're allied air and their wireless and and then that selfish part of me goes well then I think you you know movies. I. What was it like working with Marshawn Lynch and the music video could demarche comes to tonight comedy thing with the Seahawks here. Are you a frightening. He's quite. A world. He was frightening ease of very big man and he's one of those. He's one of those guys once he realized. I would think guys from F eight who. Oh wait did he is. It was during can and all sad about an hour into the music video. He's like. All. And what a medal was amendment you fare so. They are to do and all of have they and Mary let me but there is seen when we're Silverman. There it is seen and I had to make wanted him and he spun in his sleep turnaround. Charge the room lifted me off. And what I say lit me up there it was reg listen up it incident I was I was I was airway he lifted me up. I mean pulled me up over your shoulder any pretending it swam idiotic cable and the last second leg or yeah he didn't throw me down Lee hit. And I never I never was so scared my life the same time I was so impressed by this guy used to rank. And it goes back to this. What it. Dome. Well I'd want to open that Seattle coaches but not let him run and that's pretty yeah yeah. All who do worse. I mean they're. Arrow and the Emmy history I'm not even though not under any day in a sea hawk. Diehards and that I'm I'm traumatized. By that everytime I think about. Jim I was there at the Super Bowl I was there for that game was the heart most heartbreaking experience of my life. Yeah I don't like I was like yeah I did I. I want applauded TV I wouldn't think down the coaching go and it. A wouldn't tighten him up in just lectured him for hours how you think he was to do a net. Man if you saw the video that we're talking about the ways trains new video for the single drink object and odds is our blog do awesome actually it's it's it's a fun video and and you guys draw your can John and there along with George Lopez you guys in Marshall Marshall was the big surprise that I remember train is from the Bay Area and so as Marcia let me cents. Right and that date George Lopez. Was a good brilliant storyteller. Eat. He had me sitting down. For hours just litany and tell stories. I really a it'll all I never get to meet them. I never left so heartless who's gonna eat at Jack Nicholson's story joked as he stories. Operate it really is or is there any is there anyone that you think you could tell us that you really like that wouldn't anybody in trouble. Yeah nag you got to remember this George Lopez telling I okay though. And he'd got the impression they're married they said Russert sure he says I guess they'll play golf. Somewhere in LA and being. Paid played in Pesci plays they're old time you simply took so. Supposedly nickel and against Georgia in their own nephew or some like that. In the in the golf pro shop. Pick an article of whatever and Mickelson comes in a smoky. And figure. And caddie had to counter. Indian guy who look up. Amid. Mister Nichols simply wouldn't. Sapient smoking here you're that you eat it too legal smoking to eat get smoking fiercer and nick sin. He does it take so long drag any slowly turned to the kid is decent fuel sources. And he has. Which could have. Dual interest steps smokes pot and that. And the kid goes well it is we have to call the police we have to make a report in you make it find. For a beer club member and it and nickel and strolled through a bit more to. Take it might change. The top off yeah. Ha ha ha ha yeah. I. Man. You know like to Disney that just to live the bad ass like you don't care I wish I don't know finally get to that point in my life. I just. Walking in the door and I'm not even a smoker and I hate cigarette smoke I ate it but I would hate to be in that room and we go. I don't take my English. Cricket at. That's like every territories play that saw the all right Andrea. Everybody would talk and it's your breweries performing live at the par eleven W Friday and Saturday July 28 and 29. So get two tickets your playing time to get mad at 73010 o'clock shows parlor or live dot com you do not want him. To Jim shows are costing a lot takes to be read to city just bought the ticket right now appearing on he started 501 and that's your question because our earlier during a topic. Based a story we saw on the near post that put together a list of all the celebrities in the odd jobs that they had before they were famous like antimatter was a security guard or. Beyoncé since we've got paired her mom saloon. Offer for so long as I'm personally remain in our ports to salute Bob for you Jim what was the oddest job that you had before you up from break. The city I think the artist. I do a whole lot of odd jobs I did however. I don't know there was a monster thing whatever but I I delivered produce. And I stepped to get up like 3:4 in the morning in the day and that the Arabs. The best part of delivering the produced cell. We will do it there was breaking work in in my building so that you go to guy we have the other bra and and then. Unload all. That's possible and fruit and then re loaded. And other shots you go to restaurants well next door with the cement. Eight. And next door sat out. Was any. Yeah and these two once a week we were Britain might it be could they have grown met. Written export and alcohol legal problem pretty darn I got to retaliated peak. Keep your walks. Out of my driveway and I don't mark ought rocks and then. Retief thank you fact more people on the air and then get a mobile but I. And they were knocked it out of each other Poodle. I'm. I'm seventeen watching this again at eight you know and and yet the data are. Our whatever I thought ma am involved. I would this I just wanted to keep low and I used to like watching the fight. And it was crazy. Should be made it. 700 bucks at 217 year old can really. Like guided cop thought I was a drug deal. 200 pro who's not a hell did you make that much money would pro hoops. Did I did everything you what he's likely see you need to get a bad and it needs you to drive for hours and throughout these special. Tomatoes. Almost. That taxes Omaha while I and other specialty males that's the other makes the whole difference right there. In retrospect what I know one day. We we added deliberate this one place and we had whole rack of strawberry. And special cherry tomatoes strikes. And I never went to see you do Google food trucks and I had to go down about three flights. Those stairs when might now before we went there. I get to go to truck would this crazy Vietnam vet. And if I was Detroit force seven thank god he never killed anyone. Who was a pot smokers is Susan get in the truck. You know big truck and light now what. Wow wow wow. And it would. And keep your you have big truck he's like god goes out of it good. God it really. Don't. So. It could mean that you get lead actor and I'm shocked Amman now hole I've been it's going to be or not like they're not well well. And on and keep the air and we get to that. Could get through that we get to the plate and he goes out listed. You know this this rank ease all go right allotted I guess. You have to make sure everything's sparkly clean them blow buck. These stairs. Are really tough and stacked your truck. If you feel like you're going in you're gonna fall over in your balance say right door whole side you got to let go. OK any sect would put you won't because this is an important delivery so drop out rob. I think I've made it three steps and saying hey amber. Oh wow look at it and committed. And all. He howled in laughter and then at a grocery store and it was a mess but didn't and I had a lot of fun at that job and then there were years where I didn't make famous. Bombs story if you look at on YouTube that's the true story. Long live may call law only in any. I'll tell you what Jim Mann if you know I can see why anybody who hears you wants to put two and something that they're doing because you like you every time we talk to you have been meant a fantastic story teller so it doesn't surprise me and I was so looking for deer coming to town obviously when you come to town if you've got time you're welcome to come on the show you know that. Yet thank you I appreciate that I don't I don't think I fly into Friday morning but it's by. I get in net Thursday night out deftly combined. Yeah either way how are you know you know you write are always welcome everyone to three calls the plane we don't care otherwise I'll see you at the par. I look forward to that yes see you next week yeah Jim thanks so much for spending the time has it's always great man just. And makes more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.