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Thursday, February 15th

Joy Koy joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at the Showare Center.


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Yeah really love having our next guests are busy at. Absolutely the best. All I won't say hello and you'll if you don't know now Jo Koy is Mickelson isn't quite see how you have to put up. I'm two quick of course you are just trying to joke why was making when we had that music please Joseph quit was making such great movement I asked deck chair yoga is just to prepare yoga did I. Ali I can fight anybody out as long as we're sitting down again we're not allowed to use our legs yes. I'm gonna tell you basketball scene think Ali all kill anybody Maxwell as long as we're sitting down. And it's a waste basket as the basket yeah MRI I would do I've seen you waste basketball you're amazing at it I'm the best. A round. We'll get back plus we. We've cool and. She initiated its chairman yeah higher hold on let me just we got a hot celebrity warrior act OK because we never do and you know because you know you're a guy that you don't care about the real thing Jesus care about the fake things I have dance so I joke boy show where centering can't on Saturday and Monday and performing at the mount baker theater in Bellingham on Sunday. You know it he's gonna say something. Where things do you guys I'm sold out. Oh really show where sold out Willingham Portland that they're all not all we had to add the show on Monday Wally. If you see it's looked at show where Seattle and tell you tuna is crazy Larry I love your regular arena rock I now have talent you we need to get that it was Jews and here's what I need that come from Tacoma. Okay now immediately sonics back yeah I say okay we're getting close to you because you know what's going on right. No until all Steve Thomas and I were pretty damn close to getting NHL franchise like we have an extension grouper and watch others. Did you put in the bid for an expansion thing it's probably get a room. I was take ten million I mean look it's a little girl who had yet to drop dead you know it's getting renovated a Key Arena and again it basically got it out and build a whole new arena under that one hurt. A big competitive now for the Sonics aren't any left. I now have I now but hey this and a guy got an out there's saying in two years we should have an age okay if everything works out the way that it should and it's looking like it will. We should have an NHL franchise in two years which we are we a new arena which would make. The idea of having an NBA franchise coming back. Much more it's much more optimistic yeah times are good for an object out well when I sonics back yes we're very excited I very important I believe the staunchly back in five years. They don't play at least almost five years I think it'll take that law. I will be the first device season tickets I swear to you I will then. I mean you do you remember gonna make you or your I went to everything I would allow it to the playoffs when rain and dunked on up. We'll see how listener and a half though what he did value from page how is behind the back more when that when there's so you're saying you're kind of a friend from more than a fan man William had come on all right -- all the hiring day did you ever by Gary Payton wireless phone how much are fanned worries that I'm not a fan OK guys any had to go to fact Tory M yeah that's when you know your -- your back story -- Darian via telephone I see if he nurtures and did you birth a child from Shawn Camp I'm excited that now on the bad guys we have a kid he's fourteenth. That you know like us again he can dunk I'll okay. How you will you your boy and he did Jon and he did yes yes. Joseph well camp so do you have any tickets available aside and tell people now show where Monday we do Monday shelf Jo Koy dot com jailed KOY dot com get more tickets for the Monday show that's the only show available at the show where senator intent. You know what fancy Manso only areas I mean now attain that you guys I appreciate you coming because of our young and command. It's. I'm not sold you do you guys on our look at Jimmy surreal other BA ham had take on. Playing performing at an arena that's going to be that that's got to be a little nerve racking scary right and an almost and like we had sold out joining another show that's cool and crazy it's incredible I keep pinching myself man you know there's only uttered what about the shows the photo shows the idea and I do nothing there copy that text messages you've already said it was a senate sources Joseph I love you man my girlfriend never heard of you I shorter your Laugh Factory performance back in today wow and she's obsessed now. Could you for being new car happy belated Valentine's Day yeah did you guys get my message by the way we did I saw that did you get my message now okay well you retreated my masters I guess I got Vijay the idea I mean I know you really didn't mean me when you say if you guys I love you I knew was only seated phenomenon I am well yeah that's you know we did this I know no you don't like do we what I wrote back I hope that's a very sad to see you. Although it's just all you show that you're the crazy preview gala the weirdest Boehner guy with the weird is all that was so funny or showed everybody that so whoever does Dan. Animation that is brilliant idea that's disaster Pixar yeah asbestos like these are the about the picks are for sure that's what I'm old I'm right there right there Pixar how to train your dragon I can usually see her as the movie though that's from. Because he's fed is dragon friend pretty well yeah I gather he looks unhappy but is nobody looks very yeah I'm very excited and that's called talent to yeah. Might not go past the desk that's for sure that this you just have to take my word for it that's a very disturbing animated and excited to see you I wish you look under the desk right now. So what a title nobody was making their visual arts is that our Twitter and you get. Yeah it just go figure exactly last time I was here yeah makes didn't have tattoos and as I did what happened is that what happens when you get police station yeah yeah yeah do you know that he doesn't in some stuff up so want to take one for the team accept that obviously you know there was a very clean looking amazingly it was pretty hot idea I like is tough guy mother are now in Astoria and I'd never Wear long sleeve every so I nearly every time I've done this station BJ I mean he's always has like a mock turtleneck on something that's that's right all rules the other Dickie. All the how we talk about that animation are we talking little Laura what are we talking about reverend high school we got to where either turtle like her car and a lot of us got around about putting it Dickey onto file he had an energy shirt over it when I was Q when mom got me Dickey to Wear underneath the rugby shirt. Yeah whoo hoo ha. You swear that under the rug and be sure who could take you are those rugby shirts yeah hold I don't know enough to unite our drug re sure it's because that I needed and so they weren't a break when I was in school yes yes on C block the rugby shirt Nolan played rugby. And then my mom sit here east you know a part of the turtle neck do you Wear underneath. That's a look right there my friend you can tell you take a rugby shirt up and he's on this corner cats run your neck yeah yep. It's just a neck yeah it's a hot neck it's a cot next telescope actually that should be the new look you just where the Dickey and nothing else broke let's get pitcher of that now and let's post it we should all three of us merchandise right they're joke we deduce Joseph Moakley DTs yes what you're always sticky on your neck yeah you're a little dinky on your neck and I yeah Joseph cool like I would we've got to slower until quite sticky around your neck we didn't love me a little slow get. How well this one's just just because it's kind of ally but it feels really ready okay where joke police Dickey. All around your entire net. Oh round draw iron as you teach because you have because Jo Koy sticky picking Goer I can go around your house but we're talking about Duracell and that's right I felt like Dix deluxe restaurants. Okay me yeah yeah yeah of course hot now and judge Joseph is doing is also how does it and my daughter and make sure everything's senator senator he's my take. Over though it's a local thing put addicts restaurant yeah and word your Dickey the idea announcer so it was just a regular percent as the most I'm into you want to keep on the miners are now very greedy. Yet these sleeves and that he had to hold high over the show now Vijay in his eyes and you anymore is it means that we always makes your I mean I'm honestly he wasn't allowed in the room and but I say I think chose not to be comfortable as a species respectfully tough guy China for its residents actually look like doesn't mean you could just treat me like that we are identical twins it is now if you haven't signed done this before on the patient yeah where we talk why even talk like a yeah. Do I go makes takes some time hi my name. She's my name is Steve. Yeah. Yet even know that I don't believe we can talk July. God I've had all around here narcissistic. Okay Yahoo! say hello she'd appreciate that I'm alone she appreciates that. Yeah yeah I'm OK okay. Isn't that how you practice you yeah only one impression but that's a great I asked what is it done by the way this does not flying Kentucky now knowing gets this job mean you can't play here you see Alex crush it's clearly a little what does that the fly break then yeah that's I guess I've everyone's looking right now you know people honk if you hear me. Tom like major now you and your season. All right I'm excited to have you here they're Joseph Kuwait all right I'm excited to have your own joke life. I was pretty close out here anyone honking and how we're doing a lot of windows soundproof went out this women's soundproof windows is a bad rap in this case would be there if you can here and he's. You know when I'm done yeah. It would not be good they got a whole idea would be blanket and the guy understudy is like hey can we make sure that now we can hear the three way yeah that's very important we what we want every sound to bleed through yeah I need right now I'm. Ford from the second floor to be able to beat. They do record gasoline takes him wondering what went high school did you go to tackle you really want them didn't I don't put high school to this high school yes Henry Foss high school. Hold on just any stadium. Hold the tie years. Yeah I remember them do you know why don't you talk about all days finally volume in Tacoma use oh. Because that's commentary smuggling and entering years now. Called the Rainier it's oh yeah auto mall holds the how we're doing a little kids and oh yeah a long time slot pond wall they've been three years for a long time how happy how old are you Arab world gradual and Jose Canseco play with us. As tiger tray you've got all public that these out before the Mariners Freeman because I don't how long have them tell you every year primary estimate always if Jose Canseco is playing in the farming area right waited to Louisiana he's gonna go attack site right always fully on your dad jailed. I just always figured as soon as the Mariners got here at Tacoma would be our farm too many noise Tacoma was not front novel animal wasn't hard at all. Oh now that's DA's farm team damn and we share the same parking lot. Who want the hit enough fought us fought really. Interview is that I don't know it's a good enough yet to hit him OK what it takes is that you saw nothing like me. I don't know he likes you and I have faith. Faith. You are as human animation character I don't know who's talking right now at such a good impression thanks I don't know why why are you encouraging. Encouraging and I would say that I don't know the answer fits me. And I'll watch her into Lackey didn't play away home care in the woods yeah. How can I. Don't you recognize. Let's look at some picnic basket who hits that you did not just for. You that my wife why your you mind and not broken arm and trump won't call war. TJ yes yes. You can something much. I'm. He's studio I usually don't even need me that's like I let you yeah. That's pretty much you every morning about 630 Camilla are you. I think yeah. It's June and this is good and I mean really. I don't think his wife could tell you apart. I'm sure you. Should be selling shaggy and scooby do look who don't know let's go we actually that's a good secure a three hitter and I are right. You know you don't even doing the same senior McCain your retains man Panamanian. Anyway if you haven't seen his latest special Netflix are now Jo Koy. Live from guess where Seattle how about that outdoors is a no gestures voice because Stephen miracle BJ his friend. Now I don't see how sound is all. And don't forget man unfortunately Joseph you because he's good has sold a lot of places but there's one show left Monday at the show where senator go to Jo Koy dot com JO KLY. Jo Koy dot com get those tickets get the info. Because that's the only show he's got shows three other shows. You know what I wanna think you guys firstly because when I shot that Netflix special you know I did that on my own yes yes I you don't want to know them for that so like I mean. Would you executive produce some thin it like you don't understand just how much the cost is until you do some like that and it was all the way from rent you the theater to hire in the directorate so the light guy and all that so you guys tell me. Pack that place so I'm glad we thank you that we're help fight that's special took off and it's it's amazing right now we're artillery guns and had a good news is that you've got to basically call the shots for tokens of somebody else does it for you they can edit and up and I've heard stories from other meetings ago I hate the way they edited my special I will say this though that's that's you know it's you have the option to go in there. So I went in yeah when he said that they were editing and an email that I'll be right there and I stayed there till it was good for you it's amazing how many people didn't do that and they were so unhappy with their own big special happen if you could repeat that kind of money iffy you know the you wanna see everything get downright. Yeah now or you know I it and that's just me but we have in three Q I eyeballs on vicinity guys because while weary and you guys pact have room for Rihanna that -- special really it changed everything for America. And we got a lot of good talent inside a Seattle so the fact that you did in here and of course notes live from Seattle it really highlights. But what a great talent Thomas is he won the businessman yeah we're amazing here aren't always sometimes she says it enough to. John I can still be a kid now. It's the new building but it's far and that's fine that's fine I feel like I'm getting old building so we ask you man I can't you know you got family got the mother you get the kid I mean what a way anything you know any any romance I don't know what's going on nine. I'll have to look at the PRI I don't think you're good yeah but I do well for a long time are you know IE itself but because you trying to do everything. With what the 40 so close to that does not you can sounds stupid in. But like I had to like come on the hook for cannot come on the road line I have my assistant to huge. There are young. This sound like I shouldn't say that right well here's the problem I I I get that you need to do that. Does it does does the fiance no obvious no no she understood she got really good guys are going a hundred miles per hour my wife wouldn't. Really yes I had an assistant get something for I think she did I really hotel about the time that US committee because what you scheduling your phone yeah I mean we we we we did these seminars and there was a thing or it's like you know make sure you schedule some one on one time with your wife to show that you can. And I really wanted to do it's let's listen I saw in the phone it said hey make sure you spend time with Kathy popped up in my mall doll she got so mad men go I would and it's you know what does. Show that I can put you on the calendar New Bern who. I'm sorry I don't think story it was worse wow this is awful but I want me ice you listen she's still mad right now there are two like a character from the what are you underground and then beyond what you're really I guess I do. To Aaron had a hole and you read and it's been good good Carolina and I don't know I don't know I don't know everybody who do you view impression of the don't think it sounds good now these guys. We did pay some race you know you have your phone unlocked. No it's worth the phone shows you would show shows up whether it's locked or not. Jesse alert when you can still even DioGuardi had to alert can still you have well I mean I haven't set the right now I can encrypted it could have been lucky to differently to have been in cars home. I would never been held parts are immigrant issue I thought we all might god bless you probably would have thought what is going on one final time when while I love even more hot stuff yeah and do different languages Leo. The idea so he can you talk here locally here are just went off in this do you think that's a bad thing you have an obligation to clean at the moment here anybody we know we're we're low play on the PGA yes I did your phone just went on yeah yeah I had this go crazy some running over to get your phone. So I can get it to my high then yeah like I let her a lot of years lobby and that's what it's what it's about time we have some cute kid. Well okay how we don't do that that's debatable when you have announced today sort of with you wool gloves came. I just one thing they did do things they do Rio. And the and then analysts there's blue goes off on your there. You know why and none don't even know what he alerts that KD I am pretty sure now then make time for your lot addicts. Learn a lot. Wrong you're right I loud and I kind of like that honey that's the only alert again that's what this is yeah that's what this. At a time so we're having time is essential that I scheduled to guess I'd like you might want to get my calendar this year 2002 when he challenged and yeah he that's the last you the next time in around in a happy holly hello I'm fine time to get out thanks honey now you know enjoy your hands here and thanks enjoy your hands so understanding. I want hot yeah okay I want now. I excuse gonna go to college yeah I want to maybe you need all the creepy guy that's in the switch port OK you're getting there yeah. That's what I got it on the idea anyway yeah Jerry don't need I. Aside and the flyers divorce you know my getting out but I'll by the way down and taken the letter. I'm Harvey inmates now. I enjoy and I don't enjoy this case. Thanks. Thanks sat me down king and John yeah. In July are now. Mix yes yeah start the car and snow yeah. Second now is this they do all right yeah. Spot shadow black and all of that supported your assisted student for Valentine's Day and I'm such a bad guy she was not what this could I I'm mayor what mr. Romero it's over what I'm saying is like when I had her range of breaches were on the road sure and refine who we are BJ you out of your busy but I'm not a guy and it our guys find and a different city every day but look in his sixties you were falling apart as a couple now we're gonna moments although we're getting closer I don't know hit supporting the -- so what did you do far heavier and Harrington put late it was just like I think we're it's like you. The flowers and have a cards you know I mean and then and then the dinner they they didn't have my name is there for the reservation and then it's like homicides. Is till tomorrow and you can't get mad. You don't mean and district so your sister did this was the went out of their way for it could be everybody all the time they Boston all up facilities system's fault and all this month away it went knows she's amazing wasn't her fault at all I call you just. It's just all got bots whose well what do I really matter all I'm trying to yeah. I don't wanna hear about it god migs that allow. See that's when you know you're WEB twenty when somebody who's got that kind of job but they you still don't want to irritate him even known economy is like yeah you know I Clark you're hired again yes exactly I think I think Larry David and a whole episode this season it seemed about a system is all that's I want to say that yeah I gonna watch that gets a good once you I love this interview now that means is on on FaceBook. Yes he's like yeah I'm poking people he's just poking people in we Hume happy Valentine's Day valiantly when they say he's a weasel one senior taper. Yes on the hunt and packer yeah. Yeah and is one for you type of you know one thing you're hyper V to one hand on the mouse one finger on all of the letters yeah. Now slightly chilling there they'll writing and not Gloria always amazing Molly got up. What what's more important what you are funny is that when he messes up the word and then he back spaces with pullen when you get down at even cooler. Greece asked faith Ctrl+Alt+Del very Don still large. But he does it he does that he gets it done he's there you know it's like watching gorillas in the mist it's amazing what you can there could compare that with. Joseph Cole I guess you're here. You got cameraman I mean life AME all of a sudden. You become a guy and and I it was a sad thing we talked about and I didn't know about Vegas is that is that public moos although the restaurant I guess it is yeah I it appears that maybe you guys have Joseph quick restaurant while you're in Vegas we know we have yeah he said it was on him. I told I know you didn't match I totally forgot dude honestly look it's a free email so you know that I wouldn't forget a free email but I mean obviously did I wouldn't turner for email Don I totally I almost every community Joe's restaurant I did you really. Yeah he did not going to listen to him. That makes me mad they'll listen should be Najaf they Sammy come from feeding yet so what kind of food you have a joke about Rodney BJ I'll just I'm glad. Restless dad I tell you I Hillary three yeah I believe. And well you know for the rest the staff what Delaware where can we go real crazy chicken nuggets when I feel like can I should be easy somewhere around. You're and I was at hamburger place this cheek jackets chest simulating yeah well we've got a gun joke oyster it's me and yo. Oh that's Generale added EO Jay Josh thank you establish several mean it's kept I don't know I really don't I bought into this thing I have no idea what it means clout. I NYU I think it twice that's let them in the meeting now. At least Champloo. Oh man establish I was so kinky. So little cheeky what kind of a kind of cuisine we have a joke bush Jeb Bush W soy it's all a really usual DOJ DOJ. It's he gets these meets and we had we got Kobe. Oh no lag year OK we got we had everything I like this and then that thinly slice okay I'm Michael might bring out your table were all wrong and he dipping into like cure your favorite dipping come on you Boylan and hot pot. It's all day and that we can't if Kelly serial. Like when he cinnamon toast French and at the and you have like we're China yeah same thing with this when you finish with your C when you when you finish with you meet. Yeah like a nice little run and at the end because we'll be mules and move and then yes it's pretty amazing how we missed this looks great but there are you Hillary now yeah huh. Generally if you look and I went to your eaten yet they usually based on who you are illiterate and they're committed pitcher Abbas right there permanent picture now. But now I'm German and Jack I'm just a sequence in which yeah disappointment myself. Because he had a good talent so much better so you OJ you OJ DO JOJ. As we shovel it's it's Japanese fondue yes. So. Because I was getting top dollar fund yes but Japanese style Japanese engine today that they admit that's becoming more popular there's Japanese Fonda are Marcy religion yeah Ireland's love and right now and it says so what's right and these I trying I built it out why my mom's house. So I he wanted to put in a hotel or anything like that I wanted to be like a local think so and that's all meet like if you guys go to my page you'll see that the inside that restaurant. I paid every you do everything I think everything act as you know you know easy with a franchise you have to go by there. Yeah their looks and stuff tonight thus forcing us into my god I I have to take everything I don't want it to look like yours at all. Also this is in this league this invite their other you OJ would this once it got gas not one has its own style it's it's flowing again I ask my. And it looks like to me it's something I would like this huge mound it's delicious looking clear it's very delicious I'll you on I'm hungry it does look amazing EQ I want some I took my jacket off because I want to show makes it adds leads to yeah Cabrera and I stole this doing this on. Well follow look at that all those numbers are wrong OK those those those are special dates I think usually days earlier today debates come on Danny right I'm looking at the dates when I'm home Wednesday ACB this one hurt yeah this was the ABC. And they 78 days TV I'll man that's untrue okay na and on the head that that's unfortunate that they couldn't they're mixes us up for realize that. That's my fiance is missiles really ECB has now. How we always talk about a guy that goes impossibly you know I mean you know you kind of you're stuck now I am it's small enough to may put another tattoo over that's the thing that is just what. They watched. You couldn't get a lot of bullets worse for the right open Powell seriously. Okay I'm joke gamers don't wanna say because I would definitely ER that's really nice food looks small enough that you cover that up now that's the first thing I think about your fiance he. He had divorce you took a deep. Dad would let me know hundreds and now. And then yeah that. Chaos is not as if my if I can't put the oh no she tentative boy you got 12 and I'll tell you it is that your letters yes varsity my initials are BO OK okay low rent an ASEAN and trademarks of urgency JK. And now it's my real name ruining deal yet Bartholomew no. On yeah. Alia as I the end. What do they got Joseph Glenn Herbert. All of that's right. All you Wear that every time during that yeah there is there you go how about that you're welcome I forgot that your restaurant I'm so you know what we should just do the same interview would you wish for Smith Jim calling it a little to play that back Jeff I don't remember things but I'm watching BJ just. Willow. I know you yeah you're comedic. Usually you protect all of the. And I Texans wondering what year did you graduate high school from 1989. And I. Our 1989. Who you are what's the first UW when we went to the first break he played Beastie Boys what some of that. The brass monkey how breast hockey you know I went to licensed it well how much of that concert. And there was no and there are those that don't know Arizona well they're on their own news Jeff Hammond is that the Paramount played what 14100 seats or whatever and now. I got mugged. Yamana. During the auto analyst with standout I have played my rugby shirt yeah I had that on. I had but it was an Dickey but I honestly hopefully do this bottleneck in the turtleneck. But are they suitable for that. And had to Wear the the The Beastie Boys sweatshirt that I bought. Because they took that they took my god you wipe my glasses I have the same exact classes but their red when nowadays in all your rugby shirt I literally stood there like a mannequin 'cause like I was like fifteen making an IQ how are they hate you can't. Why or how did lack any they're like this of their final surrounded me in their life will take that all take that Hulu plus and otherwise mild or shopping or shopping at the staff at the start Joseph yeah. That's that's terrifying that's awful you know I they were running away when like this who would you like a bag with the here's more present that was after the show coming after the video really enjoy the show all that to a colleague killed a man I came in a may see him hill that's our DJ hurricane with the fish and fish Bono didn't she she and NI DG hurricane was on topple like two big giant Budweiser cans. They do is one of the best and greatest things I've ever seen that. Get second two Eddie Murphy raw which was at the coliseum at the time a little Eddie Murphy raw that was 1985 also I think malware when you saw back as a junior comedian was it did that propel your Wii you already I hire anyone to be committee when I saw delirious on HBO I'm when raw the tour came on and I found out that he was from the Seattle. I took my most credit card bought an online that's we had to go on law. On the phone and do Ticketmaster on the phone. Yeah or get a good -- to whatever the local little aren't getting our armor GA member Obama do the armor shouting and Macy's now all eyes of former C act then was the ticket master dad and I and that's how I had to buy tickets so I don't wanna model a world where you didn't have to go online to get tickets. You know yeah actually I know I knew that consulates now and I had to lie I had to use that pretty aren't quite used my credit card to my mom's name is Josephine. And I bought the tickets. And did you talk like her tell her no no no no they I think they did not hey Joseph Joseph nominated you know they're just type in real fast I guess I don't know I got the tickets. And now my mom thought I was going to a movie she thought I was going to let Eddie Murphy my role and she is really did Tacoma assuming my friend William. Who still lives they're fairly salute blues out here and we drove. I had my mom drive it's always yes it. Movies since she asked now. Yeah did you watch this movie and. And often and. This Eddie Murphy movie isn't she asked how I. Did get closer to these guess we know we political on the coliseum on TNT two hours. Yeah oh man. Guys come and in my earlier life I was ten rows from the stage I am wrong you don't see all right yes. You are words he comes on with the red screen new. That's three was actually a montage of everything that he did you know like Saturday Night Live and all the highlights. And it just sped up real fast and then it stopped and turned ready you standing behind it. I he was so they're like until this moment I was in another. I think that people don't be like you Vicki under and they don't know they do not know Eddie Murphy being a rock genre norm has all of professor and that's it coffee out hunter mentioned something my dad and Griese ordered army. They Don't Ask Don't Tell yeah yeah exactly that's Seawright donkeys probably the biggest thing they know from yeah donkey and then there's nobody to tell the guys did a genius I am no one's better an attorney when ice. He's the best standup comic multi center down in the so let me ask commands that stage so you know you're one of the greatest one hit wonders of all time on my girl wants a party all the time miles you know why they soup pot beyond that kind of Leon it's. Tie any other time. Me with. Wow why why about it all ready hello good to our. Why have you remake I had all the time when I was a kid I even thought. This is really weird Freddie Mercury singing this song that is so funny Rick -- produce that guy you want your Salim funny or okay when he wrote that song with Michael Jackson. Rick James didn't know might I remember a hero MIA I might you know Eddie Murphy Michael Jackson has some call was out. I'm glad that we you know. Yeah I do not remember that these finance grab a plate for everybody you've got to play had a they have a song they released again it was actually pretty good I do not remember that's. Now the west that was. You look at how Johnson who's Frederick and Nelson that was the Ticketmaster back in an aerial Frederick and Nelson that's right that was 10 that's old school that's old old school. Until I go way back key guys than you do I don't actually it does he would have had no value when they were just a triangle there wasn't even the square just humor and he also are back Hugo I remember when they only had one sushi restaurant that's it that's it now this. Reds got the song I don't guide and got it I got Michael Jack's latest Eddie Murphy doing what's this way do you guys. Yeah I remember what I. I'm gonna give. Michael. It's. Okay. I don't remember about this can do. It's like Michael never left the. I always do what was what what are you sound was as soon in the 90s1980. Now. Really 1999 and 198989. Yeah LE LOL 990 well through what through it was what eighty EO yeah you're right it was like 199091. And yet house and this is this I'll post all that puts yeah Pearl Jam and Michael Zach Miner died university and I think that's probably why the Seattle some took off. Yeah there's uncle bogey in the body for decide why you now let's uncle William about this was any morality on the comedy album. It's an Eddie Murphy fanatic so I had my guess here in your black. And so it of course obviously guy inspired you did you have you ever had a chance to meet mr. Diallo hey man I'm doing what I'm doing because of you or I did say that. He has said Steve before beats I don't remember these things can. An automatic coffee being read by my I don't remember this tax on twelve years ago yes so we we I don't think you told us a story gaffe about twelve years ago a metadata that was it I request you say hey can we get together how does how he goes is this copy all the time all season knock on them. No I didn't stop go it says that satellite known out there are no well we're going to story that you don't with a sharp look come on Bobby being out here to go to fund that's true color I did have camouflage MIN commentator. At the time right at the time and you wondered I gave my all time. No I egos of the same copy B which is right next in my house I. And it's so funny his a friend of mind that I eat that I took on the road opening for me crystal EA used to open right. All the time rice taking on the road and and he's right Pedro. They refused last week and I catch every time. I miss Eddie Murphy. And then and I literally like clockwork ask Chris if you when he comes in. He he's like he's written on you like literally walked in when we're talking oh at any goes postseason command you to do so if you don't. And I I'll look that told talked enough time. Chris I'm I'm I'm picturing in my role decade through OK okay who is fresh air I've done are filling up soon I don't even need shampoo. I'm and then I went up two men I'd each man fan girls it was so pathetic now like twelve years ago man you so crater ten years ago so why did you was his response one of pain or just because I know fan blowing it's it's tough it was to act now locked so I was like hey man you're the reason why do standard bearer. Should have been hurt coming out and then he shook my hand he was always and I really ideals which. You know Joseph put poor girl I would too raw in ninety. I don't and I thought I want to run antivirus on post here. All those sorts early how don't have. It's okay well. Well soon it's. Their meeting but he seemed like he was Lisa nice I'll use saudis autism because sometimes you can creep a lot of guys so much that they got there though like I need to do you away from each and gas. And then and then I let the Oilers have backed down next to Chris and I totally didn't he laughed you would all want immediate. As and then blocked by an as he was walking by the leave a well at this last at west now. How how. Yeah and I didn't I didn't have because John married do better at celebrities go everywhere and I just don't know the protocol I just leave everybody alone I yeah I mean now I'm I would never do that again the idea because they are nice island legacy I think analysis client dairy and literally I feel like if I'm in the same business like camp but like LA LA go to Mary Steenburgen sat next to me it's it's I could believe -- just it's just regular restaurant it wasn't a swanky joint I just expect everybody who's famous ghost was when he joined yeah and n.'s Mary steamer just sitting down Norman -- analysts have she's dumb and I'm like but I'm not in the business I'm gonna say not to yeah and I did because I've remained where am I I had I look at it like. This man Eddie Murphy's tip every comic Ecstasy round red are my age back to our god. So it's like I think everyone reacts as he went out and you can act like you don't let. They all do you can't get any of those guys I was he Laugh Factory one night and it was. How he was so crazy it's Chris Rock to Chris Rock. Dave Chappelle all these guys locked in an Eddie Murphy walked in yeah Kennedy was just sitting upstairs he would go on stage to do time everyone else did time. She Belgian town Christie's time Kat Williams did time heroin did time. And then. But the place erupted when Michael went and he just walked onstage just say hi. Yeah team needs I'll just add hot and he said hi standing ovation there was going crazy and then Dave runs up Chris runs on their own runs on just take like. A pitcher and Eddie. Even older friends yeah it was like. Even they got to tell you it's. Other. He's there he's alleged he's a legend man the legend but I'm glad you got to meet MO yeah even if it was like you said uncomfortable still I think that's got a little continued that said I wanna be a comic 'cause of this that had to be cool he literally was the reason why do you stand that man joke corny I love you guys he's going to be he's going to be actually it was only once shows don't bunch of shows are only one you can't seem to get tornadoes are sold out. Show where senator in Cannes on Monday go to Joseph could dot com JO KOY Jo Koy dot com you wanna get those tickets. I'm Tony it's great they don't forget he's gonna weekly podcast the quicktime get that on iTunes as well. But Joseph is awesome and it you know what net flicks. Only under your special on Netflix ally in Seattle maybe it's really are ready but also more importantly but you know we have game that your gonna be playing for well hopefully somebody come with some tickets because Leo I love it let's do this speed may eggs which Jo Koy is gonna play for you you want that to happen. What you got it now because Justin it's going to be tough because just say you know what Steve he figure stuff out that he got on how well does it. What does the letter after the stand for on the top row of a standard computer. You board it and yeah it's contrast. No. Sponsors no. Function yet as you see that's that's front and back tonight no right out of his backside. So you want joke like to play for you call now to 06421 rocket plane being made a good show at age 47. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 TI ESW.