Jo Koy 02-15-18-Pt 2

Thursday, February 15th

Jo Koy plays Beat Migs and joins us for listeners on the loose!

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I can't come to the rock Seattle Jo Koy in studio with us performing the show where senator he's got a couple sold out shows what there's one available Monday that is available tickets Jo Koy dot com JOK oh wise. Jo Koy dot com is gonna get tickets that Monday's show. And also Joe's gift for our. Games out. We made it a thunderbird now lowered third today. Boy and is it easy. Track and already I mean Cooley a lot of things just random name I don't wait for almost a month and we were growing I'll type in a letter in the sentinel pop up and just study. I'm ready. My grandma what have you learned. Yeah yeah I'll have I got banned and I don't I question IE yeah he's learned so much the last Allison Thomas he's one of them and Fiat man was already ahead. Joke oil will be played for Bryant in university plays Brian are you there sir he should be doing reported no I'm mourning and why does he play in forty Steve Levy is playing for parity kids' future make. Primus macedon net armor park on June 22 go to K I used to be dot com for all the details. Joins ER primus amassed ninety did you take it do any access dot com RE ST get out of here I. This is dead. This is everybody at man you know I almost feel good about your pinky so my I'm I'm I'm almost think in this my word I into DC the confidence in my face now I assume you just went on to go out among you might imagine. Brian good luck with the NASA. I was playing at home and Joseph will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions you can pass all you want but you'll only have three guests for questions moment are you ready. Yes sir I'm ready. I am ready which Arnold Schwarzenegger film won the Oscar for best visual effects in 1990 terminator two no it's. Talks memorial to ask don't recall when ice 2009 movie takes place on the moon named pandora. Tom Marciano. Yeah Mars gets avatars and in the Ryan river that forms the border between Princeton which other countries. Yeah you're right now I cracked my talking about the Synaptics. Nice day. You got to ask you ask what letter is leased to use in these these elis using the English language packs. Seattle TV yet as cash and which Clinton can restore your health and Donkey Kong 64 times. Our watermelons yes Arthur Ashe is best known for his career and what's tell us yes what takes exactly eighty minutes and twenty seconds to reach these terrorist. The current what range no lightning no I didn't know. Could not sound that bears fruit. As soon. 345. Kerr and also that as long Rain Man it's your right movies read and hear your mood drain hash tag moment. Kyle. Actually did an alien got five correct with a lot of help Bryan Wright does he's the same question the exact same question I was. And you're gonna see how much of us of our ears yes. It's my clock. Like the way he walked in the Friday GAAP. He knows his chest was Al yeah John good news we still must like his body so I got this then and then I'll pull out their Brian were allowed in Iraq. Once you know that. Parallel the inner Robinson will new suggestions. And you'll need this. PPI didn't he didn't make anywhere. People I ain't so. We have to make sure that we keep all the integrity of this holly how easy answers underneath that things. I'm not so young little little are backward I feel like and looks good now I got like good there yeah. Even more yeah it was the normal food is superhero as superhero you don't want to see you exactly yeah. I'm thinking non guys are good but it's. And which Arnold Schwarzenegger film won an Oscar for best visual effects in 1990. Thrown at them barbarians now know. Our attorney. No no recall yes that's what's 2009 movie takes place honeymoon named pandora. Oblivion to know. 2000. Space Odyssey is no he teeth now he riding the river forms the border between France and which other country. England now. Italy is now. Rush up to now know what the letter is the least used in the English language packs now you know. There okay no okay. It's. A act. And why now our whole room can pursuing yours as which we can restore your health than Donkey Kong 64 mushrooms no apple no. It's orange and or he's been known for his career in which scores yes what takes exactly eight minutes and twenty seconds to re Steve Hurst. It sounds no lights. Yet as Tom Lowry and European countries with the first Winter Olympics help them mature being tended not just you know I'd say yeah that's. Wow. Congratulations to Bryan and Joseph and Steve you lose. I thought our three HC RL. I know you can try and she and I must be loses he gets this. I noticed you are a loser. Congratulations Brian your winner my friend you know it's worth a loser in all you're welcome Brian kisses from. Yeah. Hello yeah you know it's worth the losing yeah losing with that stupid. Seeing on your face. Yeah. Did you tell us do you deny Hummer yeah. Yeah and little loser going outside I want to ensure you're gonna we'll throw shade but you're doing yeah I'm draws hardships. Busier very gracious winner I had I would like to say though I close this when I say there's that the country closest was European yeah Europe. I'm. Yeah. What I love is the question that Joseph Kuo was so confident about like music reviews was the Donkey Kong question if any gap right away I answer it's a watermelon watermelon thing you like case of even funny I never played 200 people thought I had. Yeah Ed watermelon ice where I was gonna say while Diana yeah I don't that's I bravado and as the currency in the game. Duluth decide okay Don hello I'm sane and I think mazes mad here with a little salty high. M only n.'s national and when you die. Caldwell isn't easy yeah yeah. That's when that's the real part. Now this is old school all right yeah the first yeah now. Two dozen nine movie that takes place on the moon named pandora was have a hard. You know grab a time Jackson's good move that could be a good movie via the the one that you both missile everybody misspeak. All right that's not that's Pakistan. That's a fact we have the right and river forms a border between France and which other country. As easy as you're up here. I don't regard to restore him to say England I'm gonna say Ireland you know. It wouldn't be I don't play all night I said Julian and I also say England he says England and the guys all ask you about that don't allow and then Vijay says and he's all cool I cannot I know the answers Texas yeah. What else is home to artists you. Germany I. Now need our first geography question. Yeah I mean the one that Joseph you didn't get to answer because you didn't get to it which you should try to you can rotate over which European country was to for L word the first Winter Olympics Hal. Germany now. Close call China we don't know when Austria and I know. Who are you look at get out of here scientist and France France for an ran as a follow stupid I love you had France's Emelianenko. It was an answer to AC ought to do the idea you were almost envision a more Donkey Kong question yeah tiger. Anytime you come and I'll definitely do it police. Congratulations Jones and Bryant for beating me this morning yes right man named you meet wartime makes sense I get a prize simple as that still hitting shirt. Sure I promise sure you've got to assure you want to join Yahoo! talent but I. I think you have inside now yeah he's got a good Valero the only yeah the god. Wow nonstop and I don't know why you're on another shirt underneath that she heard. I love it I know people wore shirts and T shirts he had easily that he's my and crazy now I never assurance younger don't call that flat meant. Steve dear Michelle Bernard Fisher. I love it with. No it's all okay that's all I have Daryle wow jinx just now one more time here and I learned a lot. They got that under armour. And I got here I'm. The big guys they carry it over him and what we're just look no camera no time I don't know how many yards life. That's now what does that look like on unless they can but he's he's he's really gotten together oh that's not or something else I'll. Case look as bad days out of plots aren't your style may yet through it okay. While we've just basically gone back to the playground is really good thanks so what were eight yeah eight again so what G coli disgusting. We'll be at the show where senator a bunch of dates and actually only when it's not sold out as Monday. And that's Jo Koy dot com KO KOY dot com you wanna get tickets for the Monday only show that you get to just orcas. Well apparently Joe's just a talented guy and he's Kevin Smith a special on Netflix live from Seattle pay out well also he just killed it in Hawaii. Yeah I do congratulations you broke the record I broke this is finally Josiah could you do Bryant Kerry and that is Marat is a moron are you memorize Mariah. I sold my house ordered tickets man missile 25. And are. Our goal and that's where we're sold 23000 missile wow good for you do that's insane. We'll want to know how. Sure sure our tickets or how are there well I guess you probably go back how cool is that the end my own day too Joseph holy day you have to overweight or maybe have really. He elementary middle or the alias of civilian everything's so called me today did they do anything else simulate three free food or anything I I know you don't spam to the community headaches and hats you know widespread may have come back there are all the Super Bowl they were out there like gay spans the bills fan is amazed seeing him make all these flavors I didn't know now yes. They got all the garlic a bill blow you up to the scene now like I wanna do it Diaz smell my dad had spent Molotov man and it's been an ages I had spam we had to have a special keys open all year as the lucky Heath oh I forgot he hasn't empty within around me see you know we're talking about. Yes I do remember that do you really value opener like cocaine and yes thank Rex. And in this big blob of brain matter fall now I know that was going back and they had worked for the you wanna mess up the key to you and open and I was there until we had the pineapple JC NN that can openers yeah. As mobile hold those are all yes yes he had to pull all once I vocal on the other side to drink the pineapple so I you know Denny has no I don't I'm so confused there and all its own that that's spoiled when nobody knows about I can we can't go even now I know this kid is nothing that he's done nothing no one is still key yeah. How aware that always get this tattoo at this kid yeah. Old people or this. All people either. Is someone does have a spare key tattoo somewhere I'll someone's someone's does not sources usually provides you with a B jammies Donkey Kong shirt. Oh you are O'Donnell take your hat are clearly more of them I'll take that far out on any eggs if you Wear a we will come Dickey signed it. I don't take that course our big. You'll find it how we end this do you want me to do universities and amazing you know what well actually Hawaii is now that we did it hurt the hell are you hurt a little bit. Joseph we don't have to end a year you will want to stick around are you serious you must figure out of this place Israel on that we Elisa is on the loose I think people need to Colin and I think you need to comment on whatever issues they got going luckily guys we have issues call and I hear those issues Joseph stem Joseph knows things yes I do you tell from B makes Joseph. Hopes that yes. Yeah Jim Floyd JOK you know life you guys have any questions. 20642 in rock Texas 77999. Yes Lewis is on the loose you pick the top you guys to show. What Joseph coy at 917. On the rock. And they expect more news on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. I don't quite nice KI SW rocket Seattle listeners on the loose plus tonight's beat him plumbing heating and mechanical stop which game. Get a copy can. This is on the loose. Whatever you wanna talk about it's fair game you get to pick a topic you get these guys to show and you need some special help today is our guest GE coli that's. Sleep joining us for a list is almost every joke quite. He's got a he's got a couple of shows are always sold out but one is still available Monday at the show where senator Ted. Jo Koy dot com to get those tickets and you know what's that we ought to have any comments on plus he's a local boy from Tacoma ghost of. What Joseph quite JOK a Y Jo Koy dot com. That's all I got its name that's nice yeah that was all the topping your head you have a Steve you know you got the Rory is simple rural region as a show some energy or bring it Torah and bring it otherwise your pentagon. A tendency devise guidelines and ball excuse the editing and billions could bottle yeah man has been missing by there was toilet pump. He used to enjoy the commercial side musically and there. If you love they have such a great spot gold when it remember yeah out. Well I hope happens. Course at Denny's and whoever menace now do you know Norton Internet. He needs band yeah yeah oh cool thing animates them octagon and I hate Danny in how I hate so much you are old child ID and he. Have a bad day up. Spoiled. Spoiled. The only Sen has a debit card for lunch. But the F the I love well there will looked at me. But my cellular data. I only have like 94 since left formally debit card and I was just like it. In my tool that I hate this sport and I hate to. This kid he doesn't have a lunch box. No debit card that's what they've done now uses a debit card that's what is and that's how he has his lunch yeah that's how he does and he never had a lunch box ever. I'll know that we are you kidding me on the these series right now I'm very very funny it just never dawned on me like. And I know that I'd be giving him a Democrat that's who think like I was my offers steady cash use a debit card and rechargeable blah and then I realize I'm late. The debit card you did does not. My bowels. Get out of my house I borrow your fourteen mile network magic cell phone to he has a cell phone yep and that's how I discipline them. And I know there's a lot of parents losing right now that's that's how you discipline these kids my mom. Lehman ruled her day. You know I mean my mom that I would I was on the play dude my son. If my choice and you're allowed to play with your friends she'd like cool sweet I won't talk to wants net chat via but it might take his phone away it's over yeah. My son he's done. Yeah physically function guy so recently to their room now with everybody all of the events this yeah the thing that's a guitar that's vacation yeah I originally spoke. They took everything and I know toys had nothing when they through some of the remains is there anything and you that I love they took got to my outside running out. There's a whatever avenue little lunch tickets twenty bucks for a month of one. What do little stickier. Forty bucks for the month broke that you can blood is like a block 25. I'm nominated I think that's too much is now yes you guys that I am my lessons like quarter console. Day are you I'm very idea of the quarter geared up by 25 idea that would have been unheard of in my day my son's lunch is come with a frat pitch he. Yeah. I fraph chino for a lot Bob is let's leave us with with or without him I'll come on. Could get so milk cartons that so they give us an idea chocolate milk male viewers know we gotta have been courted drink from those accessible I. My little juice drink what you should foil it was just colored yeah there's this colored 31 you want purple red or need depth dream chaser like lighter fluid. Do you live by the end of this show we're going to be telling everyone to get the hell off parlance and go on about twenty minutes as is gonna happen pretty much how we're all here now rifles I got the pirate. Who who's pirate he's the pirate Gig Harbor that says it is all about I think I think he said that ceilings. Go by is that why why why is the priority and I am real tired toward our. Lou. You're one. Such firing chord chart. 00 source clarion porn star dad that's who has a house like home yeah maybe I got oh you poor job farmers and Joseph we are sure to national Australia port. Come on and you what did he thought I want to go quiet and just knowledge gained more used to. And I got to go back then did they have anything commemorate UN there you know the what they need to listen I'm very little amp trophy case is for all the star athletes why someone will not be a good comedian man. I love this. They can't put somebody jump. Let's go let's begin into the trophy box and put somebody Ray Fosse is going to be known for two things. Yeah break comic and about what are the out porn star I'm looking at the notable alumni need to be need to do something for you not I don't know he is still quite right there OK right. Then Brett. Brings cool laid of from the US Olympic soccer team move Marion Bruce. Community in the NFL always that's okay right. Leo bar do you choose a contestant on top shout out there tragedy hello all I remember hernia and and Eduardo. Panel lever herb however and he was a dean of Cornell law school I'm Simon we'll get our hair atop Joseph could tell you thousand dollars c'mon now. There are any long law. I don't it. Barnard like a pirate guy now there's added it says pirates aspiring porn star and I now the pirates have coattails always drum kits what do you so what do you has so we've got to be a source empire was that it. Jerry W Asia monopoly or check him out. So I don't know eight. UMass and they go oh yeah and is an audio worker video work. Arm he offers should pull. Now let's listen so what it was so we've really got to check economy at the Johnson the parts I just go you got the you've got the part in the tirade did it. It turns cooler more children it's actually quite a bit to the industry today you wouldn't expect. It's I low level I don't understand dark side of pornography. I mean usually if they wanted certain rules are. I raised in shape then they won't take you hate its two biggest. Total durable Lara had early on I don't want to die anyways yeah. Ever heard and then they did they they won't take needs to bring decimals is saving a member provides a nod I watch these videos but. Hey look I've been turned down many talents early yeah yeah slowdown there. Well keep us posted tired. Just West Coast city area has to feel sorry all reenact his voice. Now I was among them allow him to remote operated. While health. Feel like that this is an amazing skill set the rising number moderate area as an aspiring. Born star yeah I know just got to go on Eminem who should talk to one guy is a question specifically focused on here yeah Daryn as Dan Dan you rob a joke why go ahead and me. Good morning guys my morning Jefferson and tell I gotta say and you are lucky they are comedian grammar my father's name is still in thought Colin just ask your damn am I feel wary. Yeah yeah. He's just why why you see minutes. Larry my question to you is alive or dead cougar all our favorite comedian beat to do show where. Okay. Including Eddie Murphy a DEA and we really are no is that this is easy man dead. I got to work with one and it was that the greatest day in my life to Z actually actually helpful right to joke with a look and as Richard Jenny. All of our shared the stage there about three or four times all and also Robin Williams that was amazing to actually work with him and and he came up to me accomplish that was great so that that's Richard you know not a lot of people these guys told don't know Richard journeyman Richard Jeni was awesome rich I love this man I mean it's brilliant he was one of the all just one of the best me clean this comic ever hey guys check out if there's any videos whomever is if you love comedy it's good to check out some of those old Julianna you kind of don't know but yeah that's just got to appreciate our Lavinia and you have to work with a right I don't got to work with them just before he passed him now as one of them I wanna the best is my life but here's one comic. That that passed up early and I and I wish I would undoubtedly shake his hand whatever. Share the stage for the Dennis Wolfsburg and if you've never seen Dennis will remove these watch him. Brilliant. Brilliant storyteller brilliant mind and has just great character on stage in. And I Allen did all ISI and hundreds name very good picture of toll her dad had to do was brilliant tennis will bring man I mean you have feature in. So he like he was literally. Elementary school teacher he had all these school teacher Joseph Hughes is brilliant. So please watch him the guy was a beast and now he that's old school here and he passed from her past. I suppose it is totally forgot about yeah I don't know why edging him yeah but he was a boy who went yeah yeah yes Dennis Wolff bring Dennis will bring LC to tell because that's how good he was burned out pretty. Carolina rival high school don't I would do well we saw. This weekend I'll try to sneak into the box for Eckert the note he teachers they're now trying to get spam he put into the truck bock. All I love they've grown that's the thing that's what we gotta get go you know we're chinoy. Aero and where she's the calendar I county teacher PC I didn't mister lawyer man. She's my little help clean its usual though let me these independent class freely yeah I thought some. Hey I gotta say I know we'll style stuff Fossett comes some notable alumni they had Ted Bundy politic dance while that wins. Yeah Giuliani has just truly. Yeah our that you find yourself within the truth fonts and Julie's asking me now CA. That's that's schools do a lot better job you have some give you some of the original Mohammed Netflix special Saul go ahead turn that political and a half half I had very little yeah I don't CA Osce heads one of my eight and then you guys in the documentary yes that's pressure radio guy knocked down and get a violent movie made about him fool and an area that's not a short film not a short film the full I don't know I think your I don't know why do they thought did a full length movies all my movies and it's not the kind of guy he is at least a hundred minute. Hello hello all like you I wanna big pitcher. I hung up at Henry Foss high I think that's what you IE it's only fair you deserve it especially since you're really been notable notable lets you know me hello her. They should have had a street named after you ran outside of this Joseph boy drive yeah. Just my view. Drive and he's personally anyone's ever said Henry Foss high school yes publicly. How loud will give me something for that you're gonna get it I feel good about we'll start the campaign paid their home to their horns on I five Reynard can hear me that's tough task. Joseph Torre makes me want to show left it's always nice having you here that's always since having you here. I'm good just like in my own. Once shows lefties in a couple shows and our area but you can only get to see one of these 'cause it was a sold out Monday at the show where senator kit that's the only show left available. Go to Joseph coy dot com to get those tickets JO KOY Jo Koy dot com just a treat him as Joseph coy you know also wackos restaurant Vegas. And so I mean you know piracy need to bring their restaurant to Seattle yeah that's my little odd CIA guy I'll let let's let's partner Alec I general problem what do you like this I just saw washed dishes are just just a pitch isn't well so nice from your house apparently you know little Helmut you don't hello butterfly kiss I am let's do this still. It's two and a restaurant without any I'm without Danielle then how Danny. James street is there really cool she doesn't know after the tragedy occurred day yesterday feels good to do nothing but laugh all morning thank you guys are doing what you did. Are you alone because now the time it was really good and that's what we wanna be here because you know what this plan places you can go to get all the negativity you want today unfortunately but yes you know what if you want good restaurant you go to Joseph of course join conveys what's name again it's you know Jane DOJ's examine these Swiss wish you extract several shuttles stocks Joseph Cory always good to see your brother I love you may. It's nice to see you this is nice to see kind of case you have. You're all right let's slow that honey okay soft and was a charmed life job alumnus who must premium just you know work deserves a the other way does the face unknown human rise these guys like him nobody wants to see that whenever Tony and see Graham jail kill I would do my impersonation remains to check it out committed to dean makes kissing BZ am afraid oh that's lovely sexy I love it's almost he's talking educational affairs are good to me. Hong man I candies. I you can get topic you guys to show more listeners ought to listen to 0642 Iraq. Texas 77999. We'll take more because Jackson died 33 Joseph without your brother I love you. The next morning it's. Now nine K I guess tell you.