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Monday, May 1st


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Rockaholics it's Karen daily at KI SW and I'm super excited to be joined now by Johnny red then seven bold Johnny how is it going today. It's known fantastic now where are you guys know we have some East Coast deeds coming up are you already out that way. We haven't left yet on you know Bowman grew up right on Bobby soaking up some sunshine yes. Absolutely right I don't know there really blunt KIW is presenting Metallica would avenge seven bold and go to Jere. At century link field Wednesday August 9 I have to say this is some of the biggest news to hit our area in its hands down one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer. You guys are. Just fresh off a releasing the stage last year and everything about that album has just blown people's minds. Media did tell us a little bit about working on the stage and everything that went into it because it really is special. Oh great yeah where we did go into this video. The earth that the usual and and that one Darren was. Idea behind. A guy and if he can. Ali it's very weird ideas you know we've been read and it got the builders and buyers and drinks. React you know and we're creating music to. And I'm Max and I. Earn. If you haven't really came up with certain. More. Where Akron in the evening and hear. Yours and creepy beautiful word would that there're an opera. That's all that and you on that huge Bad Religion fans so I heard Brooks is leading the band I was like who. Yeah but then when I heard he was joining forces that you guys. I got super pumped up to really get that record a huge on progressive rock and I love prob rocked this album is pretty funny. Yeah you know we we went back to we want to release the rain you know. After coming up of those key will hit the air on this trip they're not want it to her kind of go back to what we've done it on like he's on the right and that record in the majors so you went back into that erecting a little bit you know can. We learn from a right proper compounds in. Well that's fantastic even does the link that the album I commuted takes me. I'm at least an hour to get to work every day each way I was your whole album and then some so let's get gothic even if I get stuck in traffic I can keep on listening. Top of the net her anything now report that at all just waiting you guys dropped to stage and now like an overnight. You know bam and then here you guys were performing in Hollywood on the top of the building and it it was just completely insane how much. And excitement that stirred up so glad thanks for keeping us on our toes in and making its agenda. Are rad new experience for the listeners. And yeah there's a lot of fun appropriate we can add on. And it isn't Akron. And I had fun watching her friends. Social media freaking out trying to figure out going on up. Obviously in honor those who lot of fun then. Alia you balloon like so many minds it was just crazy is that thank you for about it was a real treatment for now let me like I mentioned early on cattle prod rock nerd and adds to my hero bases are of course. Getty Lee and that and then Lusk label of primus is wondering who weren't like your biggest heroes from the the community basis. Well allow Lee is in one of them in less critical. Oh please. We debatable call for on the wall Larry Bird they. Can you yeah also. Cliff Burton. Metallica in the Matt Freeman and granted there are huge influences. And really got legion under the insurance. That's kid NASA now that being said I'm not sure how old you were when he picked up the base for the first time but now they've got tied for PL. Filling in for feel the of corn as a twelve year old kid what are you doing it out in music when you're twelve. But I'm not that I was the African. I was just picking up in little guy out accurate. All the Arctic. One thing it's obvious that you then there are harder and often they. I also think like he's got back here and I wish I had and he. That kid is like here won't turn to you personally and I asked period they very often you often hear over the years to Iraq and these days. That a field moloch. If that's my favorite of code and it let whoever yeah I'm really excited I can't wait to see it in the flash on on August aideed has a plane century link field which is a phenomenal. Places he'll live show they actually just started doing shows there in the last few years so. Having you guys with Metallica and go to Jere in our hometown is just gonna be insane and we're really looking forward did. And that is that an egos are getting ready to head to the East Coast for a little bit. I want you guys back on the West Coast and a few months what what city kind of feels like your home away from home when you're out and about. Our man. Probably either Vegas to Seattle to be honest. And often. Frankly. If you off on the week at the all wrapped. An arm. And really do make an air being be ruined their you know we're not by just that the Obama hotel staff felt like we usually travel. Live duel veteran back. That's really cool I'm not near that that's that's different and the fact your wife has family here makes me happy to get some real connection to our to our city. I guess another question I mean how does he know that in the last couple years there have been some of the most incredible cover songs. Released by some of our favorite bands. You know disturb the dishonest silence to just got to deal blew everybody's minds on the hailstorm has done some great covers as well if there is a song that you could recreate and put your stamp bon. And pay homage to abandon what what song would you wanna put out their for people here. Yet it appears says. We've we've put your own. Yes we will fall. Fall all in all on all or. Home and don't go wrong when we do on. Oh my god that would be fantastic you got to keep you vote if you gonna do not he's not just below totally radical. I already know can be put in America right on what Johnny I really appreciate you taking advantage I would need the rockaholics are such huge huge fans of events that unfold and we are gonna welcome you guys with open arms to century link field. Wednesday August 9 people can check out the AK eyes W dot com. On our events staged another great tour and we'll see what a couple months. Rock and you very much release him all right I donning.