Monday, September 17th


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An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing that was noticeably northwest. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. ACC loud. No rock featuring music full. Here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. Welcome once again so loud and local hero and let that point nine KI SW my name is Kevin gears here to your weekend. With one full hour of everything awesome in the local scene with 206 the five and in the 36 of the fortune five. A little bit of 5 United's and I am going to move or reach down a little bit south and oh Jolene used to do this so I feel complete. We OK with playing a bit from Portland you know I'm totally down because Portland technically the northwest and has been an incredible band that needs to be known. Dead moon this is a GM. That limb broke up ten years ago with these guys are incredible northwest fan and I you need to know Tsonga played dead moon. Dead moon. I did move it club local. On Iraq. There. Dead blue. I ate I did noon here on loud and local incredibly important Dan in the Portland area. They broke up the united doesn't six. So ten years ago. So I just thought it would be interesting to start up the show with a throwback from the Portland area like to start of the show it's a throwback to lingo indecent current jams and there's nothing more current. That what I'm about to play you have been called dust mosque. Just put out a record. This Friday on a label called my lien chief Miley she can might know them they just put out the heiress records earlier this year but other new record is called scale. You can hear on Spotify you can stream it on being camp or you can purchase it on Cassini. Or vinyl. Again the bid is called dust mosque and you've got to hear this incredible band and other song that I'm gonna play for you it's called space legs throughout a local. Here on the Iraq. It's. Okay. It's. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. If we've gotten tickets up for grabs right there. To a good cause you even if you go in these tickets you've got to go to the film promised me all right. Now it's in wouldn't bill at vessel. Excuse me while I did bird vessel winds and fields in wouldn't bill Saturday July 30 it is all ages. In the twenty dollar suggested donation at the door but I'm gonna make it easy for you conceive a little bit of money. Give a donation. And maybe get some tears and support the local scene by buying some teachers CDs or whatever so I'm just gonna hook you up. With a pair of tickets are you gotta do to go see window opening mechanism future leaders of the world via darva. Lucid spiral baby in the nobody's locomotive. For the lot of local rock out AL FS. These text the word fight. FIGHT. 277999. Get that fixed fights. The 77999. I'm gonna play bay and that is going to be co headlining that show they're called mechanism. They are from the Tacoma area very very good bid im gonna play him right now. To take spiked to 77999. For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the rock out ALS best. From local. Okay. This is loud and low. He's on the 99.9. KI DS well. It. Lead slip. But I did. I. Good to have a little more patient gala ball out. And Sears rolls. AI SW. Pozen instrumental host metal post rock whatever you wanna call it. It's incredible music ten sons in me look at it and say is that X so the snow was actually pronounced and sons lined gave. Is the name of the song loud and local ease the show you're currently tuned to. On the Iraq before that a band from Bremer gene called power off their newest record heading muscled. As called when it's time. It is one hour dedicated to loud and local music. Hence the name every Sunday night at 11 o'clock and we devote. Some some prime real estate on KI SW dot com and also segment on the PGA and mix morning show on Friday. To be loud and local the end of the week every week we shoes of being and hand select them. In this week we had to be and that we had a in the studio a couple of weeks back called ten miles why didn't break new album called. The gross and gonna play a couple jams from it right now so head on over to KI SW dot com if you like what you hear. Click on Vijay and makes you get all the vital information to them how you can pick up their record. Endesa to the next shows the before and right now it's the gross into back burner to sounds like ten miles wide awesome music here allow more local. Can't. Loud and local content you. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah us. Okay. This. Lives and yeah. This is loud and. Rock ninety point nine KIS. A quick what did you remind you if you wanna grossing rock out ALS best. Next Saturday April freeze that is a Saturday the thirtieth. Out Indy. What do you still vessel winds in angels but again that's next Saturday's all ages show you what drove for three. DOC window pane mechanism future leaders of the world anymore. Just text the word fight 277999. Now while last night down in Tacoma. A B and a guy by the name of Buford. Or seen her blood hunger he got married into being and we play your level will be actually played. At the wedding and that is in error punk rock bands I can just picture how awesome that was all the band members had cut off tuxedo T shirts. Who's just very. Jerry plunged five I can imagine how to do and metal shop but all those guys look like they had relevant time I'm gonna wait a bit Hilltop threats right now. As the parties on because. Sure withheld party this will go to a few Buford congratulations. While local rock. Thank you. And Sears home. AI SW. Billionaire is a great Smithsonian minutes and you. Yeah. Recent. Reason. I. Yeah. You. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Georgetown orbit here. I'm allowed to local TGMs from them back to back. Hand instead of the preacher man thank you so much for listening to loud and local on that ended on kind of which you'll note that they don't like Emmitt. I got to please Wyatt pulled the in the wreckage they came up here a couple weeks back. And just awesome doozy of a brand new record out our players are called the underground by wire home in the wreckage. Go check them out loud vocal again we are sponsoring rock out AL Lance Bass he got a goat and text. Fight to 77999. If you want your band called window to day life. The mechanism teacher leaders of the world via darned elusive spiraled baby of the nobody's locomotive. There's a G a viewing of some documentaries and goes guest speakers and videos food trucks. All kinds of awesome stuff is a huge festival going on next Saturday the thirtieth. And best wines and ails you wouldn't bill. Again it is rock out a LS vests are definitely text fight to 77999. Did you get on that things REIT. If you don't want to tickets go anyways is twenty dollars suggested donation to his her are good cars right now why it only in the wreckage deep underground to allow local being solicited. Oh. I.