Ken Allison 10-05-17

Thursday, October 5th

Ken Allison talks about Drone Racing at GE2.


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I start this off with a guy who knows something about a cool event that's coming and I do you know we've we of course have GE two which is Saturday and Sunday October 21 22 this is a few weeks when he actually fun. Sexually field events senator you want more info about this just go to GE two dot lied to liturgy the letter either number two dot live. And you get the tickets you get the info and one of the things going on will be drone racing. And if you are not familiar with this and I really hadn't seen it. Up close and personal until last year did the first key to weave guy I can Allison who was the commissioner of the professional aerial league Ken welcome to the show man. Radar picture earlier so can I it's good daddy are because you know man in more and more I am seeing. The art are racing drones and just having a lot of fun with drones I get more more popular Ada a local mall and I go to I saw whole drawn store opened up in the draws they had there. Looked a lot more appeal really. It just it just intense then what I would see if I would go to a regular store and discard begin to drawn. These are like really high tech like somebody would really wanna do some race and tell us about this and and what makes strong racing so awesome. Oh man and that's the best probably the hardest question because that major political Indians I mean it ought to be in so many they're related. I think for me personally is it to you in that cockpit. That machine and you get certain you don't fly around our courses intact under miles an hour and it's really experience that freedom lights you know bird grant. I had the Xperia I got to experience a last year wins one Biden is our friends around virtual sports who partner up in and bring SIG two. And trying to fly to drown. I would never guess how hard it is to you actually put them on and try it in and I slam and Aaron a few times into the wall on the massage and Steve maybe we should I give you the little indestructible drawn to play with. Because you're just not ready to go what are bad dude it's hard to navigate those things there when I went to GG last year and wash to dry racing I'm watching these guys are my. Guys are nuts like to be able you navigate with those goggles on it's it's it's it's quite so like it's just that the heightened sensory or kind of thing it's crazy so with the goggles you are seeing basically as if you were on the drone that sells a camera. Exactly yeah you are right in the arcade go to drug so yeah we don't see anything else what journalists aid. That is true demand because like Steve said then you've got to operate the controls. In order to be able to have to do what you've got to do and and cannot and all by yourself but I imagine now there are some people that are just expert racers I mean that's the point where I mean this this is becoming a full blown sport. It it absolutely is and you know what they say is those who can't teach teach. Well that lamb on the commissioner Larry King is I really I got Cairo or another year itch can actually bled. A lot better I get the organizing and running the event salmon rich enough but I think you're in the Pacific north lets you got probably. So can what is it about the Pacific northwest that did that we're we're so good drawn racing because it's interesting you know I mean is this a big country while he's so good here. You know I think it's going to be so hard core about their right so we've got all the local techie guys that urgency into the actually detect heart. But it's also the fact that you know looks like an annual whether it's so whether it's a range leaders know loud there a lot of guys they'll take it she's not and Warsaw compliant. And so I a GE two I understand from Obama is Danny we are going to see the largest indoor racing event in the Pacific northwest that's not too shabby for a place where you like you said people that I hardcore about it. I mean I gotta think if he's if you're drawn racing fan or you're enthusiasts. This is the place to be that I didn't realize this is the largest that's that's nuts. Yeah well we we really set the stage last year which would kind of unexpected so we're gonna win that they've brought a Cinderella and the show. And everybody just went so you in gold to admit that they've decided to make the main event this year it's. So let me rumored interviewer in the center stage when last year should stand on this that I start huge scores it's gonna be a little display. And Darren says pilots are gonna Camellia actually integrates industry is this going to be exhibition race saying. You know anybody that wants to apply can come out and fly and then the next thing can be achieved great so. Why speak for many united I'd recommend to you don't let me try a confined there it was again it's running some people and they're in good shape but bad if it's a lesson there that means one thing one thing only it's closer to the beer gardens I get sick Cresson Beers and watch guys raise. Certain guys that that's fair we have 151000. Square feet of high speed. Drone racing action and it is it is unbelievable and what a rush like you said it must be. To be in the cockpit and I how faster we go with these bad boys because because it did Steve slamming into walls I got to rethink and then you're taken some hairpin turns. Yeah I mean it's very curse tradition controlling your actually in the goggles Richard tinged with a truly weird and I mean you're making. Split second traction efficient path. 88 and they may its intent stray and no absolutely guys that are here that there's. You know since they're going media underrated you know my thoughts on the 110120. Miles an hour since you guys. Yeah it's still an instant speed too it's not just you know you're at sixty and I actually attributed to top speed and in instantaneously. Celebration party. They do today Kerry had in all fairness you me is only as if I got the thing going and I was flying around and made a sharp turn I I crashed down on. Starting to pull it off the ground like I just they can't lift off I crashed this thing I last more than two seconds that's. Don't give a damn well prayer that I dad out. Dead and there are a lot of earlier laughing at me want to happen suddenly you were there. I tell him and you know if so what what look at what's going on within a virtual reality and being able to immerse yourself like you sit in the cockpit. Into the technology of being able to do this kind of stuff is really a really so cool can and I like you say we already have people who are super experts in this city in this endeavor in this sport and we're so excited to have you guys on board can thank you so much because this was such a hit last year and like you said man. You Getty Center stage is going to be which is going to be off it's going to be crazy crazy successful this year. There are you so much alone were really excited to be here are edited and shared the on again I can't appreciate you being with a sets can Allison I get professional area leads the commissioner. You wanna see drum racing if you if you never seemed that we've all seen draws when if you see drone racing. It is unbelievable how good these guys are that are in their run these. And and fly these men and you can learn how to fly in a simulator you can see the hottest drones and like we said the biggest event the biggest indoor racing event in the Pacific northwest in the such a love for it. GE two Saturday sunny October 21 22. That's essentially field events center Stephen I mean I tell you after all it's gonna be there's going to be awesome IGE two dot live you want tickets and info a lot more going on besides that you'll find out if you go to the letter G letter either number two. GE two dot lied and you ticking ditching everything so that that's a cool thing about the man. Yeah. I asked us.