Kenneth Hite: The Fall of Delta Green 03-05-18

Monday, March 5th

Rev interviews Kenneth Hite about his new tabletop RPG The Fall of Delta Green

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With me today is a man whom we had on earlier before talking about well vampires and more with the Dracula dossier and man I just love the stuff that you've done Kenneth height you've got a new. Well it's a whole thing but it's a new thing that's going along with the gumshoe with the gumshoe thing for prop them program brands current. Right it's a new. Old saying about the old new thing. If that experience. And I opened and our right to the mystery is the key to any relationship even ours I think exactly especially with though ugly role playing game in the gun she shoe investigative role playing system from Belgrade press you've got the fall of delta green and this is interesting because it is well first off what is delta green. All right don't agree and Dennis that Weller and Scott Clancy back in the early ninety's. Which. John Tynes invented it before the X-Files but it is basically the cult to X-Files it's the secret government organization. That investigates. Because look at those bats and usually destroys. And in the 1990s. Of the delta green portion was an illegal conspiracy. Within the government. Because the actual government what do you make deals with the methods rate they they were there there are the guys like. Trying to you know bring the alien masters down there Parker us and dealt with a good guys sort of fighting them better than Mulder and Scully against that cigarette smoking men of majestic the bad guys. And this isn't it doesn't sit in the ninety's the all the doctor Venus is set up a little bit earlier. Right this is set in the 1960s. Which is back Wendell was an official. Up part of the government it was it was a they run by the Joint Chiefs of Staff with an executive committee. That you know found out that the diplomat those was going on after 1928. When. As love Kraft tells us the federal government raided and destroyed determines which was pulled to work at the and so that. That set the government on the trail of hunting it. And destroying the lament those wherever they were and by the 1960s the government. Believing that you could also eliminate racism poverty cancer. The moon communism in southeast Asia. Why not also talks to the limit those on the that was too that's too sure why not you know army like the elder gods or something that we can totally handle. Exactly at least it's easily as we handled. I communism in southeast visually and so it. So delta green. Begins to explore the world war find out more about the mentos and as it as always happens. Eighty. Moved too far too fast they attempts something unknown in Cambodia in 1970. That. Turns into a horrible disaster as real blow back on the actual Vietnam War and so the Joint Chiefs of Staff get. Disgusted by this. Weird unit that exists only to wreck up weird high body counts. And a strange injuries and shut style agreed that they can't have this but two rogue. Intelligence community. Military guys running around so there are four balls are blowing up foreign places I write that shut the whole thing down in 1970 at which point it becomes the illegal conspiracy that we. Met in the 1990s so it's a prequel. To. That 1990s original. And it is coming out now because. Delta green itself is coming out now. From our dream. In a new delta green role play game which I also wrote part of that takes place in the right now in the right now of course post 9/11. All everyone wanted to go all foreigners is brought back in. And made part of the so there's an official delta green again but it's different than the appreciable degree and of the 1960s and is that fun contrast that all of altering kind of as well. That is a lot of fun and I love the fact that I mean you love putting in. Actual history and just tweaking it a little bit he did in the past with night black agents and an Emmy in you know we've talked about that at that and the Dracula dossier which was one of the major campaigns or it was that. You equate you equated it to you like the Bourne identity with vampires. Right where would you put it's this like would it be something along the lines of an Apocalypse Now or full metal jacket. It's it's very good it's got a strong Apocalypse Now feeling to it it's apocalypse now with YouTube the sixties. Is bigger than Vietnam's Zoe it's also you know you know. The the magical mystery tour with good food that's where you wanna go to war in a mile blow well blow up with Hulu or whatever. Aspect of the 1960s to the sixties of course are all about. Saying. We're gonna explore our own that's gonna do are organized you know drop out and take weird drugs and oh look of the others out of that. As you're up into your busy. This thing at this point if somebody chose to you could say well maybe Timothy Leary was an agent of capital oh. And yeah he was the one who is trying to bring math bring insanity to the masses by way of Ellis but he. Exactly you could you could have been as either agent of of pastoral work two or you can have him as a sort of doorway that they just came through like the telling guess rebuilds his resonate or an all the ultraviolet. Monsters pour out into our world same thing Timothy Leary could have just opened the doors to perception as he put it just not knowing what's on the other side of those doors. That is so interesting because I love the fact that you're saying yes sure yet there is the Vietnam War but yet you still gonna have to deal with step in San Francisco all the counterculture stuff and like even like you'd mentioned to me that you're gonna build do hunt deep ones beneath the Atlantic. Yeah it is cool man that is just really really cool. Well there's there's a rash of and this is in real life there's a rash of mysterious submarine vanishing in 1968 or submarines from fort different nations. The scorpion the Soviets was looking at it 29. The Israelis as a submarine the big the big car and the French loses submarine and all those submarines. Just don't weigh in 1968 so obviously. You what I know what that is that the deep ones getting mad at Carolina been pestering them. Until Digisette little signaled they say take any four random submarines and destroy them so don't agree and of course then says are right that's the way wanna play it. And just like in Vietnam the answer is escalate the answer is drop more bombs ripped or just a goalie and harder going deeper going further. And as one can imagine that may be doesn't work out so well say that's real player. And I I love this because you. Are you just a big history bath because it really seems that way win just looking in all the games that you've done with a ME all of our PG I mean you arc. Really one of the best RPG makers you have such an extended history of that are also just to make history buff as well. I'm a giant history buff my father. Seventies and he didn't marry industry Buffy had to create what I. If you assume rather than doc savage being taught mastery of all useful arts and skills in hide pressure chamber from birth. You assume sort of good doctors say that he's just being taught a bunch of useless history by is dead and want to talk about it all the time that's sort of where I am. I am I be useless mutant power but it is marred. I love it's useless or not because you create a lot of entertainment for a lot of people Andy did is called the fall of delta green. By mr. Kenneth height in this is going to be for the gumshoe investigative role playing system from Calgary in breast going to assume it's going to be out very soon. Right you can pre order now all and it should be. I should we have it's part of the kick starter for that. Our dream delta green oak the role playing game so we have to get the books to the backers before reads send them to people didn't back because backers. You reasonably say they gave you that went on a regular where our life so we wanna give them the book at that will make it available to everybody but insert ordering it. On the over incite even if you didn't back right now. Nice and I'm going to see you know that's going to be in both PDF and our cover versions that they want absolutely absolutely that is it'll be gorgeous. We had a artist and Jennifer McLeary. We sort of did a little bit of an experiment it was like here's the manuscript. Send us a beautiful crazy 1960s. Psychedelic. Messed up my mind freak of a book. And Mahan did she do it it's so good. That is so cool I love just pouring through like I said ninth spiking agents in the Dracula dossier the last time I saw you in Seattle for one of the many conventions we have your I had a good Akamai because they're so beautiful these are great pick ups if you love delving into a history that is pretty recent and beat you know the Capello made those which is one of those things that as. Blown up in recent history. Yeah I mean it's it's one of the myths of the modern era if you look Grafton for Romero between the kind of created our midst yeah around for the centuries so good for the good for us and if you feel like zombies are played out that's the great thing about them at Tennessee comes in. All shapes and sizes absolutely think he's much for spending some time and it. Well thanks for every element.