Kevin Eacrat 07-06-16

Wednesday, July 6th

Kevin Eacrat joins us live in studio promoting the return of the Miss Rock Hydroplane. 


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You've been so bogged down our next guest on bringing something back receive fair that rockaholics know him that's ms. Roth. And I think they should be his theme song. Good luck of the gazette a driver of the list rock Hydro plants can any current. Hey guys spacecraft is great beer. Welcome Kevin man this is this is some big big news because you know for the high goes every year currency fear this was a staple. And that was the miss rock vote in for a few years now I just hasn't been the case and all of a sudden here you are telling us it's back it is backing on mean. Ms. frock was always my braver broad I got pictures of me when I was back before junior high. Sign in the bottom of the Ole miss raw vote no way you act and now I can be part of it bring in the rock back to Seattle and my cruise always been great bring them buzzing with the rock back on board. All really entries it was a twelve years ago I think is the last time we saw the boat so like it doesn't quite awhile. I even like how to. Even come apart come about like I mean it's just are some listeners that this like Agassi there's now a leak on a website that did you hear about the Mike Redmond possibly. It is someone make in the midst rock boating innings against Russia for an outlet and a light on some of a bitch that's awesome areas. It was a lot of work pretty typical try to keep it under wraps we got to register the Bolton why we ran Hewlett garnered. And this year it's telling everybody we're taking a step back there and all what are they take a step back and register to vote and we registered it is you know 99.9. In death. OK keep this under wraps are we gonna make this happen. You're not all Daryn is there's a lot of work this is fantastic and I'm seeing some pictures now it's. And it looks tremendous and and so Kevin. How. How long have you been doing how long even I don't play well even two months I've been driving a boat for ten years ago I started back in 2006 actually and how to. It is valuable course that you send your kid your fan is something like a lot of us are you know I mean a lot of us will watch the Mariners Watson Seahawks watch the Huskies. You watch the Hydro is there every year's eve there. And only ten years ago do you guard I want to I'm gonna do this well it. It started out before then like I said it got pictures of being before edging higher the votes and so my father volunteered out of the races he was of course potent at that point Thomas too young to get in to see fair site current height down in the front and dad both non wait until he pulled away and you know hope of Pope broke down out on the water and we'd pull amendment. So that's I got involved with seafaring. Later on we got a phone call last missed come out to a small limited boat races. This on and also on the leases they boats for sale will I'll really Canadian. Got my effort strident now boat it was a blast. Ended up by Edmonton. It is snowballed from there the hand Ahmanson that you are here on the big leagues Hydro as and your travel on routes let's that you're doing your your. How many races a year you do and we got five on the circuit this year we know obviously saw the pictures here in Madison Indiana once again. Try to keep quiet or you know it's not back yet. Very slight bulge and though. The gas the rocks back. On our way back from Madison on few weeks away we're gonna go to tri cities do Lawler what are always race. I'm back receive fair and how to Mattison now. Medicine wasn't too bad we ran pretty conservative we had there's a lot of stuff in the Madison river law arms treaties stalls. Seemed fire extinguishers float down the river hollow out home so we're pretty conservative at all hard act of stuff on the boat and that's right dispose of my fire extinguishers. And a water well they've been having some severe flooding rivers so that brings the debris downriver with them and so we ran conservative ended up taking out a few parts but aired out a lot better and other had even thought about that. You because you know you kind of get spoiled thinking OK you got usually. A pretty a pretty free and he's he can go right. Haven't thought you gotta go places where your dodge in nature or even human human interaction. One house so how does that affect your top speed like yeah come come and how many miles per hour less or not sort of you guys all you have to do because of that. All it does a lot I mean you know you don't wanna put your good props on and just brought change along can be anywhere from 1520 miles an hour maybe. You know all solve it affects a lot everybody was kind of nervous and you drive and I got radio communications guy down shoreline stock into me and here come around the corner based on yeah. Watch out there's a log lying to. And travel about a hundred yards a second I trying to figure a log in lane two out of light mist that. So it has been pretty fun. And while that now Mazen and reducing your fan in the miss frock from back in the day had some bad luck over the years all absolutely but it is like in the backyard had like Jesus is the miss rock hydra Blaine to stub a black cloud over when it comes to. You know accidents and things like that no it's. Not really I mean anything can happen you know it's there's parts fatigue in this than that but it. Whether bad luck and good luck there was always a great team they always carried themselves and present themselves well and you know I'm just open Meehan my team can carry on the tradition that they started. Among some of the pictures we person case of these FaceBook page and is on pace says it's absolutely love and it says that it's the height of mine mr. rock and mr. team absolutely and I love because it's such a great list object feeling just to see them as rock I to played something you guys take it to the next level in your crew shirts. Our bike the old school ones had the geysers where it's a case that even I yet car stars. It's just cool that you guys have that nod as well like keeping it so you know true to the original. Absolutely you know I mean this team's deep and it's got a lot of heritage that runs that the team also. Like I said we wanna are the guys that did the boat back when doubted there was a lot of work in this teams always worked very hard to keep this boat race ready incompatible soul. You know we wanna give tribute to them and bring back the old colors and now to try to make it all happy. So you don't five races like you say given this year how far can you goal with this sport because it's always that it's you know for a person like myself when I moved here I never even knew about Hydro racing I just wasn't in a place where it was happening in my life. And moved to Washington in it's such a huge deal on of course it's always been a huge beat par I'd be part of C fair. And I wasn't aware of this sport. How far can annual goal or how far do you wanna go. Because I mean this looks as competitive as any other racing you can do I think you know I think of you know car racing in go two miles per hour over water. And you talk about prop changes all the stuff than anyone has to worry about the world in NASCAR's as far as the equipment and the training in the communication. How far can you go witness. Go as far as you want a ticket I mean you bring up NASCAR and yeah the speeds are compare compare bull but. NASCAR's drive and on asphalt they've got shocks underneath and they got suspensions under their car and driving on the same road it might heat up Mike cooled a little bit that's up early difference. We've all been out in the water we know what happens when Google book goes by and late that night got six involved. 200 miles an hour. See these beautiful rooster tails everybody loves them water flying in the air and it's like all that water came from someplace yes hustle hard. Our track is constantly changing. You know insults that's where driving comes in in the aerodynamics of the potent how party won a push. Man and so. You guys again as a kid it's one thing you look at some Gulbis looks cool. And then after hearing what you just said how much work has this band and how much do you love this because like anything you love boy you don't realize how much work. It takes to do it well you know everybody says all boat racing this is this so funny got a look at it. That would be so much fun in what they don't understand is all the work that goes into the boat I got my normal Monday through Friday jobs and go to work. And five like everybody else. And then after I get off work and are what I call my second job go to the vote shop and you know before this ball lap that bitch you. Well I didn't get home before 11 o'clock 1130 at night. Number two and a half months. That after going works though there are a lot of work you know after every she there're a lot of work. An exemplary and I guess it comes to get a remote control boat just chemical widely constraints that thing yeah. But this hours. It's all right and I. I got people on my crew actually that race the remote control votes in their come back to the big slow. They were away yet there were part of that team back and it was that's funny you Ole miss rock team and help work on the boats and his girlfriend's an old rock pearl and though it it's it's funny it is teamster growing heritage days it is coming together but would this maybe a stupid question I'd. Well look at depict how many people. Configure Nat Bo is just one person just me I'll Kansas they can I jump in there with you on time and you might fit your legs might be up in your face lol very flexible yet I hope so I don't know I'm glad Al. However those dark guys you know 5865. Pounds and you much bigger and mean you're not gonna that Agassi. I'll invite business. Environment legs around you but that sounds weird that's you're not wrap your legs you can go and try to get it up on Larry and that's not at all it was. Originally put up with so much in his life or he's gonna hold on and stop any nightmare yeah geez yeah go ahead and get your role will see hell how well lass has been a hundred miles per. And that and that some might think that a lot of us would wonder like you know what I what is it like to gold 200 miles an hour. Over water. I am because you know I mean some of us may know what it's like to go high speed if you're lucky nephew drive a card may be good to do that NASCAR's mean some people do that. I mean Q can you compare this to anything at all in your life. You you can't compare driving an unlimited hired to play and anything I mean you're doing 200 miles an hour across the water or on a two and a half mile track. And so. Eventually speed becomes irrelevant you don't really realize how fast your goal. In the and you might look down raise tax the governor and 8090. Miles an hour and then. Brain starts functioning whale bit on okay. I'm about rated make a hard left to enter. We can pull up any words there about three and a half she's going through or oh. You know that's when the relatives of speed comes in the plane you know your organs acting inside your body in Hong eyeballs as smacked the inside your stole user eyeballs or vibrate and trying to pick up those colored movies going downhill vacuum. So military heat got to walls of water on top US open. It's clicked real. One out so like you yeah you're you're you're doing what they do sometimes when that lets him off a rock that your ex reason is not he's forced is that the that the blue angels experience and I've heard from some friends have been blue angels and one of acquaintances like that kind of experience you can't yeah. Your movement I wanna what's worse to be honest with you not I haven't done either one but. I do you make it sound starting with you is worse I think are as it was OK fair -- dangerous that's an experience yet yet you know wanna do that you've done a lot elected on a drug amendment you know I'd start with where people so we're talking Kevin secret encampment is well you know elect he is the man responsible along with him and his team and the good folks at car start. I helping us bring back the miss rock tiger play if you haven't heard this year it's seat there. She's back a tradition. You know with the Hydro races for so many years and it's been over a decade since we've seen her. And Kevin is bringing her back which is really sweet news indeed you plan on doing this for multiple years is that is that the hope is as far as I can't yeah race. Can I got an important question you know because I mean obviously know what you're doing you're really good at it you are you aware were happier you know you're we called a pilot happening our ship. Pilot captain whatever you want us there here's what I need to know is there any tips you can give me so that I know which colored bowl wins in the Mariner's Hydro races because I never picked it right is there any is there should be looking for up and scream in now wanna see him put a black vote upon that it's outside and I'm gonna be rooting for the black yes that's a good point man the green always wins with green I'm not I'm tired of green about it I think he's right for us live with a black ball in the air and then then you know what. Which we have we have Kevin be in charge of of piloting and happening that black folk. I think what a lot of texts thanking you for bringing him back got a lot of fans are very happy to hear that these rockets back is pretty damn awesome it is yeah Kevin thanks again up and company and songs that news and it's rare that we know you've been a fan of the station for years you know your hometown boy and you know having that dream as child like you said is watching dad doing that and signing and next thing you know your driving at is got to be pretty awesome. It is it is pretty awesome I wake up every day is an average guy and think I'm just what somebody else and people coming up on your autograph thing Norton doing this it. Little different kind of fun though you download it more power to make as you made us happy single guy I am missing. All alone on oh my god girlfriend Baja I'm not married let down on this there's got to be Hydro groupies all there are there out there call quality called whatever you like they pick. You got to conquer. There's some names I think if maybe I don't wanna go and hunt you because you got me the rockets are par excellence and very little Hydro words Hydro hide little sweater tonight. Israel iterations standpoint Hydro ideally the Hydro well. HEICO let's let's do a bit more from the Hydro was I don't know how. You go that's it that's we're gonna do okay. Give any credit of course he's the captain and the pilot the driver whatever you wanna call it. He's the man you're going to be seeing. Fly and that is rock across the ways this year its deepest ms. rocked back at the Hydro races so awesome and Kevin thank you so much meant for coming and thank you for bringing her back and union team it's been fantastic and look at the tri cities man absolutely few days' rest and that's the fastest I guess a corner if you taxes he says the fastest track on the circuit it can be yes. All right so let's keep the violence is meant to keep the Firestone preside there will be cyclical and it could say it is prologue to yet a man. And bigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI guess helps you.