Kevin Eacret 08-01-17

Tuesday, August 1st

Kevin Eacret joins us live in studio to talk about Miss Rock hydroplane.


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It is upcoming weekend it's all about the blue angels flying in tiger flames racing in sea ferry is here now please welcome from TMR Roth's Stephanie grace and Chris and Greg top. Welcome gentlemen thank you for having us guys is great to be back then a young. Been eligible for awhile solos like Aerosmith song back in the saddle again right after. This a year now all the driver from his rod because Kevin you hurt yourself absolutely I home don't prepare grass like you probably saw me limping around but. I ended up ruptured my key lease tendon on blow now rumor has it Greg hired a couple of hit man and pull a Tonya Harding on you is that true I was a giant pipe early voting equipment giant dropped because I we have audio Kevin after that happened. And still sounds like yeah. Definitely so this is that is so I love this idea because I Kevin you're telling me that actually this particular vote the vote that ms. rocky is Greg is very familiar with. Absolutely Greg was with the Leland unlimited team for many years and he's got 810 years probably piloting this boat in the votes out of this camp soul. Do you as a prime choice to go to win. After drivable for me when I knew I was gonna be out and which is only fitting because Greg also drives one of the fastest GP boats on the water and if he's not around or he's not up to the stuff they come and grab me so it. Kind of a family are out let's get the next facing guys go bracket for the math gala is my back a driver on my GP twelve that I goes along to see are still low and let the and then now I'm bill back a driver slowed came full circle nice. And I paradigm a few buddies there were over and the tri cities area never own good sending me text using though BC didn't miss rock and they're like dude ms. Ross look really good. So was it your weekend. It was an excellent weekend on Friday was really trying for the crew bomb we had a great motor when the started up brand new heard some funny stuff we do in life. So we had to go to the backup motor which reading too much loft to in the offseason because we knew this other one was going to be Britain. Other teams came in Helton. Went to people from me you eleven crew came up and help give us a hand are hanging in his crew and they came up and help this is the steel parts out of their truck take our backup motor get it together. I mean it was a hundred degrees over there the crew had the motor in and now the vote probably 56 times three times just on Saturday more and it was just wild yet and and never million ball find the body never made testing laps and Greg laws on the first tee people are questioning is this boat even heroin is a gonna leave the dock and what you end up a third place finish in the U third place with for some of the water no time remarks. As they do rebuild the ball over the winner saw wasn't sure what it was gonna do and the within a loaded everything that it should've who's just perfect. That's fantastic and so now I do we have a new motor this week. We're trying eye on drop in two motors off of the engine shop this morning news thank god we're on the radio here a senator so. But all of you know working on motors forget them back together you know we're doing we can do to get this boat back on the water and put on a good show aside aside for a new motor general when you would get fuselage weren't known brand new freedom must help you get your money back early some sort of fastow why don't buy motors on eBay account and now I want I wish we don't have or. We seem to find the money you gave but yeah. The motors grade just had a funny little noise inside when it starts right rotating over so probably kind of ran it probably would have been fine but. With the time and effort and cost of these things better to pull it and put it in the truck and make sure soul. Now I don't alienate the I'm listen you know you bruises and I like to you that meticulous about it because some new rides and some good going guy wants no let's just do it union too much times have put you to be that like in a cavalier with a well I've been in this business for a long time and then I've never heard that noise over -- hello Louis those not errands and Greg like I need a backup in the background I'm not how an event notice there exactly and down and that's the new motor Hague because it doesn't motor company yeah and while we are guys put it together our crew put it together we were strong we were with some other people. So we put it together is not like we went -- bought that we do everything in house policy Ewing got the parts of the year so Musa who's who's who's doing the mayor Koppel on the fact that really it's that it sounds like a bad vitamin it's what a man who's doing that also there was a day out of work and already are that's true leader right there because media I would have definitely tell it was that behind me every time that there and I always thought if I can't blame myself who can't have him in devils honest when he took foul territory for a period that day when he can he'll put the government's letter of the compressor section. Thank you had a good day I was so much pain pills from my play you never know with all that's an you know you do your best work on pain pills will be -- already are ready I still got a big ball model like come so they're still sitting on the counter so Greg had a so Greg definitely menu look at him and said man you again and I heard that noise I cannot get an energy haven't felt like give those one out here. Thought a lot of doubt doom any site in one and I haven't gotten harder and all of that's got one good. Also. They got me I got him back yes or Greg does when he's healthy enough to ride this thing you do you mean like it's funny that motor we put you put it sounds great now and it bad you know like put the cardinal the spokes on a bicycle and I can remove it easily he's really is starting him that he may be back in time perceive her but I'm like get up right back out now and unveil. Does it is advice given is that true because I see you gotta. On good fit and look I know whenever I have an injury I milk gets so I was so. Yeah so IP and had food for like three years is so you really think that you're gonna get out of that boot and you getting them into miss rock brilliant against fossil by Saturday. You know on going foreign and I go back into physical therapy tomorrow and if I can get doctors' notes signed off by the chief referee. Then on yeah I'm gonna jump in this car star powered mr. rock and we're gonna go and we're gonna rally around LA can see hot I was you I would just enjoys he fare. Hang out on the -- Starbucks. With all with it would have dated all through they -- don't look at me ladies and it's easy easy and yet you do some thought yeah this planet I'm really glad I'm in Monday's starter on the back out not to be out of the question I have thought about that means is that you know Greg you've got this -- -- -- -- in China and everybody's random raving about you now it's time for you to show you can do Brad lake Washington Greg it's your -- -- about how these girls have really have a few Atlanta put it somewhere around here I'm -- going out these girls out on the beach while watching another guy -- my other girlfriend or on the way sound like your courage I have you know I didn't know how close you were with the bush I didn't realize that my bad you know I saw her in order to close -- vote than I do anything else you know Kevin that is that is a very. Did you see viewpoint I didn't even realize how to how to tie a day how tough it is that you have to DP you know it's aid edit tri cities. You had to turn your girl over even though Greg's a friend and a good friend you still had to turn your girl over to your best friend whoever wants to do that. Yeah you're right but you know I still got some sort of enjoyment out of it so I put the radios are and went up in the radio tower earn because exceed the years talking in Greg's your soul. You know assault was going on and I didn't like what I see I can always don't shut it down but. You know we're not out more now than I did write are regularly wept on this thing. Dan yeah. I'll ask just exactly like Kevin wanna see here he's got a boot two days so we are segments I about the cool charitable things and I'm happy because of ms. Robby obviously you guys revenue in the grass and you've done some sort of like the iris casino but also. Are you read the car star golf tournament benefiting tell children by bringing the boat and help raise. 40000 dollars I actually ruled that the bonus even now what is it when Simon in the water it's an attraction which is I remember all we did the appearance last year. In Kirkland it was cool to see people walking by their eyes lit up like oh my gosh this reminds me in my childhood. Absolutely and make great backdrop for photo opportunities also are you all saw it there works great people look at it not. Absolute size this vote is blows people away so you have to have to stop and look and when you got it on the boat and urea in the vote. You know they love miss rock what he said we talk. -- any credit Greg -- of course they had and and and and he's one of them Adam will be one of them will be driving miss rocked as we -- we're not sure because of Kevin's injury that's the most poignant -- -- now that's still ahead yeah well you know water paper scissors later. Andre keeps going you know I might remove this -- today in he might just be walking a little funny back to the car because. Yeah we can't have two injuries you can you can make sure of yourself every goes good before you injure the backup driver there otherwise we might have put -- and there and then we don't know what happens when you see -- -- you don't want. Not a valid values do not want that at all nil soltys lawyer wrote the you go to KI SW dot com RC pictures -- more info on -- rock and I and and I have to ask because you talked about how hot it was it tri city's new products are well at least we do you still see fairly okay. And now we're gonna have ridiculous tempers. Is it did is it much more difficult to Judy be driving the boat in he or doesn't even matter driving in only when you're not driving. Greg go ahead because Gerson in the. Yeah it's you know drivable the GPA and the unlimited let out all black driver suit and black vote follow the other here I'm over there at least the heat was dry and it's going to be as hot here with more humidity so. It does take Somalia you also a lot of energy is exerted a lot of physical upper body strength to drive one of these votes so ham takes a lot out yeah. A lot of air conditioning inside that I doubt her through. Are you a player really follows open now bottom half to oracle and all right. Man that's got Simon thought about that Kevin CU I mean you really knew he had to make sure that few you can do this scene if you want to because that the beauty you know that's what's got to be somewhat helped it's gonna have something to do with strength and stuff like that I would imagine well yeah absolutely it's not just a mental thing but there's a lot of physical abilities go into it also. Well again it's this weekend to see fair and missed rock and we're just so happy yank him and you know the good folks at car star have really brought it back. And Greg thank you for filling in at ten and again if you if you need to because. She looks pretty out there as she looks like they were you got some and is not a driver from both you guys have shown that. And I feel like you guys gonna make assured that even a few people have been texting and missed rocky ride her hard importer away and let a guy yeah Libya earlier teacher there you go through but I'm not sure Kevin wants is girls' hockey and I'm not professionally honestly say you know why you always got to talk to the blog girl nasty Hollywood whole grain plus hologram clearly and I thought. You know I'm okay. But they came out and do it to you know and yeah its latest John boys and girls we have a winner who. Not. Six everybody. And really you know. Man oh man somebody's writing something hard put new web. Anyway yes he's very Wally are you know and go OK I as W dot com us. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't.