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Monday, September 17th


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Hey rockaholic could staring daily from the rock of Seattle and I am super pumped up. Because I'm joined right now by Kevin Martin from Campbell box there come to town this Thursday Kevin I need you today. I'm good amendment and LaMont error try to stay out of the Cold War or and so. I can't complain but but but we sunshine here so hopefully it'll stick around for you guys when you come back home on Thursday. It better. And oversee about that guys coming back home playing kind of a hometown show at the net in theater. And this is of course following the release of disappearing in airports. You guys have been on tour for a little while and in how it's gonna be coming back to Seattle. Watch how mean he would looking like towards later woods 2000 search you don't like to search whatever superstructure itself. We're pretty excited I mean god I didn't expect to want to just a lot I didn't really know what you expected or such or subconscious sort of shows. Dimitri great now Barney are based are gonna get the gym that's got special course talks that we got some press didn't go quite that so be great I'm really looking forward to. Well that's exciting that's a good little tease for everybody. I you guys are also going to be he with Jack single static land use their great friend of KI AW is also quite quite a double bill that. Yeah out there are great aren't. Am actually could you just mentioned cover songs and it kind of sparked a little bit of an interest and the year 2016 has been kind of a big year for cover songs. What have you heard a cover song as your that is really blew you away which one was. Are a while I mean. I think he's done via Leonard Cohen alum of the outsider idea it was pretty in Al Thani decay is. Yeah I think it's able Nadal covers it that are going on right now are pretty sick. You know Achilles last you know song. Cattle box you know get a couple times way back a smaller they're much sought to get killed. And of course you do all the mother loved most oxygen that is wreckage wrap. You know I've I'm not a big disturbed fan I think everybody's kind of you know. Pumped up on their version so silence circuit to straighten. They get a great job you know it's it's one of those closet this years ago I talked to guys about. Using everybody that their back yard you really just don't trust that charge it's kind of a special track about it was due to the latter you know I mean. Toppers are covered and that's so great about. Have a great time for the Euro version of other. And the audit Lasik you know too great too greatly to your waist or what it used to play. Absolutely and in bonding that I remember as the dominant that John Lennon tribute album got her heart and I working class hero you guys did steal and they would. So fantastic that tiger I'll tell you what I'll absolutely an outlook as we blew people away. I'm what artist what other artist would you consider paying tribute to you sometime in the future. Our oh lead. Duran Duran. Yeah I mean this is so many I look. I love a lot of the eighties. Opportunities. And new everything it's pretty gray of course seventies classic rock outcrop. You were talking about Derrick covered clash in December I mean it's just there's just too many cheers Bowman and we have. We had more time you know I would park figure on a two or three to put ourselves that we just you know art art show rounds two hours anyway so we are cup more so they can they be tired now. Her. No limits I couldn't recruit over the years you guys that he shared the stage with. Some amazing bands everybody from beyond what the Pentagon's current Metallica you guys. You know I'd have been a part of some pretty incredible tour or even my favorite band rush. Over the years who who was at what Dan was at the just really blow your mind like wow isn't what we're doing now okay. Well I think the retort with a Flaming Lips. It nineties war that was a real eye opener for us you know of course toward Russia Metallica and political it was basic every route to Europe. But. Playing with those guys every single night. Really forced to step up our game they were. Just. Short piece back and that it would of course reckoned with and I'll never forget that tour almost get their shows and and Al. How great that there. You know not only is now what was back then you know they've been around since the eighties and and you know I don't think a lot of people know that the deployment which are practical under 36 years being a parent smokes. For us to be able to toward them in and watch them play and I was something pretty amazed. Mild cool. And you know that things that may be who's on your wish list to have you guys not against you go out with their shares stayed with the play you know special event for. Who's maybe somebody you'd like to collaborate with in the future. Out and change sound garden Pearl Jam insiders. Are I. Agreed. So we don't decision inherited Seattle band in and that that part of KI SW. And we got a lot of shows around the area but I'd like to know which Seattle music venue has been your favorite whether it still exists or not it was you know one of our. Older venues it's no longer around which one has been kind of your favorites. To play or even go see your show. Well I mean our I always was disbanded the central and Iraq and being on the offer of course. You know. Jeter were just somebody who really cool thing to expect there'll always looked crocodile like you lay out crack up great. And that's been it was a really great to have you back it is not easy error it was great place he shares soaps. I I you know I was in Seattle and mourn the loss into some kind of out of the best what's going on out there are being utilized its. Musically. I know. He is still alive he's bad you know that's a big trip to be said for what a great city Seattle news. Yell we really love and mercy of course super proud of the bands that you don't have have come out of Seattle and including cable box and the fact you guys are playing the Neptune on Thursday is going to be humongous. I'm we've got the new album out. Disappearing in airports. Gotten first single backs Asia's that just like you know and we just slap across the face about it was so fantastic to hear new Campbell boxed. What has been their reaction to your new album when you they're not sharing his music but the world. It's a Belgrade. You know we were playing five or six I was in the senate and response is an amazing yeah it was a record basing it we. We had to me and and and we want to make it this way. Which you know a limited time and and not really overtaking songs and in the audience has been really responses here and and done a lot and overplaying and you don't you release a record as he can hope for is that the people that they're. Orchard music the middle of the band you know responded positively to it. I I think I've only seen one that review about it and it's related to Adam you know they've missed Pete Scott not been abandoned and that was really. You'll indicative of the album love songs are dismissed. Plain. I know we don't happen all the time when you win big and members coming go you you know people get a little bit harsher they think. You know that they missed dot former front man or whatever but a band 'cause the right to go on and continuing make new music and you know explore different Indian. In different avenues in and I think you guys are you know have such a strong lineup right now Thursday is going to be one hell of a shallow. It is it is it really isn't any you know I have always said this is you know Cadillac has always been about the music it's ever been about the players. Can condense. I think what our fans love about matches is that we we continue to make music we want to make too when you wanna make it in a new role disk and now and that's you know all you can ask. Absolutely and and we're so lucky to have you guys has burned the station and he goes all the way back to the days of Bob's garage. You guys coming out according inevitable I'm on the pain in the graph line up. We I mean that's on the and we I think that's gonna come back into pain in the grass sometime in the future because that's just way too much fun. A we'd love to yeah voice on the glass there. Opt them or Kevin I really appreciate you joining us today looking bored of the show on Thursday. Why if there's anything that we can you expect from the future after you guys. I you know come back from touring you guys already have new material that you're thinking about for the future. Yeah we're talking about it now starting may be working on the record in February march and in getting ready for the summer release just a follow up on our successes. It's been airports and keep that momentum going. Can't ask that what we look forward to more thank you again for joining me today and now let's rock out on Thursday night. You gotta thank you all right got to daycare but I later.