Kevin Smith 07-12-16

Tuesday, July 12th

Kevin Smith calls in to promote his stand up "An Evening with Kevin Smith’ at The Parlor Live. 


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Beat down so upset at our next guest on and I love the description that he has for his new movie yoga closers. It says two teenage yoga and the easiest team up with a legendary bad I'm there to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans. Please welcome to show Kevin Smith. And learning good morning everybody or hear him could make good to have you back ended so good to be here it is today. Weirdly stupid movie. Yoga poses I'd love it to death but it's very much in eighties. Cables or movie throwback I used to say it's kind of like. Clueless these gremlins but then I realized. Gremlin is a good movies some are so it's more like. Clueless meets critters. And that's here at around that kind of wanted to kill him that you refer little girls around which is so outside my will boast that. I take my kids to the movies all the time grownup men out there Superman Batman and our man Spider-Man sent it to you here. And there's early enough and like fervor you know so he can't he can't see it empty right so a player you look up on the screen. There's always been heroes in the girls and a girlfriend also. You know of course but when they asked Newsom about the sit around and curse the dark mystery collection and also the Normandy on my movie. That I could take my kids to see you back when I was trying to take market to move to Michael sums are her. You know those cartoons and stuff but nothing more like it's two girls just been super thorough in their own ways and so rather than the unity seal hole like that so I nonsense. Dirt I don't they are doing the exact immunity we don't need the exactly so. A look at PG thirteen version of and so in the hole who took a look at the picture of the guy and then use that this giant rot worst tee looking human beings. The in the movie and I mean there's there were one foot tall and Nazis made abroad course called proxies. And SS it's yeah bringing the worst WR. T movie ever to me is the cost of Google Leo likes finally agree with the critics were like this is my worst movie but I dispel looked like. As you roll it is on it's weird it's very weird it's works we're doing. Screening all around the country and one of our government you guys. Oh you yes you bloggers some culinary so. Let me do let me get because you know what what we giggled you Kevin we never I never do my job is a good host and say where you're going to be so let me get this going it's an evening with Kevin Smith at the parlor alive. This Friday Saturday night shows at 7:30 and 10 o'clock the parlors and awesome location and of course if you. You know as it is nothing better than to sit down and listened to the philosophy of Kevin Smith because it's always different part alive dot com. Have you thought about boring people and which are peak if you characters for Pokemon I take a timeout by the way Kevin. From I got no wallet no worries and especially because. That's a good idea that I hadn't sought out and so market totally be work in this Pokemon go to my advantage in the cola. Yeah exactly I mean that's there are bars that have been doing that and you know what the heck if you put a lower in there and you know folks relate Agassi Kevin Smith and Kaye spoke. I don't know how you feel about that and it was at their phones out. And you've got a bunch of peak issues in the end you know how those guys jumping all over you know what the heck. The moment somebody takes their blown out I'm not showing in my pocket monster. Is not impressive at all. If it would did did hi did you daughter Harley did you did you did that catcher at all Pokemon was epic for after her time did she do not care. It was kind of have served her time you know here's do the Q and you know because of her namesake. Harley Quinn can Warner bros it likely it looks so weird. In her room and childhood. The royalty Warner Bros. store for the war broke the story mr. you estimate the so like animate you showed. Or old room and shoot here it was done out with all these Harley Quinn cells from the show and. And and look progressed and stuff like wall and then what you like thirteen. Fiat Emo. It was all black and gold and My Chemical Romance good up and all the harlequin stuff. Went away we had taken down in women Stewart. Yesterday. All the harlequin standpoint baca networks to black. Totally re embraced her namesake big concerns quote movies from but I but it's so weird to live outside of someone's life. And watched their passions. And slow like you know I've been the victim bit I've I've. See in my own life witnessed in my own life and seen me begin to turn into other things. But it's so strange elect be standing outside someone like Baylor. While you were into this two years ago and then you stop and now we're back and took so she skipped Pokemon. They've never really heard much. But man oh man received as you can still has that we just went took. Europe two weeks ago because Edinburgh on us on Scotland I deal goes as planned there and we also screen your losers. In London potential theater so we all know Lima like the kid and should broader trend Olivia. And so you know it's it's if it's been really lovely could we get kind of go on or together with the movies and stamina are talking about it stepped foot. She's learning very quickly that. If you stand next to Kevin Matt you don't really get to talk the whole time. Exemptions. And thought it go. Record your hands like. Twenty minutes and the response is standing there. Kind of smiling and the government want him out here for six this you don't put an assignment like jelly you about the iPad let me speak for its engines. No. Like no this on topic to discuss this great. Partner had a commercial there what you never that's Japanese. You're really good so yours so you're saying that product is because you're the kid falls somewhere near the trees so then that is Jan pretty much legacy like January. They just let yeah happened flap and they just give you big smile show you their Hartnett is that pretty much out here. But unlike Jan my agenda is content to let you know she was never. Like god got to go out there and all the world war I think at all times should not really hard course also expressed are so different for consent to elect let me just sit there yeah officially like not what you think in my area so I'm out pediatric. The kid on the other hand felt expressed or so I think it is kind of difficult for the spam their. And not talk as trying to get better and or public and you wanna answer that would select no you don't and I'm thirty minute. I put them. Which I love if anybody has an interview with you Kazaa and eyesight went kid finally get a chance you'll really gracious enough to make it happen after all years of Tweety and and they you know the kid doesn't know like look you've got to jump in on Kevin Smith you just because you are you have great philosophy that you do you while their you'd you give people their money's worth you'll talk for as long as and he wants to hear you which. You know which is great but if you are in an interview you've got to jumpin that supposedly I think summit to teach a class. The interview use so that people can get some time this once they let people talk but if if people wait for you to let them and you know it's all over you in this world got to take you you've just got to grab the ball all right Kevin Love me I'm gonna say this at home. Which. I would ask you this because I don't wanna spoil the movie but I'll ask you. Do you think did that people had enough time to see tusk that I can spoil something in Ibaka here OK so. I want to ask you this you're a director. And when I would I would wives watching all of us agree what you allegedly went out yet. Yeah and look you call yourself more of an editor than a director which by the way I think in I think your actually right in the world and what people could really use it at some of these two and a half our movies and make it shorter make them better but. So you'll directed a lot of people in your life I'm watching Tosca all of a sudden I get a big smile on my face when I finally figure out who this character is because I'm looking at him and I'm watching him in the makeup is good and all of a sudden it dawns amigo. Is well I think it is and damn. What a great performance from Johnny Depp in that. Is he the best guy you've ever directives I think he's one of the best actors of our generation. To direct the guy of that caliber. He is an absolute creature of joy like you don't really direct. Johnny Depp he's been doing that longer than you've been even thinking about being a filmmaker and you know who do get an inside your performance clearly no please don't. Like when you direct normal actor. You know you do The Hague in the music manual over the actor and actress cute note Billick others others and notebook buried or military. And go back to the modern do it again when you direct me like you do take and then you walk over you elect our Q and then you walk away it was nothing really to do like he's done it. He's pretty phenomenal fought. And I told story about like he should. Richard can you show them for two days into the court and not learn to love the idea porn character. Known through years you're in there who are living in Little League or in the movie of they want school the other stuff the first time that mr. all of walk in the is that kindergarten at her school little recourse to demand creek or move on back in regard. Dropped off under class and vehicles to go through like art can handle so we leave and I turned to leave and like their Johnny Depp walking slowly Roseanne and you know I was gob smacked movement as anybody who sees somebody famous general Gonzales said the first thing that. Popped out of my mouth as a captain Jack and. It's competitive but where a figure out where America elect this guy if you go to. Our own property and walk around all of us that's fantastic. I've known connected to her for years and you know never did we ever thought about what or other DreamWorks movies and I look at movies where it on the other end. But what about making like this. Roll with seem like something he would love to do what based on the stuff but he's always start we've done it like storm and the weird what. So I had to mop and and sent him this script and he hit me back into effect. All my god outlook amid his exact words of the it is normal eloquent sectors on the planet. You'll ever meet like it's like giving a text from Lord Byron or something he wrote back fascinating list public something I would care to swim around in color me intrigued. And of like oh or why haven't even detect that goes all over. So you know. I are you serious and he goes yeah I. Love it when weird stuff like this early in my career would you know what I'm athletic guy that has scissors for hands yeah yeah how high. Sierra. Might hurt them again just this. Side as well here. You know. For him back from that happened years ago and these are so many believe the. So Tim article the have a pretty good that word is or is it stating you're actually right so delightful and adorable that he views it like you know I did this weird movie once I'm like don't know we know that yeah the most iconic films ever agree entered art RX seven I wanna just give you some love for task because I mean you know. The way that whole movie came down where it was you know it was a stone a conversation on a podcast that Dan was basically a hash tag vote yes or no. And man it was such an homage to those movies employed and just like cop out I don't. Understand what people don't get that this is an arm Marge done with tongue in cheek in such fun in the acting I really thought the acting was brought here by the way and a very. You I think they'd get I don't think they. Here you're you know I think of people I know what is going for a nobody is very good I can't. I wrote this I I would assume there are any critic who says that Kevin I thought it was brilliantly done and any critic wants to say that if if they get that was an homage. And they wanna say it was badly done. I fight to the death on that one I it's not like just ready to die for you I mean by Kevin I know quicker picker or a better it'll feature there I don't know I there's not that's it it's such a beautifully done on every. Here listen here's my take like. I I now Obama JJ Abrams and as much as like five makes something couple Marlins know there's just couple less pleasant way that's all you well through but I mean if if they can make something mostly people again it's great whose visionary support that. Are you know accept a long time ago when I have my battle credit. Like that was one couple in the water you know I would get a fair shake. For the rest of my career. So you know I'm now make even weirder. Who better movie than I ever made at the beginning of my career moving him in the beginning marker pick them on relate to America I would so like that they were ripped from real. The stuff I'm doing now in black exploitation. And I'm rubber monster cinema like it's of art. Where fly or your swimming and so. Everybody can't go into it and you know it's not like everyone sees it the same way. They're wonderful beautiful some critics have written some subtle about the move too much or how they totally. Got it you know like with a New York Times mayor Butte and and I think it was a our reporter when you're just like just understood like them together the dude who's making movies you grew up. Watching I'm if you know like the podcast story behind us now once popular to a movie that aspect of that really makes you appreciate the movie more commercial like this should even exist. What do you just stumble on to not knowing anything about it. And watch here it is it is a it's it's it's a a very difficult movie to do is dive into it's weird and that only get weirder. Or. So few people to begin what it's like instantly you're making the bridge they are asking Eddie audience to cross. Really rip them and somewhat treacherous but. You know I I get that you know people can tell me her critics to like it just thrown a scorer out bigoted word movies nobody cares about our care about. And that's how I got here in the first place like. I Islamic courts to those like this start my career and this will lead to like me doing this for two decades aren't made that move because I desperately want to get them when I made it. There were other people that opposite way like we want it to. Now I'm doing the same exact thing hasn't backed them on to make in the movies that I desperately want to see that nobody's ever gonna make if I don't make it. Sometimes the audience is that there were romantically with talk like clerks in the workplace comedy so everybody's got a job that I don't vote that. Not everyone there ever been turned its cool wall. I'd like. You're the happy audience there that never mind like the question of the executions of people that they use that sound was on the excellent so the poll gives senator senator. And then sooner or later just let's put people that do treat it like religion. Like they'd get it and they appreciated men like I don't need the whole world I'd need. I just need to look and then you know or effect he bought it blown up or get my investors their money back and the like that. You know it's it's like buying a ticket like any other movies take your chances which went on to gonna connect to that sometimes now. It helped that you're along for the ride of the back story like the custom you'll go to work but it spun out of sought in the stratosphere and stuff like that. But if you don't know any of that stuff or terror bound Mir mar world than the movies just say you like in the get a bad way much from Malcolm. Who's like Cuomo the brands in the world he went. Screenings open. Park City at some that some puzzlement at five killer screenings critics hated the movie like trash that's something but we have our it was great and to Malcolm and in the mood and then. And if not what he thought you'd like my honest like painfully honest article you want the truth as of yet some of the truth because. Dude if you are not ready for what that movie is it's like oh what are. In the rules. Not just America the and one hard out and lit it he's a month. And you're ready for that that the New York back there and you'd like them back. You're gonna have a fantastic time that's you know they're not committed good call them like him he did he truly he really good are not some entity I milk that and they'll that ultimately you know. A it is all. Right payment like there was some people like they suck suck. I'll take that a thousand times now I'd rather have a what people tell me how much does suck and be sitting there wondering. If I could've done that there. And I didn't do look at those scared the people want feel like you're like aren't going to talk. Aren't wide open and yoga closers are wide open go in for a fact that it's like you're gonna alienate a bunch of people but at the end of the day so the clerks. That they alienated some people I know some people are hard sleeper like. I bad reviews on court there's going to yeah his worst he's ever made never should've been made and meanwhile like people have that. In my career not just in my career in movies in general like a and I'm hallmark is moving and the like helped a lot of people. Start there and simple group supportive of Birmingham like it's it's no different than when I made clerks so now he's just keep your head down. And do what you wanna do and say what you want a second did you live your life in fear collect all of this might not work and people might hate it humor Purdue had. So it's like no and got him out here yeah that's an experience like it's part of the party experienced failure is success training and for example like. Notre average yemenite where where where cell backed up what time pirates are you know but that's but that's that's you and I'll tell you this man. You wanna get inspired. Because Kevin mean and it's always great lessons you learn from Kevin Smith about all the things that he does just like what he's saying now and you gonna get that within evening with Kevin Smith at the par alive. This Friday Saturday night shows it's 73010 o'clock I'm telling you. Go see this you're gonna feel better about being human being because man Kevin is so down to earth about why he does what he does and yet why he does Wii does unlocks how you can do what you wanna do. And again. Parlor live dot com is where you go to C an evening with Kevin Smith and Kevin thanks very much you do your always cool was he always spent a lot of great time Thomas awesome stuff I appreciate it. You are fairly well but Bloomberg and I take it easy Kevin Smith again Parra allowed dot com a. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW.